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feminized and regular cannabis seeds.  Dutch Passion cannabis seeds are bred to the highest quality levels delivering easy and consistent home grown cannabis.  Feminized cannabis seeds, sometimes  known as hemp seeds, weed seeds, skunk seeds, marihuana seeds, marijuana seeds or ganja seeds grow into adult female cannabis plants.  Cannabis is easy to grow indoors at home, in a greenhouse or outdoors.  The Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection offers a range of marijuana seed varieties optimised for indoor and outdoor conditions.  Each Dutch Passion cannabis seed variety comes with a full description allowing you to understand exactly what you will be growing and how to grow it.  You will also find useful guides and blogs explaining the best way to store your cannabis seeds, as well as the best way to germinate your seeds and harvest your mature plants. 

Dutch Passion are one of the oldest cannabis seed companies, formed in the 1980’s with an extensive gene bank which dates back to the 1970’s.  Dutch Passion have won numerous cannabis cups over several decades, and boast a large collection of top quality cannabis seeds.  These are selectively bred to be easy and consistent to grow over a wide range of conditions.  The Dutch Passion cannabis seeds offer premium quality from one of the most reputable cannabis seed companies at an affordable price.

Buy feminized photoperiod THC rich cannabis seeds

Feminized THC rich cannabis seeds produce strong, satisfying harvests of home grown cannabis.  Cannabis seeds are offered for indoor cannabis growing and outdoor growing.  The description on the cannabisseed variety will explain more about the recommended growing conditions.  The Dutch Passion blogs also show hundreds of successful customer grow reviews with our cannabis seeds, which will produce excellent results even for new growers.  The Dutch Passion collection includes indica, sativa and many hybridised cannabis cup winners. Feminized Cannabis Seeds were invented by Dutch Passion in the late 1990’s and now are the standard for cannabis seed companies.

Buy feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds will grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days indoors. Autoflowering cannabis seeds will grow well under 20 hours of daily light indoors, but they will also grow well outdoors.  Outdoors an auto grows from seed to harvest in around 80-90 days.  The description next to each Dutch Passion variety will explain whether the weed seeds will produce cannabis rich in THC or CBD. Autoflower seeds are very easy to grow and are perfect for beginners and growers who want to keep things simple.

Buy CBD rich cannabis seeds

CBD rich cannabis seeds, sometimes referred to as medical cannabis seeds, produce cannabis rich in Cannabidiol (CBD). You can choose between autoflowering or photoperiod CBD rich cannabis seeds.  CBD is also found in hemp, grown from hemp seed. Hemp and hemp seeds have also been used for nutrition for thousands of years.  Hemp seeds are usually germinated to grow hemp, but when eaten hemp seedsare a valuable source of omega fatty acids.  Hemp seeds are also included in bird feed. CBD is found in the cannabis grown from Dutch Passion CBD rich cannabis seeds.  Many medical cannabis growers choose to grow their own supply of CBD rich cannabis from CBD rich cannabis seed genetics.

Buy Regular Cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion are one of the few remaining seed companies to offer regular marijuana seeds.  Regular cannabis seeds are not feminized and will give rise to a mix of male and female plants.  Regular weed seeds are popular with old school growers and those that like to cross and breed their own varieties.

Buy Outdoor cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion outdoor cannabis seeds have been bred specifically to be grown outdoors.  Often these varieties are selected to be resistant to poor weather and outdoor pests.  These genetics were often selectively bred over several generations in Dutch outdoor conditions.  Outdoors, in optimum conditions, a cannabis seed can grow into a plant which can be 4 metres high and just as wide, yielding well over 1Kg of dry cannabis buds per plant. 

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You can buy your cannabis seeds online with several safe payment options.  You can pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or cash.  Just choose your Dutch Passion cannabis seeds online, checkout, and select your preferred payment option.  Dutch residents can also use the iDeal payment system option on our website.  All the payment options are summarised here  

Buying cannabis seeds online from Dutch Passion has never been safer, easier or simpler.  With many decades of experience you can be assured of a safe, discreet and fast service.  As well as buying seeds you can also buy Dutch Passion merchandise including vaporizers, clothing, posters, catalogues caps and herb grinders.  Your seeds are cold-stored for maximum freshness before they are shipped, this ensures your seeds are in optimum condition for best germination rates. All our seeds are checked to ensure germination rates of 90%++

