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Autoflower Seeds

All about autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflower Seeds.

Autoflower seeds grow rapidly into THC-rich (or CBD rich) cannabis plants, the best autoflowering seeds produce heavy yields of top quality cannabis and are very easy to grow. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are usually grown under 20 hours of daily light and 4 hours of darkness from seed to harvest. They are normally ready to harvest 10-11 weeks after germination. Dutch Passion select only the best autoflowering strains with the most potent and highest yielding genetics.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds produce plants which bloom automatically. It is not necessary to reduce the light cycle to 12 hours of daily light in order to force the cannabis plant to flower. Plants begin to flower automatically 3-4 weeks after germination regardless of the light cycle. By the end of their life, the best autoflowers are covered in heavy resin-rich buds which can be harvested 10-11 weeks after the autoflower seed germinated. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a convenient and fast way for the recreational or medical marijuana grower to produce large harvests of top quality cannabis. The quality of the cannabis grown from our AutoFlower seeds is the same as that from our traditional varieties. Autoflowering cannabis seeds allow you to grow weed easily at home.

What is Autoflowering? What does autoflowering mean?

Photoperiod cannabis varieties are forced into flowering by reducing daylight hours to 12//12. Autoflowering cannabis seeds start to bloom automatically after 3-4 weeks of growth. It isn’t necessary to change the light cycle to 12/12 to force an autoflowering cannabis variety into bloom. It doesn't matter whether you are growing autoflowering seeds indoors or outdoors, they usually start to flower automatically at about 3-4 weeks old, irrespective of the amount of daily light.

CBD rich autoflower seeds.

Dutch Passion are proud to offer several varieties of CBD rich autoflowering seeds. These varieties grow like any other autoflower, but the genetics produce buds that are rich in both THC and CBD. The expected levels of THC and CBD are clearly shown for each variety. CBD Auto White Widow and CBD Auto Compassion Lime both have a roughly 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD and are popular with medical growers. They give a strong body stone and a reduced psychoactive ‘high’, ideal for many medical cannabis users.

How to grow autoflower seeds

Germinate autoflower cannabis seeds easily.

Please check out our guide for easy cannabis seed germination. Each seed batch is checked before sale to ensure germination rates are 95% or above.

Grow autoflower seeds indoors easily.

Many growers germinate the autoflower seeds in the final growing container. This means its isn’t necessary to re-pot your autoflower plant into progressively larger containers. Many cannabis home growers find its easy to grow autoflower seeds in 10-15 litre containers, the modern air-pot containers give impressive results. The best autoflowering seeds will grow well in a wide range of conditions, from soil, to coco fibre to hydroponics. Usually autoflowering cannabis plants are ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germination.

Grow autoflower seeds outdoors easily.

Autoflower seeds will grow very well outdoors. Growers often germinate the seeds indoors and grow them under artificial lights for the first 2-3 weeks, this keeps the seedlings safe while they are young and vulnerable. The small plants are then put outdoors, often it is useful to improve the soil quality with organic fertilisers and to protect the plants from animals with some garden wire fencing. Many people sprinkle some slug/snail pellets around the base of the plant for extra protection. In hot climates you may need to give your plants extra water. Outdoor grown autoflowering cannabis varieties often take a couple of weeks longer than indoor grown auto flowers due to reduced light and cooler night temperatures. Usually, outdoor grown autoflower seeds are harvested around 90 days after germination.

Growing autoflower seeds in a greenhouse or polytunnel.

Growers with cooler climates and less sun often prefer to grow their autoflowering cannabis seeds with the added protection of a greenhouse or polytunnel. These keep the worst of the weather off the plants and allow warmer growing conditions, often with less pests to worry about. With no wind and rain, autoflower seeds grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel will often grow faster and larger with better yields. If your greenhouse has opaque glass/polycarbonate then you can also grow with added privacy.

The best nutrients and best soil for autoflowering cannabis.

Dutch Passion customers have grown autoflowering cannabis seeds in all brands of soil and with all brands of nutrients. Autoflower seeds are very robust and flexible, they grow under a wide range of growing conditions, and will adapt to any light schedule. Start with weak nutrients, and increase nutrients slowly and steadily as you would for photoperiod cannabis varieties. There is no need to change any of your grow room conditions when you grow autoflower seeds. Just give them good quality environmental conditions and plenty of light in bloom for the best results. And for best results grow them under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest.

