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Auto Ultimate grow review. Autoflower seeds for easy indoor cannabis growing.




This weeks Auto Ultimate customer review comes from LEDbud who grew his autoflower seeds indoors under LED grow light. LEDbud produced two great looking Auto Ultimates which reached around a metre tall with heavy bud production. 

Auto Ultimate - feminized autoflower seeds for easy cannabis cultivation.

Auto Ultimate is one of Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflowering cannabis varieties, its an easy autoflower seed to grow and produces some of the heaviest auto harvests we have ever seen. The buds have a long lasting stone, with a powerful initial euphoric high and a soothing feel-good effect.



Conditions for autoflower seed cultivation.

Initially the autoflower seeds were germinated and given a 100W LED for the first 5 weeks. After that each autoflower plant had a 200W Skyline 400 growlight from Quantum LED. Nutrients came from Miracle-Gro for the first 6 weeks, and once in bloom the plants had Biobizz Bio-Bloom, Biobizz Top-Max, Biobizz Alg-A-Mic, Bud Candy, Big Bud and Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients. The Auto Ultimates were harvested around 90 days after germination. That’s a week or two longer than normal, but the XL harvest was worth the wait.

Auto Ultimate - autoflower seeds for XL harvests of THC rich cannabis.

LEDbud’s grow was straightforward and easy. Auto Ultimate seeds grow well under 20 hours of daily light followed by a 4 hour period of darkness. Most of the vertical stretch with this variety comes generally between days 25-50. After day 50 most of the plant energy is focussed on swelling the blooms, producing resin and synthesising the cannabinoids. The heaviest yielding Auto Ultimate plants tend to be the phenotypes which take an extra couple of weeks to finish blooming. 

Auto Ultimate produces lots of white pistils on the buds during bloom, this is an indication that the plant still hasn't finished flowering. Once the pistils start to appear as brown/orange its usually a sign that bud growth has stopped and harvest is approaching. The cannabis leaves often start to turn yellow at this stage and the trichomes start to switch from clear to cloudy and then to amber. Most people harvest Auto Ultimate as the trichomes (resin glands) are cloudy. If you harvest the buds when the resin glands have turned amber you get a really strong sedating effect from this variety, it’s a calming and more restful experience compared to harvesting with clear trichomes.



Auto Ultimate. Autoflower seeds for the demanding cannabis grower.

Modern autoflowering cannabis seeds from the best breeders are just as potent as the best photoperiod feminized varieties. You can expect a long lasting high and a very relaxed experience. But most people grow Auto Ultimate for the superior yields compared to the average auto variety. Auto Ultimate is an easy autoflower seed variety to grow, even first time cannabis growers have produced XL harvests from these genetics. And experienced growers can expect to harvest several hundred grams from each plant, especially when grown with powerful lights in good conditions. 

Autoflower seeds - cultivation tips and advice.

One of the best tips for indoor cannabis growers is to maximise the amount of light available to the auto, especially from days 50 onwards when the blooms are increasing in length and width. In this weeks grow 200W of LED for each of the plants allowed the blooms to reach generous proportions. Auto Ultimate outdoor growers are recommended to grow the seeds indoors under 24 hour light for around 3 weeks before planting outdoors if possible. This gives the autoflower seedlings the best start, maximising the amount of light they receive before they are transplanted outdoors.



Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds. Easy home grown cannabis.

Auto Ultimate seeds are feminized just like the rest of Dutch Passion’s autoflower seed collection. Once the auto seeds are germinated they start to bloom automatically around 25 days after germination, irrespective of the light cycle. Many indoor growers prefer a container size of 10-15 litres, this variety grows well in soil or coco fibre. And of course in hydroponic systems, Auto Ultimate can achieve the heaviest possible yields, with 200g++ harvests being routinely possible.

If you want to get heavier harvests from your grow room then it could be as simple as switching from your normal variety to Auto Ultimate. You will notice faster growth, more bloom points and more buds. Whats more Auto Ultimate is an easy and forgiving variety to grow. You can buy your Auto Ultimate seeds online here, it’s a variety you will want to grow again and again.


June 25th 2018
Easy Indoor
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