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Auto Glueberry O.G.®
Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs. Read more

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3th  Prize Autoflower Highlife Cup Netherlands 2017

Auto Glueberry O.G.® is the autoflowering version of the hard hitting, resin dripping photoperiod Glueberry OG. To turn Glueberry OG into an autoflower, we crossed (Gorrila Glue x OG) with the original Auto Blueberry to ensure the same taste and effect as her photoperiod sister.

If you're looking for a sativa dominant, potent hybrid that can well be used in both SOG and SCROG grows, than try out this American delicacy.

With subtle Diesel hints and fruity Blueberry tones, Auto Glueberry OG can be considered a sweet tasting strain with both Asian and American roots.

This sativa dominant autoflowering hybrid with extra large yields will please any grower both indoors and outdoors (in sunny climates) and ensures a great harvest to enjoy with family and friends.

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Customer feedback (12)

On 06-06-2018 at 03:17u Mike wrote:
I got 200+ grams from this plant topped once, and lst.

On 24-05-2018 at 00:35u Mickey Mouse wrote:
Just pulled 90g best smelled ever stash of this strain. So fruity and fresh ! I love this one. 11l pot in coco. 77 days.

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