Growing autoflower seeds in different grow mediums.

Autoflower seeds grow happily in all the different grow systems and mediums. The tough, flexible and robust cannabis auto genetics are bred to grow with any light cycle and with any grow medium from soil, to coco fibre to hydroponic systems. Just like photoperiod cannabis seeds, autoflower seeds will adapt to their growing environment.

Autoflower seeds with different types of grow light.

Autoflower seeds grow well with any grow lights, just the same as traditional photoperiod cannabis varieties. Most home growers cultivate cannabis with HPS lights, but LED grow lights are proving to be very popular and give great results thanks to the optimised spectrum and the reduced heat levels. Many growers use compact fluorescent lights which also deliver good results, especially with the higher powered 200W versions. Because autoflowering cannabis seeds grow under 20 hours of daily light the plants grow rapidly and can produce XL crops.

Growing monster autoflowering cannabis plants.

Many experienced autoflowering cannabis growers routinely harvest 100-200g+ of dry buds from their plants. There are several key factors which allow XL harvests, often relating to the optimisation of the growing environment. In general, soil is regarded as the easiest way to grow cannabis, but growing in coco fibre can often allow faster growth than soil. And growing in hydroponic systems often allows the fastest growth and the largest marijuana plants. Ensuring that the plants are in the nutrient ‘sweet spot’ is critical, with nutrients that are not too weak or too strong. ‘Burning’ a young autoflower plant with strong nutrients is a common mistake which actually slows growth and development. Another key factor to grow autoflower seeds into XL plants is to use intense light, aim for 400W (of more) of HPS per square metre for the best bud development and aim to keep grow room temperatures around 25ºC.

When to harvest autoflowering cannabis plants.

Often growers will check the trichome resin gland appearance under a magnifying glass, and harvest when the trichomes are roughly half clear and half cloudy. Some growers prefer to harvest their plants when the trichomes have an amber appearance, this often produces a ‘heavier’ stone. Much depends on the personal preferences of the grower. Some growers prefer to harvest their plants simply using their experience based on the appearance of the buds, often chopping the plants down when the majority of the pistils (hairs on the buds) are an orange color. Occasionally you will find one of your autos is a little slower to finish than usual, this is usually the sign that your plant is producing an XL harvest and needs an extra week or two for maximum autoflower yield.

High potency autoflowering cannabis strains.

The best autoflowering strains come from the most experienced seed companies with the best genetics and breeding techniques. Do your research carefully, choose a seed supplier that you can trust and do your research carefully on the internet. Dutch Passion have hundreds of successful customer grow reviews in the weekly blog section. Take a read to see how previous growers have succeeded. This Dutch Passion guide to growing autos easily outdoors may be useful.

Curing and storing your autoflower cannabis harvest.

The harvest from your autoflower plants is dried and cured just like a traditional cannabis crop. Most growers dry the buds for 5-7 days and then put the dry buds in glass jars to ‘cure’ them. Usually the glass jars are opened once a day initially to allow residual moisture to evaporate and prevent mold. Many home growers store their buds in the freezer for maximum freshness.

Dutch Passion and autoflower seeds

How are Dutch Passion autoflowering seeds packed?

Dutch Passion autoflower seeds are supplied in a sealed humidity proof and tear-proof plasticised envelope which displays the name and seed quantity. This seed envelope is put inside a very tough, crush-proof metal tin embossed with the Dutch Passion name and logo. This blog explains more about Dutch Passion seed packaging.

Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion were one of the first seed companies to pioneer the evolution of modern, high yielding and high THC autoflowering cannabis seeds. Our seeds use the very best cannabis genetics from our 30+ years of cannabis breeding.

Which are the best Dutch Passion autoflower seeds?

