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Auto Brooklyn Sunrise review. Dutch Passion Autoflower seeds grown indoors under HPS and LED grow lights in mixed soil/coco fibre grow medium.


This weeks grow review features five Auto Brooklyn Sunrise plants grown in 11 litre containers with a light cycle of 20/4 (20 hours of daily light, 4 hours of darkness. The containers were filled with a 50/50 mix of coco fibre and a ‘Light Mix’ soil. A 250W HPS light was used along with two Holographic Series 1 grow lights (75W each). The result was an indoor grow tent full of heavy yielding autoflowering cannabis plants. Note the heavy main blooms and the large humber of side blooms. The grow tent was 1.2m x 1.2m and 2m tall, the grow took place during the summer and the Auto Brooklyn Sunrise plants had to cope with temperatures as high as 32ºC. The final crop from 5 plants was 580g, just over 100g per plant.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise. High THC results, resistant to high grow room temperatures.

The grower, Diego from Chile, made the following comments about his autoflower seed grow.

“The Auto Brooklyn Sunrise showed its strength from day one, with explosive growth and very large leaves. To achieve optimal development I applied a light nutrient diet, Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is not a plant that needs much food to show its full potential. For my taste Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is one of the best autoflower seeds in the Dutch Passion collection. This is thanks to the XL production yields and the quality of the buds, covered with resin. Its a variety with a low number of leaves and with a very intense, earthy smell with notes of citrus and bittersweet. And very high levels of THC, the crop was around 560g dry, in an indoor of 120x120cm square x 200 cm high.”

Diego also made the following comments about his cultivation experience.

“I used Grotek mineral bio fertilizer for the whole grow in combination with water purified by reverse osmosis. Without a doubt this gave the best results in my experience. Because I used pure water created by reverse osmosis I didn’t worry too much about pH and EC, which are normally fundamental parameters in coco-fibre cultivation.  I used Intuition, experience and constant observation to guide me with nutrient application. I really liked the Auto Brooklyn Sunrise, she coped perfectly with the summer temperatures that were around 32º C for much of the grow.”

Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, fast growing and consistent results.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is one of the faster autoflowering seed varieties. Some growers harvest her before she reaches 70 days old. Along with Auto Blackberry Kush and Auto Night Queen, Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is one of the fastest growing autoflower seed varieties in the Dutch Passion collection. Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is a good choice for any home growers looking for an autoflower variety that delivers good harvests faster than most others and still delivers highly potent cannabis. The genetics come from a hybridisation between some elite AK genetics in upper New York state and the famous ‘Brooklyn’ Diesel clone from the US East Coast. The genetics deliver real growth vigor, and the potent pedigree of the parent genetics guarantees one of the frostiest and most potent auto harvests that you will have seen. Potency and yields are well above average with this variety.

Throughout the grow, the plants grew quickly without issues. This variety enjoys growing under 20+ hours of daily light from seed to harvest, and she grows rapidly. Female pre-flowers are often visible from day 25, and by day 50 this variety is often well into bloom with good levels of resin formation. She can start to stretch and gain vertical hight during the period from week 4 to week 8, but she usually reaches a maximum hight of around 1-1.2m. People growing in coco fibre will note that Auto Brooklyn Sunrise will grow somewhat faster than in a compost based grow medium. And fastest growth rates of all are usually seen in hydroponic systems. 

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise autoflower seeds, easy to grow and harvest.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise has a reputation for being one of the easiest autoflower seed varieties to grow, and she is often recommended to first time growers looking for a particularly unfussy feeder and an uncomplicated autoflower strain to grow. Indoor growers simply need to slowly increase the nutrient concentrations as the grow progresses, remember that Auto Brooklyn doesn't need heavy feeds, she will often tolerate a light nutrient regime. She also grows well outdoors, taking around 90 days from seed to harvest.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise - the easiest all-round autoflower variety?

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is one of those all-round high performance varieties which remain popular for several good reasons. Most importantly to all growers is that this has high THC levels, it’s a potent variety which has similar quality levels to good photoperiod varieties. But of almost equal importance is that this is one of those auto varieties which grow themselves with little input required from the grower. This makes her a perfect choice for less experienced growers. Expert growers will find Auto Brooklyn Sunrise to be a variety which can tolerate low stress training and topping, and she grows well in any grow environment. As this grow shows, excellent results and heavy harvests really are easy to achieve. If you are looking for a reliable, consistent and THC rich auto then you should buy some Auto Brooklyn Sunrise autoflower seeds online

September 7th 2017
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