Dutch Passion cannabis seed packaging.  How your seeds will be delivered

Your Dutch Passion cannabis seeds will be delivered in a tough, crush-proof metal Dutch Passion embossed seed tin.  Inside the tin is a humidity-proof sealed white envelope containing your seeds and displaying the name of the variety.  When your seeds arrive they can be stored in the fridge where they should retain freshness and good germination for several years.  Seeds should be stored in dry conditions, in the original packaging.  The metal seed tin is shipped in plain envelopes which do not mention Dutch Passion on the outside.  You can read all the details about the Dutch Passion seed packaging here.  In most countries you get the choice to select express or standard shipping options on checkout. 

Question.  How do I grow cannabis?

Answer.  It’s never been as easy.  Growing in soil requires you to just plant the seed in moist soil, germinate and grow.  Indoor growers will need a grow tent, light and equipment, here is a simple indoor grow guide.  Your local grow shop is a great source of useful advice, so are cannabis grow books and online cultivation guides.  Growing cannabis outdoors is even easier, with no equipment or lights needed at all, here is a simple guide

Question.  What are the main mistakes made by new cannabis growers?

Answer.  Over feeding and over watering the cannabis plants are the two most common errors.  Cannabis roots are delicate, they are easily damaged if the nutrients are too strong and they don’t like permanently waterlogged soil.  

Question.  What are the easiest Dutch Passion cannabis varieties to grow?

Answer.  Any fussy or difficult genetics don’t make it into our collection, so all the varieties have been selected to be easy to grow.  Auto Mazar and Think Different are two THC rich autoflowering cannabisvarieties which are easy to grow.  The Edge is a robust easy to grow Skunk which is a recommended photoperiod variety which is easy to grow. 

Question.  Which cannabis varieties have the lowest smell for indoor growing?

Answer.  All cannabis varieties tend to have a pungent and distinctive aroma, so take the necessary precautions such as a quality carbon filter.  Some varieties may show slightly lower smell levels than others, such as Master Kush and Think Different

Question. Which cannabis varieties have the biggest harvests?

Answer.  Much depends on the specific grow conditions and the phenotype of the variety being grown.  In poor conditions even a high yielding variety will not do well. And in optimum conditions, an experienced grower can get good yields even from a lower yielding variety.  However assuming optimum conditions, Auto Ultimate and the photoperiod sister version The Ultimate are highly recommended for heavy harvests.

Question.  What is the fastest way to grow your own cannabis?

Answer.  Try looking at one of the Dutch Passion auto cannabis varieties.  They all grow under 20 hours of daily light and some of the varieties such as Auto Night QueenAuto Brooklyn Sunrise and Auto Blackberry Kush can often be ready to harvest in under 70 days.  In general the Dutch Passion autoflowering marijuana varieties usually take around 75 days from seed to harvest.

Question.  What are the easiest cannabis varieties for outdoor growing?

Answer.  Easy outdoor cannabis varieties include Frisian Dew and Durban Poison   Dutch Passion have a full collection of outdoor varieties, all have been bred in (and for) outdoor climates with a typical northern European climate.  Outdoor photoperiod varieties can reach large sizes with heavy harvests in optimum conditions, usually being harvested around October in the Northern hemisphere or April in the southern hemisphere.  All the Dutch Passion autos also grow well outdoors, usually taking around 90 days from seed to harvest.

Question.  How do I decide which grow method and equipment to buy?

Answer.  Indoor cannabis growers can choose from a wide selection of grow methods, grow mediums, nutrients and equipment.  Generally, growing in soil is regarded as the simplest way to grow.  The best approach is to research carefully using the internet and a grow book.  Remember to use your local (or online) grow shop, they have years of experience helping people to create the optimum grow room conditions for different budgets and skill levels.

Question. What is the difference between auto and photoperiod cannabis varieties?

Answer. Photoperiod cannabis varieties have been the traditional way to grow cannabis for many years, autos are a more recent development.  Photoperiod varieties grow vegatively until the daylight hours are reduced to 12/12, and then they start to bloom until harvest which usually takes a further 9 weeks of 12/12 light.  Autoflowering cannabis varieties grow from seed to harvest usually under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest which takes around 75 days.  Many cannabis growers feel autoflowering cannabis is perhaps a little easier to grow, but its a question of personal preference. 

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Dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Cannabis seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.