The autoflower seed collection offers a range of indoor and outdoor, indica dominant, sativa dominant, hybrid, THC rich and CBD rich varieties. Some of the autoflower seeds are auto versions of classic photoperiod varieties, such as Auto Orange Bud, Auto Night QueenAuto MazarAuto BlueberryAuto UltimateAuto White WidowAuto Euforia etc. Others are new auto seed varieties picked purely for the quality and yields, such as Think Different, Auto Cinderella Jack and the colorful Auto Blackberry Kush. There are CBD rich varieties such as CBD Auto White Widow and CBD Auto Compassion Lime. And there is a specialist outdoor auto with stealth camouflaged leaves with a stabilised natural leaf deformity called Auto Duck, its difficult to recognise it as a cannabis plant and is popular with urban cannabis growers that like to grow a few cannabis plants in their garden/greenhouse but don't want the neighbours to know. Auto Frisian Dew is a specialist outdoor autoflower seed variety popular with outdoor growers looking for a particularly tough and stable strain. We also have an exclusive cherry-picked selection of the best USA autoflower genetics we could find. This includes Auto Colorado CookiesAuto Brooklyn SunriseAuto Daiquiri Lime and Auto Glueberry OG, all of them have great taste, aroma and potency. Its difficult to say which is the best Dutch Passion autoflower seed variety, they are all good, it just depends what you are looking to grow.

Dutch Passion autoflower seed varieties.

Most of the autoflower seed collection is based on potent, easy growing THC rich varieties, but there are also several CBD rich autoflower seed varieties available too. Around half of the seeds sold by Dutch Passion are feminized autoflower seeds, this shows how reliable, successful and popular they are. Dutch Passion do not sell regular (un-feminized) autoflower seeds, only feminized autoflower seeds. 

Perpetual harvest with autoflower seeds and a single tent.

Because autos grow from seed to harvest under 20 hours of daily light you can enjoy growing seedlings, medium size plants and mature plants in the same tent. Forget the old concepts of separate veg and bloom tents. Germinate a seed every couple of weeks and put it in your tent, eventually you will be able to harvest a plant every 2 weeks. Using a single tent you can grow small medium and large plants together under the same autoflower light cycle. Self sufficient cannabis growing doesn't get much simpler. 

Frequently asked autoflower seed questions

How are autoflowering strains developed and the autoflower seeds made?

Techniques for the breeding and creation of new autoflower strains are often kept confidential. Over the years the cannabis breeders and geneticists find and improve their own techniques to improve the autoflower THC content, speed of growth and yield. Dutch Passion autoflower varieties always begin with an elite high THC photoperiod mother plant, this always has a known cannabinoid profile as well as proven stability and good yields. One of the advantages during the Dutch Passion autoflower breeding process has been the availability of a wide selection of proven, potent and stable mother plants. This gave Dutch Passion a head start in the autoflower breeding process and is one of the reasons for the strong reputation of Dutch Passion autoflower seeds. The photoperiod mother plants are then crossed with an autoflowering cannabis variety and first set of seeds are produced. These first generation crosses between photoperiod and autoflowering parents are then taken and used for further crossing to stabilise the autoflowering characteristics. Once a true autoflowering variety is crossed with another autoflowering variety then all the seeds/offspring are also autoflowering. The actual techniques of converting a photoperiod parent plant into an autoflowerover several generation is the part that the breeders prefer to keep confidential. All Dutch Passion autoflower seeds are feminized in line with customer demands, very few people want to grow regular autoflower seeds. 

The history of autoflower seeds.

Autoflower seeds are thought to have originated from the Joint Doctor, who came across a fast blooming cannabis variety called Mexican Rudy. This was a strain which stayed short and flowered earlier than any other cannabis variety. The name seemed contradictory: “Rudy” almost certainly stood for Ruderalis, a mythical, rare subspecies of wild Cannabis from Siberia which has a short growth habit and quick life cycle. Perhaps in the future some type of genetic fingerprinting can be done to confirm some of the details, but it's believed that the Mexican Rudy was actually an experimental cross of Russian Ruderalis and Mexican Cannabis, made sometime in the 1970s.  The Joint Doctor thinks this may have come from the University of Mississippi or the University of Ottawa. In any case, the strain was kept and grown out in Canada for several years. The Rudy was indeed a short, quick-flowering strain, but the potency was only medium strength. The key feature of Mexican Rudy was that it produced cannabis in mid-summer, before normal plants had even thought about budding. By breeding the Mexican Rudy over many generations the yields and quality started to improve. Dutch Passion partnered with the Joint Doctor in the early days of autoflowering to combine his autoflowering expertise with our genetics. It turned out to be a good partnership. For Dutch Passion the chance to work with the Joint Doctor provided a huge knowledge boost to our understanding of autoflowering cannabis breeding and accelerated the creation of some of the first genuinely heavy yielding and high THC autos. This article on the evolution of autoflowering cannabis genetics provides some extra information.

