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Dark Delight®
Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs. Read more
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Dark Delight has been a winner since she was introduced in 2012.  Many regular customers have said this is one of the strongest indica-dominant in the Dutch Passion collection. Dark Delight has been a revelation and has developed a following of repeat growers who love the genuinely narcotic and occasionally psychedelically strong weed.

Dark Delight has great hashy flavours and the aroma will remind older growers of the best 1980’s hash.  Yields are good and many growers report she can be cropped after 8 weeks of flower.  The high is strong, racy and intense – it won’t suit those looking for a soft daytime smoke or those used to a milder smoking experience.  But for those growers looking for something new, Dark Delight offers a combination of great flavours and very strong cannabis which blooms quickly and in good quantities. Highly recommended.

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Customer feedback (8)

On 19-04-2019 at 21:54u Mark G wrote:
I would really love to see these in regular.

On 15-05-2013 at 19:11u Big Johnny wrote:
Smoke report for the Dark Delight. The Dark Delights definitely benefit from a cure, they have been cured for 3 weeks and are getting better by the day now. The smell is pine/lemon, think flash floor cleaner but slightly sweeter. I normally smoke either joints or use my OG bubbler and enjoy the smooth, clear and refreshing taste. She's a creeper, after I finish my smoke, my grin gets wider and wider slowly but surely. Me and my mate had a smoke of it last night and we both got the giggles, the first time any weed has done that for ages. Smoked in company, it's a very sociable, but relaxing high. When smoked on your own it seems to enable you open up your mind enough to soak in your ambient surroundings, relax and let you forget about your aches and pains without being too narcotic and rendering you useless from a hard day at work. I just had to wander to the shop for some milk for the essential copious amount of tea I'll be drinking and although I was aware I looked battered I didn't care, I was thinking, "Yeah I'm stoned but look how happy I am, maybe you should try some!". In conclusion, easy and forgiving to grow, short in stature when topped and a good yielder. Highly recommended.

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