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Auto Daiquiri Lime® is based on a unique Californian Orange phenotype with a sharp citrus lime taste which was hybridised with an elite resinous photoperiod USA Sour Diesel cutting.  This was made into a feminized automatic variety Auto Daiquiri Lime® which combines the normal superb Dutch Passion auto potency with an unusually rich and appealing fruity/diesel aroma and a fresh sour taste.  

She is ready to harvest 11 weeks after germination and prefers a light nutrient regime.  This variety suits growers looking for hard hitting USA style XXL harvests with rapid growth.  Big, fast and easy, easy enough for a first time grower. Top quality original USA genetics with a fruity sour taste and a strong high.

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Customer feedback (20)

On 30-05-2018 at 01:02u PT wrote:
hey im back since my last report trichs started forming and that gave me a nice idea of the aromas they have going on and i must say that my first impression of the plant i mentioned before, couldnt be more wrong ... the flowers really have that limey sweet funk going on !!! oh and they are huge plants also, they seem to like 100% coco and daily feeds... amazing strain(s) you guys have ... I expect to get at least 120g per plant !!! but ill post a final report as soon as i can :) keep up the good work!

On 28-05-2018 at 11:52u Eddy wrote:
PT, 26th May 2018. Often with an auto you will get different phone's and perhaps you have more of a skunky pheno. Usually, they all provide a similar quality high even if aroma varies. See how she smells/vapes after a cure, and good luck

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