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Auto Ultimate® One of the sturdiest strains for the great outdoors


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Auto Ultimate® is the autoflower version of our bestseller ‘The Ultimate®’. This is a plant which delivers good production levels of top strength cannabis, it is highly recommended and delivers consistently impressive harvests.

The best results were obtained when The Ultimate® was automated together with some genetics from our original and legendary Auto Mazar® The outcome is a vigorous high-yielding variety which grows up to 80-100cm with compact buds ranging from medium to large in size. The buds are sticky and coated with a sweet aromatic coating of resin. The taste and high from Auto Ultimate® are very similar in quality to the original.

With proven parent genetics, and the best Dutch Passion auto breeding techniques, Auto Ultimate® guarantees a great performance in your growroom. We feel this is one of the best combinations of yield, quality and consistency available, even from our own collection.

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On 02-12-2016 at 02:21u David wrote:
Hi, can i get this seeds in UK? what is delivery price and how many days needs? are you accepting for payment method bitcoin?

On 05-12-2015 at 08:35u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Planaqeshi, dec 2105. Sorry we do not ship seeds to Georgia. But the following people might

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