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Skunk #11®
Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs. Read more

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Skunk #11 is a true cannabis legend, our only strain to have sold over a million seeds. Quite possibly the worlds most popular weed variety ....and for very good reasons, this is definitely no ordinary skunk.
Many of our customers have been buying Skunk #11 for years and are so satisfied with the yields and the exquisite skunk 'high' that they don't even want to try other varieties!  This highly stable premium skunk strain is the result of years of breeding by our top skunk geneticist and is a foolproof variety with excellent growth, yield and potency.  Exceptionally resistant to mould and disease, Skunk#11 delivers a famously enjoyable anti-anxiety high that relaxes the body and soothes the soul.  The stone is satisfying, high, chilled and erotic.  Yet it has enough energy to allow you to function if you need to get things done.  In this respect we call it a 'medium stone' which many prefer to an 'all-out' incapacitating stone.
Skunk #11 grows vigorously in any grow medium, indoors, in a greenhouse or outside.  It is a strong plant with generous yields of resin covered bud and has a traditional spicy old-school shiva aroma with a rich, cheesy indica taste.  Our Skunk expert recommends harvesting at 7 weeks, the buds may still be green at this point but the Skunk #11 is at its glorious and incomparable best. Over a million seeds sold is your guarantee of satisfaction.  Discover it for yourself, a top-quality variety that we offer at a remarkably affordable price for such a high-performance strain.

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Customer feedback (13)

On 05-04-2018 at 13:45u Lionel Lumbroso wrote:
A bit late... thank you, Eddy, for replying to my previous comment here! And I'll take this opportunity to also confirm all the good things written here about this great variety: it's really appreciated by me and all of my pot-user friends -- never a mention of criticism as can be the case for other varieties --, and the yield is really remarkable with the "B" phenotype that I characterized below, in September -- the one very bushy with big fat branches arcing widely from the bottom. I've been growing this one outside for years -- in the Paris area, 47,5° of latitude, certainly not "extreme" --, and provided the plant-bed has been carefully prepared and supplemented with garden compost, fire ashes (for instance), and a few 50L bags of light soil, the heights and yields are spectacular: my various 2017 "SKs" averaged 254 cm in height and 352 g in yield, with the "SK4" queen topping at 3,05 m and... 670 g! And that's after losing some 7-8 big bottom branches after 2 powerful gusts of wind in August. Incidentally, that's the only relative weakness of that variety: the bottom branches are so big and their attachment to the trunk is such (bigger nodes than usually) that strong winds can amputate her. I recommend planting at least one wooden post for each plant (to anchor its trunk) no later than end of July, and then tying up the biggest bottom branches to the trunk for reinforcement. Once again, congratulations to Dutch Passion! I've never felt the least need to look elsewhere for my seeds, and that's been going on for... 2 decades this year! :-)

On 15-01-2018 at 14:22u Eddy wrote:
Abe, Jan 13th 2018. Skunk 11 would probably be ready after 8 weeks of bloom, she is a strong Skunk, easy to grow and fast in bloom. A good variety for outdoor growers with reasonable climates (not suited for northern european outdoor growers). Good luck

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