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Think DifferentOne of the sturdiest strains for the great outdoors


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Think Different is the real surprise package in the Dutch Passion autoflower collection. She has quickly established a great reputation for stunning yields and very strong weed. Even first time growers have achieved over 100g/plant and experienced growers can achieve 200g-300g+. She can grow over 1m tall in experienced hands and is a good alternative to traditional varieties, offering bumper harvests of strong cannabis just 10-11 weeks after seed germination. The genetics come from a special AK47 hybrid known as AK420.

Indoors she has the potential to yield up to 500g/m² especially in ‘scrog’ systems with powerful lights. She joined our list of best sellers just one year after she was released and has created a following of autoflower growers who refuse to grow anything else. Serious growers like you should try growing this at least once!

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Customer feedback (22)

On 28-01-2016 at 16:17u SIMON wrote:
STEVE WROTE EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE SAID. ITS A REALLY GOOD DESCRIPTION OF THINK DIFFERENT. I grew in a big pot 15L and had a few problems, my heater packed up for two weeks and I am growing indoors in winter so this killed off some plants (other seed banks), but my think different just stayed normal and took longer to Veg. Then I had a sewer flood (Nice) which meant I had to flush and re-pot. Even with all this going on my Think Different managed 1.45 Oz dry and beat my other plants to crop. Only my Dutch Passion Seeds did well!! (Good Genetics?) Anyway if you want to know what it smokes like see steve as he got it bob-on. Great Seeds. I now work on the basis that if a Seed is not right I dont use it. I will be using Think Different again. The White Widow is the same but still growing whilst the Think Different is Dried and Cureing. On 16-02-2014 at 23:56u Steve wrote: 25w ht5's to veg, 400w led for flower 6ltr pots, bio all mix with additional coffee grounds and perlite - watering: veg 6.2 and flowering 6.9 . this strain is a beauty to watch grow. big colas and lots of quite large flowers from the lower branches when scrogged. smell kicks in (or out) circa day 60-65. harvested both times on day 75-80. all grown indoors in a 1m x 1.5m tall space. averaging approx an ounce a plant (but please note i have restricted the size of the plants specifically for the discrete space i have). 9 plants in 80 days came out at about 9 ounces, and a shed load of of very frosty silver leave (i close crop). now, the bit you want to hear..... this is a strong smoker and does make your head fizz with chatter for the first 10 mins (depending on your personality this could be welcome, or construed as mild psychosis), then calms down. it feels very sativa heavy so is very energising. it smells sweet and gets very frosty. i note on curing in glass jars, the smell intensifies and starts to turn quite plummy, which is pleasant. i'm not gonna suggest this is the smoothest smoker but it defo packs a punch, and appears to be very easy to grow. i was looking for a sativa to create music with, but i've now decided this is actually a little too schitzy and strong for me to do this. important to say my friends really like it though. good effort dutch passion - all beans popped and this plant is exactly as described by our dutch friends.

On 01-11-2015 at 22:22u Dunkus Watsdacraic wrote:
New grower (

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