Are autoflower cannabis harvests as good as photoperiod cannabis?

Yes! If quality levels of auto harvests were not good people would simply not grow them. The best autoflowering seeds produce the same quality levels that you would get from quality photoperiod cannabis seeds. You can expect to get crops of top quality cannabis quickly and easily, thats why people love them.

Why are autoflower cannabis seeds popular with home growers?

Speed, simplicity and convenience are the main reasons people grow autoflowering cannabis seeds. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, in any grow medium and on any light cycle. Some growers even cultivate Dutch Passion auto seeds under 24 hour light from seed to harvest. For many home growers, growing the best autoflowering cannabis seeds is simply the fastest way to get an XL crop of strong cannabis. It’s easy to germinate and grow autoflower seeds, we regularly recommend them to first time cannabis growers and we often see remarkable results.

What are the biggest differences between autos and fems?

Autoflower cannabis seeds grow from seed to harvest without the need for the light hours to be reduced to 12/12. Autoflowering cannabis plants start to bloom automatically usually after 3-4 weeks of growth, the process of starting to bloom does not depend on the light cycle in any way. Photoperiod cannabis seeds will not start to bloom until the light hours are reduced to 12/12 (12 hours of light followed by a 12 hour dark period). The best autoflowering cannabis seeds produce cannabis with the same potency as photoperiod seeds. But the main difference is the way the two different types of cannabis grow. For indoor growers, the convenience and simplicity of growing autoflowering seeds can’t be under estimated. Because autoflower seeds grow and bloom regardless of the light cycle it make it easy to grow high THC cannabis at home. With one tent set on a light cycle of 20 hours of daily light (and a 4 hour dark period) you can grow autoflower seedlings, small plants and mature females. Photoperiod cannabis growers would need two grow tents to cultivate photoperiod cannabis varieties in different stages of growth. One tent would be for plants in vegetive growth with a light cycle of e.g.18/6. And the other tent would be on a bloom cycle of 12/12. Autoflower seeds reach harvest after around 75 days of growth, for many home growers the speed of development, simplicity and convenience make autoflowering cannabis the preferred way to grow.

Advice and tips for autoflower growers

Can autoflower seeds really produce XXL results?

Yes, for the last few years Dutch Passion customers have been enjoying genetics which can produce several hundred grams of top quality cannabis. The following grow reviews show some of the best customer autoflower grows that we have seen.

Auto UltimateThis 1Kg Auto Ultimate harvest is one of the best autoflower grows we have seen, grown with LED, HPS and Plasma in deep water culture.

Think DifferentThis epic Think Different customer grow review shows the massive yield potential from Think Different, note the multiple blooms and the heavy branches.

Auto Glueberry OG. This customer grown Auto Glueberry OG completely filled the 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent. The branches were almost collapsing under their own weight at harvest.

Auto Daiquiri LimeThis customer grow shows a heavy yielding Auto Daiquiri Lime grown indoors with lots of heavy blooms. 

Auto Blackberry KushThis customer grow review produced an epic Auto Blackberry Kush with a huge harvest. It shows the great results possible from the best best autoflower seeds with powerful LED lights.

Auto Mazar. This customer grow shows the XL Auto Mazar harvests possible in coco fibre with LED grow lights. Here is another Auto Mazar grown to incredible proportions in an indoor grow room.

If you want to grow your own XL autoflower then optimise your grow room conditions, ensure powerful lights, and invest in some Dutch Passion autoflower seeds.

Outdoor cannabis growing is faster with autoflower seeds.

One other big difference between photoperiod cannabis seeds and autoflowering seeds is the speed of growth outdoors. Feminized outdoor photoperiod varieties will often take 5-6 months to grow from seed to harvest. Autoflowering seeds take around 3 months from seed to harvest, and many outdoor cannabis growers prefer the superior harvest speed. For some growers in warm, sunny climate this means that two or even three successive autoflower crops per year are possible. Autoflowering cannabis plants often tend to stay around 1 metre tall outdoors, this makes them easier to hide than 3 metre tall photoperiod plants and for some outdoor growers thats another important advantage of autoflowering seed varieties over photoperiod seeds. Autoflowering seed varieties such as Auto Durban PoisonAuto Duck and Auto Frisian Dew give great results outdoors.

