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Feminized cannabis seeds are preferred by most cannabis growers. Feminised seeds give rise to 95% female plants. Male cannabis plants don’t produce the buds that are used recreationally and medically. Only female cannabis plants produce THC rich buds and thats why people prefer to buy and grow feminized seeds. 

About feminized cannabis seeds

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Dutch Passion feminised cannabis seeds will produce 95%+ female plants from the seeds when germinated and grown. Cannabis seeds can be either feminized or regular. Regular cannabis seeds grow into a mixture of 50% female and 50% male plants. Cannabis home growers generally only want to grow the preferred female cannabis plants for the buds. 

In the 1990’s Dutch Passion discovered how to create cannabis seeds that give rise to 95%+ female cannabis plants, these are known as feminized seeds. Today feminized seeds account for the vast majority of marijuana seed sales.

Feminized cannabis seeds can be either photoperiod or autoflowering. Photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds start blooming when the daylight hours are reduced to 12/12 (12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of darkness). Feminized autoflower cannabis seeds start to bloom automatically after around 4 weeks of growth, irrespective of the light cycle

Feminized cannabis seeds from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has always been a centre for European cannabis culture, and a source of some of the best feminised cannabis seeds. Dutch Passion, along with several other cannabis seed companies, are based in The Netherlands. The Netherlands was one of the first countries to take a tolerant approach to responsible adult use of cannabis. Over many decades The Netherlands has become a centre of excellence for cannabis genetics and for the knowledgable cannabis specialists based there. The Amsterdam coffeeshops attract a huge number of cannabis tourists to The Netherlands, many tourists go home with some feminized weed seeds of their favourite varieties.

Feminized cannabis seeds pros and cons.

Today nearly all cannabis seeds are sold as feminised seeds. The main advantage for the cannabis home grower is that the seeds will grow into mature females. This means reliably bigger and better quality harvests for the home grower. More buds, and no unwanted male plants. Home growers don't want to spend several weeks growing a cannabis plant only to find out that its a male plant which has to be thrown away. Male plants must be removed to prevent them from releasing pollen which would fill the buds with unwanted seeds. Home growers want to produce the highest quality unseeded cannabis. So male cannabis plants are definitely not welcome. Not only are male plants a waste of time for the cannabis home grower, they are also a waste of nutrients, electricity and a waste of space in the grow room. So for most growers, feminized cannabis seed from a proven seed company is the easiest way to grow cannabis. 

The only potential issue with growing from feminized seed is the outside chance of a hermaphrodite plant, these are plants that show both female and male characteristics and are known as hermies. Hermie plants are also generally discarded from the grow room just like male cannabis plants. Hermies are rare these days, especially from the better quality seed companies. 

The pros of feminized cannabis seeds far outweigh the cons. Most cannabis growers are only prepared to buy and grow feminized cannabis seeds. And most cannabis seed companies only sell feminized cannabis seeds.

How are feminized cannabis seeds made?

Each cannabis seed company has their own preferred method of creating feminized cannabis seeds, and some of these techniques are kept private. But in general most feminized seeds are created by converting a female cannabis plant into a male plant to create pollen. This process is often called ‘reversing’ a female plant to become a male. The female plant is usually bred specifically for desirable characteristics such as high THC, heavy blooms and fast flowering. When she is reversed to become a male plant the pollen that is subsequently produced will create seeds which only give rise to female plants. This pollen is called ‘female pollen’. It creates seeds, but only feminized seeds.

How reliable are feminized cannabis seeds?

These days feminized marijuana seeds are very reliable, especially those from the premium quality seed companies such as Dutch Passion. You can expect high germination rates of 95% and above, as a 95%+ female plants from your feminized seeds. This useful cannabis seed germination guide explains the best ways to germinate your seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds grow easily indoor or outside. To get the best performance from their feminized seeds indoor growers should avoid sources of stress, light leaks, nutrient over/under feeding and temperature extremes.

Where do feminized cannabis seeds come from?

Feminized seeds come from mature female plants that have been pollinated with female pollen. The female pollen comes from a male plant which was originally female. Changing that pollen-providing plant from female to male is done by a process called reversing. There are several ways to change a female plant into a male plant, but many of them use colloidal silver. Its a complicated process and many seed companies have their own preferred techniques to fine-tune this process. Very few cannabis growers make their own feminized marijuana seeds, the process of selecting parents and creating the seeds can take several years from start to finish. Many cannabis growers simply prefer to buy cannabis seeds online from companies such as Dutch Passion. 

Growing feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the easiest way to grow cannabis. First time cannabis growers can get heavy harvests of potent, THC rich cannabis with good quality feminized seeds. Here we explain the basics about growing your cannabis seeds. We also explain about the different types of cannabis seeds and recommend some of our best performing, prize winning and cannabis cup winning feminized seeds. Over several decades in business Dutch Passion have earned a reputation for feminized seed varieties which are easy to grow, with a wide growing latitude and top quality results.

