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Skunk Family
Consistent, easy to grow and XL yielding Premium Skunk genetics

The first Skunk was developed in California in the 1970’s by crossing Afghani, Mexican Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold and brought to Europe in the early 1980’s. Skunk varieties are famously easy to grow. Dutch Passion’s Skunk varieties are very potent, grow homogeneously and yields are well above average. Skunk varieties are very suited to create mother plants as well as breeding parents for crosses. Dutch Passion have an extensive Skunk gene-bank and decades of experience producing the most potent Skunks varieties for the home grower. Our collection of classic Skunks and hybrids remains as popular as ever with our customers. These varieties grow well in any grow system and are the perfect choice for beginners. Dutch Passion Skunk varieties will deliver a connoisseur quality harvest for the experienced grower.

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