Who should buy autos? Indoor cannabis growing with autoflower seeds.

Autoflowering seeds appeal to both indoor and outdoor cannabis growers for slightly different reasons. Indoor cannabis growers usually want to grow THC rich crops easily and quickly, the main priorities being speed, simplicity, yield and quality. If you buy your autoflower seeds from one of the best quality seed banks you should expect the same top quality cannabis that you would grow from a cannabis cup winning photoperiod variety. Many indoor cannabis growers find that autos are a great crop for growing in winter months when the ambient temperatures are low. By growing under a light cycle of 20 (or even 24 hours) per day the grow room light helps maintain the grow room temperatures around the preferred 25ºC level. Some indoor cannabis growers find that grow room temperatures can drop too low during the 12 hours of darkness required by photoperiod cannabis varieties. This makes autoflower seeds a good choice for many during the winter months. Some indoor cannabis growers like to grow autoflowerseeds while their photoperiod plants are vegging under 18-24 hours of daily light. Its a good way to produce buds in a spare corner of the veg grow room.

Who should buy autos? Growing cannabis easily outdoors with autoflower seeds.

These days lots of outdoor growers plant a few autoflower seeds for a mid-summer marijuana harvest. Typically photoperiod cannabis seeds are harvested around October in the northern hemisphere and around April in the southern hemisphere. However, for those growing in a climate with cold, damp weather at the start and the end of the growing season this can be difficult. If the bad autumn weather arrives a couple of weeks early you risk losing all your photoperiod crop. Thats why many outdoor growers like to have a few autoflowering cannabis plants planted along with their photoperiod cannabis varieties. The risk is reduced, and one (or even more) autoflower harvest cycles can be added to your outdoor grow. In warm climates two or three successive outdoor autoflower cannabis crops can be produced each year, its an easy way to grow and produce your cannabis through the growing season.

Who should not buy autos?

Dutch Passion growers of all types now routinely buy autoflower cannabis seeds online and get great results from them. This means those growing indoors, in greenhouses, in polytunnels and outdoor growers are all getting good results from autoflowerseeds. In the early days of autoflower seeds it’s fair to say that most were grown by indoor growers. But in recent years we have also seen outdoor cannabis growers buying autoflower seeds to complement their photoperiod seed crops. Autoflower cannabis seed varieties from the best seed companies have the same quality levels as the best photoperiod varieties. And as well as the great potency and quality, autoflower varieties offer speed, flexibility, convenience and ease of growth. It’s because autoflowervarieties are so easy to grow that we routinely recommend them for first time growers. Anyone who doesn't grow autoflower varieties because they are worried about potency levels is missing out on some great genetics.

How much does an auto yield?

In the best conditions, an experienced auto grower can get 250g++ from good autoflower seeds. We have seen some growers get 500g+, the best modern auto genetics are genuinely special with XXL yield potential. Usually the heaviest yields are achieved in hydroponic systems such as DWC (deep water culture), NFT (nutrient film technique) or one of the other soil-free cannabis cultivation techniques using active or passive feeding. Growers using mediums such as coco fibre often get growth rates almost as fast as hydroponics, and for many people coco fibre is simpler than hydroponics with less skill required to manage the nutrient regime. Using an air-dome to inject extra oxygen into the coco fibre container is one way to produce spectacular results from autoflower seeds in coco. Autoflower harvests of 200g+ are quite possible in coco fibre. Growing an autoflower seed in soil is usually one of the easiest and simple ways to grow cannabis, and although the harvest may not be quite as heavy as hydro/coco autoflower crops, you can still expect yields of up to 150g+. One advantage of growing autoflower seeds in soil is the simplicity, especially for less experienced growers. With a large container of soil, say 20 litres+, growing is easy. All you need to do is water, and consider a small amount of bloom nutrient for the last month. Intense light is the key to the heaviest autoflower harvests.

How do autos taste?

