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Auto Ultimate grow review. Autoflower seeds grown easily in a loft with LED.


 This week’s grow review features ‘surgeon’ who specialises in growing high quality cannabis using a Roof Qube grow tent in his attic. This grow review of Auto Ultimate shows why these are some of the best cannabis seeds our team has ever seen. Auto Ultimate is an easy autoflower seed to grow, with explosive bud production and a THC rich premium strength smoke with a blissful long lasting feel-good high. The Auto Ultimates in this weeks blog were grown in a loft in Northern Europe, meaning its cool for 6-8 months of the year, so growing autoflower seeds under 20-24 hours of daily light is a popular way to maintain grow tent temperatures via the heat of the grow lights.

Growing feminized autoflower seeds easily in a loft.

Surgeon used a Roof Qube attic tent (1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m) and a 5" Thermostatic Rhino fan/filter which had adjustable flow settings for different loft temperatures. The light was a 240W LED Telos 8 from GN UK (formerly Grow Northern). The Telos 8 combines CREE LEDs with a holographic diffusion filter for even light spread. It’s passively cooled, which gives design simplicity/reliability and a silent performance.

Advanced Nutrients for growing autoflower seeds.

The Auto Ultimate was grown in 15 litre Air Pots of Plagron Light soil with Advanced Nutrients Bloom A+B, pH perfect . Additionally, B-52, Sensizym, Voodoo Juice, Cal Mag+, Carbload and Bud Factor X were used. Green Planet Nutrients "Massive" was used instead of Big Bud and “Terpinator"


Cannabis root health.

Surgeon understood the importance of healthy cannabis roots when growing his cannabis seeds. The soil was treated with Xtreme Azos from Xtreme Gardening and Ecothrive Charge, followed by an Ecothrive Biosys microbe tea every 3-4 weeks.

Customer comments. Autoflower seed growing tips and advice. 

The following comments, tips and advice comes directly from Surgeon.

“From day 1, the Auto Ultimate seedlings drank every lumen from the Telos 8. The root mass increasing every day, giving it the ability to drink more. Growth was simply explosive. By day 16 you would have thought the plant had just passed day 21.“

“I was having to regularly increase the feed, judging when to do this by the color of the leaves. I could have easily finished at day 83... The bud and trichrome production was already more than I could have predicted... but the fattening just wasn’t slowing down, it was relentless.”

“Many auto growers using modern LEDs with impressive outputs keep the lights on 24/7 until harvest. While this has a positive effect on yield, I've found that too much light tends to affect terpene production in a negative way. The aromas and flavours just never reach their potential... the cure takes so much longer for them to be revealed. For the last 3 weeks, I dropped my light cycle to 12/12. This seemed to have almost no impact on yield... but the gain in terms of smell and taste is so worth it. I flushed for 14 days, using pH adjusted water and Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish"

“The most important factor in growing great plants....  is down to the genetics. You can be the best grower in the world with a high end light and the most expensive nutrients money can buy.... but you'll keep ending up with underwhelming plants and unsatisfying buds if the genes aren't there. Dutch Passion have their craft down to a point.”

“Leaf tucking is key - large fan leaves do not produce flowers... more often than not they overshadow your bud sites... tuck them under every day, from the earliest possible stage; allowing those undeveloped bud sites to see the light. They will reward you with thick and strong side branches that are only inches below your main cola. If done right... These side branches will be able to carry buds just as thick as your main bloom”

“Environmental control is so important. Make sure you are constantly exchanging the air in your grow room, replacing it with fresh air. A good fan moving that fresh air around your plants guarantees no leaf burning, no hot pockets or bud rot. Temperatures shouldn't drop below 24ºC or go above 28ºC when the light is on.”

“Do not under-estimate the value of microbes - It’s difficult to look after your soil 24/7... it’s much easier to hire a few billion bacteria to do the daily maintenance for you. They decompose organic matter to create extra nutrition for your plants, they look after your roots and maximise your plants ability to uptake nutrients.”

“Check the temperature of your nutrient solution, a single "cold" watering will shock your plant, daily cold watering will stunt it. The introduction of a small thermostatic nutrient/aquarium heater really improved my growing. In addition, a fish tank air pump and air stone, oxygenating your feed around the clock is invaluable.”

“Many heavy yielding strains have been designed for sheer size and bag appeal... but the smoke is often underpowered and underwhelming. Auto Ultimate is an anomaly, the buds are huge, most are golf ball sized, completely covered in frosting with a very pleasant aroma. I picked up hints of pine and earthy skunk. The buzz is strong, Auto-Ultimate is textbook "start with a little and work your way up"... the quality of the buzz is what makes me keep going back to this strain, you are hit hard with a warm sense of wellbeing that lasts for hours... you feel completely relaxed while simultaneously being completely binned.” 

“Auto Ultimate is a beast. She will grow tall and wide, producing huge side branches that carry flowers so similar in size to the main cola. In good conditions, you'll be rewarded with more frosted buds than you can fit in your jars. For anyone just starting their growing journey, Auto Ultimate from day 1 will do much of the hard work for you, she is incredibly forgiving, difficult to over-feed, overwater etc. She’ll brush off so many mistakes like they never happened. Even veteran smokers will be floored. Dutch Passion have created a monster.”

Growing the best cannabis seeds. Auto Ultimate, the ultimate autoflower seed.

Surgeon was in no rush to harvest the Auto Ultimate, so he allowed her to swell in the expertly optimised environment for 30 days longer than normal. The best cannabis genetics allow the plant to produce buds, resin and THC in outrageous quantities, and that’s just what Auto Ultimate did.  Surgeon eventually harvested the plant around day 109. If you are looking to grow one of the best autoflower seed varieties ever seen by Dutch Passion, then you can buy your Auto Ultimate seeds online here. You can select normal shipping or express 24 hour delivery. And you can expect new levels of bud production from your grow tent.

May 18th 2018
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