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Auto Brooklyn Sunrise® combines a distinctively spicy taste with large yields of frosty top strength cannabis. The genetics come from the acclaimed USA East Coast ‘Brooklyn’ Diesel clone noted for a famously rich diesel aroma and strong high. This was combined with some connoisseur AK genetics from upper New York State and made into a feminized autoflowering variety. 

The result brings together the best East Coast genetics into a heavy yielding and great tasting new auto with a strong yet smooth high. Auto Brooklyn Sunrise® gives an unusually strong initial euphoric high, it’s a perfect morning/breakfast choice which is where the variety got its name. This Big-Apple auto is at home in any urban grow-room and comes with our highest recommendations.

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On 14-11-2016 at 10:17u Eddy wrote:
Lightworker33. 10th November, Yes, we hear you and we hope to be able to deliver that info soon !

On 10-11-2016 at 12:05u Lightworker33 wrote:
yes i know thc and cbd content and such are just variables and gives a Clue what the highest recorded thc acchived is. i know i can grow a plant With 15% thc potential to more potency than many others can grow for ex a strain With 22-25% potency potential and i have always experienced to grow superior quality than all others ive met, so i know if a auto Extreme for ex has a pheno With 20-22 % thc potential i know i will accive at least that if i get the same pheno. so my point was, i know i can get a 10% thc content out of a plant that have tested much higher but as said im so confident and have won every growcompetition i have participated With my both photoperiod and autoflowers homegrown so i would really like to know what is the highest thc potential of all Your plants to use for building Blocks With others as im a licenced Medical user and grower. for ex: i would love to know if Power plant or Durban poison has the most thc-v and Delta 9 thc or Outlaw or freddies best. and if uyour night Queen has higher thc potential than dark delight or mazar or other indica dominant or pure indica or kush strains.

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