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Dutch Cheese
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For the creation of Dutch Cheese ( 60% Sativa, 40% Indica) our breeders took the best cheese genetics and crossed them with various other strains.  We were looking for the ‘perfect match’, where two stable strains can be crossed to give a new variety that improves on both of the parents.  The ideal genetics to improve Cheese eventually came from our “Euforia” - a potent Skunk selection and a personal favorite of some of the Dutch Passion team.

The crossbreeding with Euforia has not compromised the cheesy qualities at all. But it has given improved potency and significant yield improvements, growing to a height of 60-80cm with lots of sticky side buds that show some internodal spacing that will help prevent bud rot/mould – an important feature for a heavy-yielding variety.  This strain is for indoor/greenhouse.

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Customer feedback (4)

On 22-10-2012 at 19:30u Erbsta wrote:
Cool. Thanks for the comments guys, looks like a nice stable cheese strain. Could somebody give me an indication of dryweight per m2 please and veg/flower times =)

On 03-05-2012 at 09:58u Denmark Sailor wrote:
Hey, the Dutch Passions Cheese was the best of 4 varieties I grew last year so for this reason it will be a regular choice in the future also. I grew her in clay pebbles wth dripper system and the new 'ultra' buckets. I agree with other guys this variety respond to long veg time with heavy yield but that not the only good point. Forget good yield it is quality that you have to be considering with the modern variety. This is very strong, my best smoke of last year like I said. Dont plan too many things after smoking this or they wont get done, it is proper dutch sensi that lay you on sofa if you are smoking too much or too many. In concluding. Yield is very good but smoke is better. it is crazy to criticise this strain for making your growroom smell, or if it makes your clothes smell. Come on guys this is strong weed we are growing here, lets have sensible reviews please for dutch passion website.

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