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Pro Grinder, 55mm

Dutch Passion

Pro Grinder, 55mm
Pro Grinder, 55mm
Pro Grinder, 55mm
Pro Grinder, 55mm

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    22.50 EURO

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This is the best grinder design we have ever seen. It is precision engineered aluminum throughout and is built so solidly it should last you a lifetime. Bud is shredded effortlessly in the top section and the rotating lid has a magnetic attraction to the lower grinding section.  This keeps it in place and stops it falling off.  It is that kind of attention to detail that our customers demand in their Pro Grinder. Anything left in the top section is often fibrous waste.  Your shredded bud falls into the section below landing on a wire mesh screen.  Everything screws together with military precision.

‘Kief’ or resin crystals slowly build-up at the bottom of the grinder under the wire mesh screen. When you have enough you can harvest them for use in a turbocharged joint, bong or vapouriser. This type of pro grinder is often seen in the tourist shops for €50, you can buy our original Dutch Passion grinder for just €22,50.  Say goodbye to plastic grinders and poor quality grinders forever. Connoisseurs should not grind their herb with anything less !

Laser engraved with the Dutch Passion name and logo.  The grinder is supplied in its own pull-top black cloth pouch to keep it as shiny as the day you bought it.

Treat yourself, you deserve one…..

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On 28-10-2018 at 16:37u Michael Cox wrote:
Beautiful grinder. I bought mine at the cannibus cup in 08. Mine is officially 10 years old and I use it everyday still. The engraving on the top, or etching, is still really clean and you can make out everything. I love it I'm pretty sure I spent 55 US dollars for mine and it has been more than worth the money. Definitely buy it!!

On 30-05-2014 at 16:50u Liam wrote:
When is this going to be back in stock please?

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