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CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®
CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®
CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®
CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®
CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®
CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®
Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs. Read more

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CBD Charlotte's Angel was Dutch Passion's first high CBD strain that contains little to no THC. CBD growers and medical growers were pleased to see a strain with all the medical cannabis benefits, but without the high. As there is almost no THC found in this strain, she suits needs that most other strains don't. Our customers asked for an autoflower variety with the same genotype profile and we are pleased to present CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel.
CBD Charlotte's Angel was crossed with CBD Auto Compassion Lime to turn her into an autoflower. She is 20% indica/80% sativa and grows to around a metre tall. Yields are large, with earthy/fruity tones together with a very clear and soft feeling of well being.
CBD levels are around 16% and THC level is always below 1%.

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Customer feedback (7)

On 11-09-2018 at 10:25u Eddy wrote:
TheLastBee, 7th September 2018. The best way to get the 0.3% THC (or lower) would be to grow several plants from seed, get analysis done, and select the best mother plant with the lowest THC level. This plant can then be used as the basis for larger scale growing/propagation. If the plants are tested 2-3 weeks early for THC, the results are likely to show lower THC levels than you would find at harvest. However, selection of the lowest THC mother plant would seem to be the most logical and professional way to set about low THC cannabis cultivation. Good luck!

On 07-09-2018 at 01:06u Thelastbee wrote:
I am also interested in low THC levels for medical reasons . Thank you for your extraordinary work! DP rules! Now my question: I read on the internet, that the plants lose a little THC, if harvested too late on purpose (2-3 weeks). Can you confirm this? That true? If so, would it be possible to get under 0,3% THC this way? Thx in advance thelastbee

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Dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Cannabis seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.