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Blue Family
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The Blue Family of cannabis genetics were successfully introduced by Dutch Passion in the 1990’s. The long lasting, smooth and powerful high, great taste and blue hues on the buds are qualities which are universally appreciated in the cannabis industry. The genetics of “The Blue Family” come from an Oaxacan (legendary Mexican Sativa), a Thai and an indica variety. Through years of selection the specific genetic profile of the different varieties were sharpened and at the same time stabilized. All members of the Blue Family show blue, and red to lilac shades on their calyxes, leaves and stems. The level of colour depends on the temperature at flowering time, colder conditions produce more colour. So, grown outdoors this phenomenon is a lot clearer than when grown indoors. The leaves of the Blue Family strains might show occasional white spots and stripes. This does not slow down growth and is a genetic feature of these strains. In the first three weeks of flowering the Blue Family varieties grow slower compared to other strains. After the third week of flowering they will catch up and give a beautiful harvest. The Blue Family varieties have always represented a special level of connoisseur quality for the cannabis home grower

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