The aroma and taste of an auto is determined by the quality of the parent genetics used in the breeding process. One of the most important factors in any autoflower seed variety is the quality of the original photoperiod mother genetics used at the start of the breeding process. If you start with a badly selected mother plant then its not possible to create the right taste, aroma, yield or potency. Dutch Passion customers enjoy the classic tastes from genetics such as BlueberryMazarOrange BudEuforiaPower PlantWhite Widow and other cannabis cup winning genetics. Thats the reason Dutch Passion made auto versions of all the proven, established photoperiod classics. Its a good way to guarantee proven performance, potency, flavor and aroma. There are lots of great choices available in autoflower seed varieties. Whether you prefer rich tasting Skunks, the fresh sweet taste of berry/fruit, or the strong unmistakeable penetrating aroma of a potent kush variety you will find them all available in Dutch Passion autoflowering seeds.

What are the disadvantages of autoflower seeds?

In the very early days of autoflower seeds, the first generation autos lacked the yields and high THC content for mainstream appeal. But the work done on second and third generation autoflowering seeds has changed that. Unfortunately there are still plenty of poor quality autoflower seeds available on the internet, but if you buy the best autoflowering cannabis genetics from a proven supplier such as Dutch Passion you can be assured the best quality autoflower seeds and top quality harvests time after time. Don't risk your time or your grow-room time on poor quality autoflowering genetics, instead choose the best auto seeds you can buy from a seed company that you can trust. 

When is the best time to harvest autoflowering cannabis?

There are several ways to assess when your autoflowering cannabis plants are ready for harvest. Many cannabis growers look at the trichome (resin) glands and aim to harvest when the trichomes are transitioning from clear to cloudy. Other growers will monitor the leaf color, and harvest when they think the auto plant has drained all the reserves from the plant, usually when the leaves are banana-yellow. Some growers monitor the color of the orange pistil hairs that emerge from the buds, harvesting when the pistils are mostly orange. Many growers simply use an instinctive impression of when to harvest based on the general bud and plant appearance. Experienced home growers often know exactly which variety they like the most, and they know whether they like to harvest early, late or somewhere in the middle. The next time you grow autoflower seeds try harvesting and saving buds from different stages, give them a smoke test and see which you prefer. This Dutch Passion guide to cannabis harvesting explains the different methods.

The best way to store autoflower seeds.

Store your autoflower seeds in the fridge for best results, they should remain fresh with good germination rates for several years. 

Autoflowering cannabis genetics

Cannabis cup winning autoflower seed varieties.

CBD Auto Compassion Lime won 1st prize in the ‘CBD weed’ category at the 2017 Highlife Cup, This is a popular autoflowering CBD variety with medical cannabis growers, the buds contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC this is a CBD-rich cannabis variety which is good for pain relief with a manageable high which is not too strong. Around 10% each of CBD and THC can be found in the dried buds.

Auto Night Queen is a strong indica autoflowering seed variety with a hard hitting and potent THC rich high. Auto Night Queen won first place in the 2016 Highlife Cannabis Cup in the ‘Autoflower category’

Auto Glueberry OG is an autoflowering seed variety which uses genetics from Gorilla Glue and Blueberry, its a very strong THC rich auto which took 3rd prize in the ‘Auto  category’ at the 2017 Highlife Cup.

Auto Frisian Dew is a tough and potent variety developed for both indoor growing and outdoor cultivation. Auto Frisian Dew uses proven genetics that guarantee great outdoor performance, she grows well in any outdoor setting taking around 90 days from seed to harvest. Auto Frisian Dew won 3rd prize in the 2014 Highlife Cup ‘Autoflower Category'

Classic autoflowering cannabis seed varieties.

Several of the Dutch Passion autoflower seed selections were among the very first of the modern 3rd generation high performance autoflower seed varieties. These include:

Think Different, one of Dutch Passions original autoflowering varieties with heavy yields and a really strong, long lasting creative high.

Auto Mazar is another of the original autoflower varieties, with a powerful THC effect this uses the legendary Mazar genetics for a soothing anti-anxiety effect with a strong body stone.

Auto Blueberry uses genetics from our elite Blueberry mother plant in an autoflowering format. Its a stress-busting smoke with a unique feel good factor and a wonderful taste of berries and summer fruit.

Auto Ultimate is another auto classic, with THC rich buds as standard, this variety delivers some of the heaviest yields that you have seen and is very easy to grow.

USA autoflower seed varieties.

Cannabis legalisation across the USA has produced some exceptional cannabis genetics. A recent Dutch Passion road trip has allowed some of these USA autoflower seed genetics to be used in our USA autoflower seed collection. These varieties include:

Auto Colorado Cookies. A fast growing and potent indica dominant autoflower seed variety that uses genetics from Girl Scout Cookies in combination with Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry. Great Blueberry muffin aroma and a strong high.