How to plant feminized cannabis seeds.

Feminized seeds are the easiest way to grow cannabis at home. They can be grown in soil, coco fibre, hydroponic systems and in many other different types of grow medium. This guide explains more about feminized seeds. 

The key rules for successfully planting your feminized cannabis seeds:

  • Avoid over-watering your plants.

Cannabis roots require oxygen to function and grow well, they don't like to sit in waterlogged soil. Try to understand the grow medium that you are growing in and when more water is required. Your local grow shop is always a source of good advice, especially if you are a new grower. Over-watering your cannabis plant is one of the most frequent problems seen by less experienced growers.

  • Avoid making your cannabis nutrients too concentrated.

Giving nutrient solutions that are too concentrated is another frequent mistake especially from less experienced growers. Instead of making your cannabis plants grow faster it will burn the roots and leaves, slowing down growth and reducing quality/yield. 

When you plant your feminized cannabis seeds make sure you have planned the grow well.

  • Ensure enough light for the number of plants you have.
  • Make sure your grow room temperature is around 25ºC and try to avoid large temperature fluctuations between light and dark periods.
  • The easiest way to grow your cannabis seeds is to buy some pre-mixed specialist compost from your local grow shop and plant your feminized seeds in it. If you use a large container of 30 litres then you will only need to use a bloom nutrient, the soil will contain enough nutrients for nearly all the grow.

How to grow feminized cannabis seeds.

Growing feminized cannabis seeds is easy if you have the right equipment and some basic knowledge. You will need to decide your preferred grow method and grow medium. There are many choices and you may need some help from your local grow shop to decide which one suits you the best. 

For many people, growing indoors in a pre-mixed specialist soil is the easiest way to start growing cannabis. Growing in soil is simpler than hydroponics, there is no need to worry about nutrient pH and there are less technical challenges. Growing in coco fibre can produce larger and faster harvests than growing in soil, but it is a little more technically challenging, you may need to learn how to use pH and EC (electrical conductivity) meters to optimise your nutrient solution. 

In general, growing feminized autoflower seeds will take you around 75 days from seed to harvest. Growing feminized photoperiod seeds usually requires a 4-5 week vegetive growth period followed by around 9 weeks of blooming under 12/12 light (12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness in each 24 hour period). 

You can read more useful information about growing cannabis here. The Dutch Passion weekly blogs have hundreds of customer grow reviews of different Dutch Passion varieties and are a great source of information for people growing feminized cannabis seeds. Here are some more reading tips to learn more about growing feminized seeds.

Growing cannabis indoors early

Growing cannabis outdoors easily

Growing with LED grow lights.

Growing autoflower seeds outdoors.

When to harvest cannabis.

Many online grow shops and forums can explain more about the different ways and systems to grow feminized cannabis seeds. This Dutch Passion guide to growing autoflowering cannabis seeds is useful. And this guide to growing weed easily may also be useful. 

Easy to grow feminized cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion has some varieties that are particularly easy to grow, these varieties are the ones we recommend to people who just want to grow cannabis easily at home with the minimum difficulty. Even first time cannabis growers will be able to get great results with these varieties: 

Easy feminized autoflower seed varieties.

 Easy feminized photoperiod seed varieties.

These Dutch Passion feminized cannabis seeds are easy to grow, and they have the genetic quality to deliver high THC results even if you are a first time cannabis grower. The varieties will grow in all the different grow mediums. The feminized autoflower seeds are also easy to grow outdoors, taking just over 3 months from seed to harvest. No matter how short your growing season you should be able to grow autoflower seeds and produce your own cannabis easily.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds vs feminized cannabis seeds.

The main difference between autoflowering seeds and non-autoflowering seeds is the amount of daily light needed to induce flowering. Autoflowering seeds do not need reduced daylight hours to induce flowering, autoflower cannabis seeds start to bloom automatically at around 3-4 weeks old, regardless of the light cycle being used. Most people grow their autoflower seeds on a light cycle of 20/4 (20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness) from seed to harvest, the entire life cycle of an auto is often around 75 days. 

Feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds need daylight hours to be reduced to 12/12 in order to start flowering. Usually feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds are grown under 18/6 light (sometimes 20/4 or 24/0) during vegetive growth. During vegetive growth the cannabis plant grows leaves, roots and branches but no buds. By reducing light to 12/12 the feminized photoperiod plant undergoes various biochemical and hormonal changes which cause the plant to start bloom, usually this process takes around 9 weeks of 12/12 to complete. 

The best autoflower seeds produce cannabis on the same quality level as photoperiod varieties, with high THC results (or CBD rich cannabis if you prefer). 

Autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Autoflower seeds are often preferred by growers looking for the fastest and most convenient way to grow cannabis easily at home. With Autoflower seeds you don't need to worry about changing the light cycle to initiate bloom, and if you wish you can grow the autoflower plant under 24 hour light from seed to harvest. One advantage of feminized autoflower seeds is that just a single grow room is required, on a 20/4 schedule, in order to grow both small seedlings and mature females. Feminised photoperiod seeds require different light schedules for plants in vegetive growth and bloom, this can mean having two separate grow rooms. 

Feminized cannabis seeds vs regular cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds will grow into mature female plants.These days well over 95% of all cannabis seeds sold are feminized. Regular seeds will produce a 50/50 ratio of female/male plants. Until Dutch Passion invented feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990’s you had no choice but to grow with regular cannabis seeds. Regular cannabis seeds are still used by some old-school growers and professional cannabis breeders. But cannabis home growers do not generally like to use regular cannabis seeds because they don't want to waste their time, space and energy growing male plants. Male cannabis plants don't grow buds, and are usually thrown away. Thats why people prefer to grow with feminized cannabis seeds. It means you can grow with a smaller grow tent and you wont spend several weeks growing male plants. Growing cannabis with feminized seeds mean you spend less money on electricity, nutrients and materials. 

Top feminized cannabis seeds.

The top feminized cannabis seeds are best selling, proven varieties popular with home growers for high strength genetics which are easy to grow at home using standard conditions. 

Below is an overview of the best feminized cannabis seeds for indoor, outdoor and medical growing.

Indoor cannabis growers. Top feminized seeds.

Indoor cannabis growers generally want a reliable THC rich variety that can be grown easily and without any complications or special requirements. Heavy yielding varieties are always preferred by domestic cannabis cultivators, it means you need to plant fewer seeds and deal with a smaller number of plants. First time cannabis growers will get good results using these varieties, they are easy cannabis seeds to grow with no experience required.

Outdoor cannabis growers. Top feminized seeds.

Outdoor cannabis growers need feminized seeds which are selectively bred to resist pest, mold and bad weather. The genetics also need to be selectively bred to produce XL harvests often in poor outdoor conditions. Outdoor cannabis growers need plants that are robust enough to deal with periods of cold, damp weather. Dutch Passion outdoor feminized seeds are bred in Holland and designed to cope with the variable climate of northern Europe. As well as photoperiod varieties, several autoflowering cannabis varieties are recommended for outdoor growing.

Medical cannabis grower. Top feminized seeds.

Medical cannabis growers often find that their particular medical condition is best served by a specific cannabis variety. At Dutch Passion we believe that all cannabis is medically effective. But some medical growers find that some of the modern CBD rich varieties are especially effective for helping manage pain and discomfort. Some of the CBD rich medical cannabis feminized seed varieties that we recommend are as follows:

Heavy yielding feminized cannabis seeds.

Cannabis home growers love feminized cannabis seeds which are easy to grow. They also love varieties which are high in THC and heavy yielding. The Dutch Passion breeding team use selective breeding techniques to choose the heaviest yielding varieties. These varieties are available as both feminised autoflower seeds and feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds.

Some of the recommended autoflowering cannabis seed varieties with heavy yields are

Some of the recommended feminized photoperiod cannabis seed varieties with XL heavy yields are:

Buying feminized cannabis seeds online

Feminized cannabis seeds for sale in UK and other countries.

Buy your feminized cannabis seeds online and get them delivered inside 24 hours with your choice of payment method. Dutch Passion delivers feminized marijuana seeds to the UK and many other countries. Dutch Passion feminised seeds are also available through the official Dutch Passion dealers. Here is our full list of authorised Dutch Passion dealers

Buy feminized cannabis seeds.

Buy your feminised cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion with the confidence that you are buying from the inventor of feminized seeds with 30+ years experience supplying premium quality feminized seeds. Here you can see the payment options to buy your Dutch Passion seeds online. 

Buy feminized cannabis seeds online.

You can buy your feminized cannabis seeds online at Dutch Passion using credit/debit cards, Bank Transfer, iDeal or cash. The different payment methods are here. You can also send cash (notes only) by recorded delivery via the postal system. 

Shipping feminized cannabis seeds to UK or other countries.

Dutch Passion can ship feminized cannabis seeds to the UK and many other countries. Wonder if Dutch Passion ships to your country? Check the full list of destinations where Dutch Passion can send seeds to. Within each EU country there are usually several Dutch Passion authorised distributors. The list of Dutch Passion distributors shows where you can buy your seeds. Of course, you may prefer to buy your feminized cannabis seeds online directly from Dutch Passion. Buying direct from Dutch Passion allows you to accumulate VIP points for our repeat customers thanks to the Dutch Passion VIP Program. If we don't ship seeds directly to your country then check out our list of international Dutch Passion seed distributors.

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