CBD Rich

CBD Rich cannabis contains 4%, or more, Cannabidiol (CBD) in the dry buds.  Cannabis with high CBD levels is highly valued by many medical marijuana growers for the extra pain relief it provides. People with a wide range of medical conditions are finding that CBD rich marijuana is even more effective than traditional THC-rich varieties. High CBD cannabis seeds produce weed which is less potent than traditional THC rich pot. 

CBD rich pot varieties are more suitable to medical or recreational growers wanting home grown cannabis which has a milder high but remains every bit as enjoyable and relaxing as normal weed. Many medical marijuana growers also produce their own CBD oil from their home grown CBD weed, CBD oil is highly valued as a cream or as an edible nutritional supplement.  Dutch Passion CBD marijuana seeds are carefully bred and tested, as you would expect from a market leading supplier.  You can rely on our medical CBD seeds to produce the best quality high CBD medical marijuana.