Auto Daiquiri Lime. Made by crossing California Orange with a USA Sour Diesel, this is a strong THC rich variety with a unique citrus aroma and taste.

Auto Glueberry OG. Bred for pure potency with a strong dreamy high and a great fruity Blueberry aroma with hints of diesel fuel in the smoke and a fresh skunky taste.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise. The elite Brooklyn diesel clone meets AK genetics from upper New York state in a fast growing and heavy yielding auto seed variety. Easy to grow, and with frosty dense buds.

Autoflowering cannabis in coffee shops and cannabis social clubs.

These days you will find plenty of autoflowering cannabis on sale in coffee shops and cannabis social clubs. The commercial growers that provide cannabis to these places often grow autoflowering seed varieties when they need a fast crop cycle of 75 days or less. Commercial growers often prefer to grow autos during the winter months, the 20-24 hours of daily light/heat from the grow lamps help to maintain grow room temperatures. 

Autoflowering cannabis varieties for large scale outdoor commercial ganja growing.

Spain, North Africa and several other countries are seeing some of their large scale commercial growing switch from photoperiod varieties to autoflowering cannabis varieties. There are a couple of reasons for that:

Hight. Autoflower seed varieties tend to stay low, around a metre tall and much smaller than 3-4m photoperiod ganja plants. Some commercial farmers prefer to grow the shorter autoflower seed crops which are easier to hide.

Speed. An autoflower crop spends just 3 months in the field, an organised cannabis farmer can get 2-3 consecutive crops each year from the same patch of land. Many farmers will start the seeds off indoors under 24 hour light for the first 2-3 weeks, this protects the plants from the weather, birds and predators wile they are small and vulnerable.

Many large scale commercial indoor growers are also switching to autoflowering cannabis varieties for much the same reasons as outdoor marijuana growers. Plant growth is fast, meaning many crop cycles and the medium-hight autoflower plants are easy to manage in an indoor environment.

Auto Duck - autoflower seeds for urban growing with stealth camouflaged leaves.

Auto Duck is a unique cannabis variety with a stabilised natural leaf deformity. The leaves have a webbed appearance, similar to the shape of a ducks foot. This makes it very difficult to identify as cannabis until very late in bloom near harvest. It’s an ideal variety for growing in an urban environment, people can walk straight past your Auto Duck plants without even realising that they are cannabis.

Regular (un-feminized) autoflower seeds.

99% of home-grower demand is for feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, these grow into mature female cannabis plants around 75 days after germination. Some growers like to breed and cross their own autoflower seeds. The best way to do this is to cross a male autoflower with a female autoflower, all the resulting seeds should be 100% autoflowering. However, the seeds produced will not be feminized. Learning how to cross autoflower varieties to make feminized autoflower seeds requires lots of skill and experience to get consistent high THC results and XL yields. To make your own autoflower seeds, the pollen from the male autoflowering plant should be dusted on the female plant during early bloom, and seeds can be collected from the pollinated female autoflowering plant at harvest. 

Super Autos

Super Autos is the name sometimes given to longer blooming, heavier yielding, autoflowering cannabis varieties. Most of the time, autoflowering cannabis grows from seed to harvest indoors in around 10-11 weeks. Occasionally you will find a plant which carries on blooming for an extra couple of weeks, these are sometimes called Super Autos because the yields can be several hundred grams per plant. If you get one of these just keep feeding them for longer than usual. With any luck you should get an XXL harvest.

Dutch Passion autoflower seeds. Premium quality autoflowering genetics.

Dutch Passion were one of the first professional seed companies to work with and develop autoflowering cannabis seed strains. Today Dutch Passion are one of the most experienced suppliers of high performance THC rich and CBD rich autoflower seeds. By being one of the first seed companies to get involved in autoflower cannabis breeding we have the benefit of many years experience with our unique seed bank genetics and some of the best performing autoflower seeds on the market. In addition to our own experience we have also partnered with the Joint Doctor to pioneer new genetic lines and breeding techniques to push potency, yield and performance to new levels. When you buy autoflower cannabis seeds buy the best genetics from a proven seed bank such as Dutch Passion, and you will be buying confidently from the world’s leading autoflower seed supplier.

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Dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Cannabis seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.