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AutoBlueberry. Easy to grow, high THC autoflowering cannabis for home growers.


AutoBlueberry has earned its reputation as one of the easiest ways to grow high-THC weed at home.  The AutoBlueberry genetics are easy enough for a first time grower, just grow the seeds under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest for around 75 days.  This weeks home grown review comes from ‘Danish Pete” who grew his AutoBlueberry in BioBizz Lightmix soil in a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent under a total of 400W of LED.    

“Danish Pete” used a standard grow tent and materials that many home growers buy and use from their local grow shop. He demonstrated how easy it is to grow plenty of your own organic cannabis and get a top quality result without any difficulties.  AutoBlueberry comes with a delicious aroma and sweet, sticky buds.  If you are planning to buy some cannabis seeds online then we recommend the Dutch Passion staff favourite, AutoBlueberry.  The words and pictures are from Danish Pete.







“My tent is 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m tall. I have a Carbon filter & fan with temperature control. The average grow temp is 25-32ºC and 30-58% humidity with fresh air from outside.  I use LED lights, Mars Pro 2, 320 and Mars 2, 400. The light regime for all my auto grows is 18 hours light / 6 hours darkness.   Pot size is 15 L (fabric cloth pot), soil is BioBizz Lightmix and my nutrients are also BioBizz organic.”



“I grew three AutoBlueberry plants.. The largest one was 90cm tall and 60 cm wide and I tied the lower buds down to spread it out. She ran two and a half week in veg stage and 58 days in bloom which included 1 week flushing.  Water pH value has been 5.8 all the way. I’ve also changed from canna nutrients to BioBizz, because it´s based on sugars and an organic approach.  I will keep using BioBizz,  it´s not the most expensive thing for an inside grow and gave me a boost.

My change in tent from mylar to par seems to give a wider spreading, but I´ll see in future and see the different between mylar and ‘Par+’ tent linings.  I would highly recommend AutoBlueberry for novice growers because it is a simple and hearty strain giving result unmatched by any other.”


“AutoBlueberry is an incredible top quality smoke, ‘Grade A’  Marijuana. My favourite strain when it comes to flavor. The AutoBlueberry has an awesome true fruity flavour - you can taste it very well on inhale and exhale, you’ll love this if you’ve never grown it before. Its a strong smoke and a strain that will hit you like hash, but with such a medical lifted effect that I love as an old ganja smoker.  This strain will be grown all over again when the jars are empty, because I´m a fan of taste quality. “



“AutoBlueberry is also recommended if you don't smoke and like to make oil. The taste of the oil is amazing. Perfect for the night in, playing guitar or anything creative. Truly a great smoke and with my total dry yield being 230 gram, curing at a perfect 62%, with trichomes 70% amber and 30% milky you won't hear a single complaint out of me.”

August 11th 2016
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