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BioTabs StarterKit

Dutch Passion

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BioTabs use a fully proven and totally organic nutritional approach to feed and grow your cannabis plants. BioTabs are a Dutch company that use natural fertilisers and insect waste to provide your plants with fully balanced nutrition. One starter pack can feed 5-10 plants depending on your container size and contains the following: 

Silicium Flash. An organic source of valuable Silicon which is used to build strong plant cells and support healthy growth.The Silicon can be rapidly absorbed from this additive and it increases plant resistance to heat, drought, pests and pathogens. As well as providing Silicon this additive has an NPK of 4:3:3 providing nutrition through growth and bloom

Startrex. Used by soil and coco growers, Startrex is a soil conditioner as well as an organic fertiliser. It has a high probiotic bacteria content, an NPK ratio of 3:1:2 and contains Silicon as well as Fulvic acid. Many potting soils are sterilised to kill weed seeds and germs. This also kills all the beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. By mixing your potting soil with Startrex your soil is instantly improved, allowing your plant to take root more quickly.

Mycotrex. This is an entirely organic soil conditioner. It uses a blend of 9 different Mycorrhiza spores as well as beneficial bacteria, seaweed meal and Humic Acid. This improves the absorption of water, minerals and nutrients through the roots allowing faster plant growth and superior plant health. Root volume can increase by 700% as a result.

BioTab Fertiliser Tablets.These slow-release organic tablets can be used by soil or coco growers. They contain a proven NPK ratio of 15:7:8 as well as beneficial bacteria and can be used for indoor or outdoor growing. Use one BioTab for 5 litres of soil. For containers of 25-50 litres you can use 5 tabs.

Bactrex. This additive is an organic soil fertility improver which contains important soil and root microbes which are beneficial to root health. Expect an abundant and healthy root network with this additive which helps convert organic matter into useful nutrients. For established plants water with a solution of 1 gram of Bactrex per litre of water once every two weeks. Bactrex is a living product, once dissolved in water the solution needs to be applied within 6 hours.

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