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Auto Daiquiri Lime®One of the sturdiest strains for the great outdoors


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Auto Daiquiri Lime® is based on a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste which was hybridised with an elite resinous photoperiod USA Sour Diesel cutting.  This was made into a feminized automatic variety Auto Daiquiri Lime® which combines the normal superb Dutch Passion auto potency with an unusually rich and appealing fruity/diesel aroma and a fresh sour taste.  

She is ready to harvest 11 weeks after germination and prefers a light nutrient regime.  This variety suits growers looking for hard hitting USA style XXL harvests with rapid growth.  Big, fast and easy, easy enough for a first time grower. Top quality original USA genetics with a fruity sour taste and a strong high.

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Customer feedback (17)

On 25-03-2017 at 22:50u Timb wrote:
I bought 3 seeds feminised mazers of of dutch passion amsterdam 2 of them are the same look and size at the moment there about 8 inch tall and on the 6 node look great and healthy but the other one was just nuts from word go grew twice as fast as the other 2 and evrything about it is just big I've lst trained it and tied down to try keep the canopy the same ish now it's grown horizontal for about a foot and got about 8 branches coming up of of it crazy shit

On 13-08-2016 at 21:07u UkOutdoor wrote:
The phenotype I had grew extremely well outdoors in the UK (lat 52.5). She grew very tall, around 4ft/1.2m (almost too tall security wise). She was germinated end apr, outside and transplanted into final pots by mid may (few inches tall, around 3 weeks old) and was harvested 1st of aug (could have gone a week longer but I was going on holiday that day) Used BioBizz Light mix then All mix soil, Bio bizz grow + bloom + topmax, extra molasses, insect frass (in soil mix, dressed top soil & foilar spray. Also helps prevent mould, had very little problems since using it & seems to stop stem rot from progressing when sprinkled on affected areas), nettle tea in veg and added live insects from garden (worms mainly). The buds were surprisingly dense and compact while growing and looked indoor grown! Even more surprising was the mould resistance, she was mould free till harvest day, other than a few spots of pm on a couple of leaves after humid weather and some stem rot that appeared while drying. Did have a caterpillar problem that could have been prevented, they loved burrowing into the smaller dense buds but were easy to catch and despite that she was pest free other than helpful spiders. The dried buds look compact and are covered in orange hairs with enough resin to shine through, not too leafy, nice bag appeal. She had a strong smell from start of flowering to finish, citrus lime with pungent lemon skunk/diesel/sour aromas. Certainly a favourite of mine. The flavour carries similar notes to the smell but hasn't cured one enough for the full taste to come through. She has a strong high, definitely sativa & becomes a more balanced relaxed hybrid effect later on but i can't describe much more than that haha Very impressed with potency compared to other autos I've grown, probably the strongest yet :) Yield was impressive, id say around 2oz maybe up to 2.5 but buds haven't been properly manicured & weighed. Top bud was 5g and on average the larger buds weigh 0.7-1.8g, with smaller buds 0.3-0.6 and are still dense. Big thanks to Dutch Passion for a productive summer ;) & I recommend that everybody buy this strain!

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