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Auto Ultimate grow review under LED grow light with huge THC rich blooms.


This weeks customer grow review features Auto Ultimate grown under LED grow lights and fed with GN Floranova grow and bloom, as well as Biogreen nutrients. Some Auto Ultimates were grown in AutoPots which are gravity fed, low-maintenance grow systems. And others were grown in air-pots. The Auto Ultimate seeds grew into huge home grown plants with several hundred gram yields. 

Auto Ultimate, feminized autoflower seeds with XL harvests.

Auto Ultimate is one of the heaviest yielding autoflowering cannabis varieties that Dutch Passion have ever seen. She is often chosen by home growers that are looking for the heaviest yields possible, and if you provide good conditions this variety can dominate your grow room reaching 1.5m tall with numerous side blooms. Auto Ultimate is at her best in growrooms equipped with extreme light levels, and often delivers 200g++ per plant, especially when grown by experienced hydro/coco growers. In this weeks grow review ‘Corgy’ grew his Auto Ultimate in great conditions and produced a tall plant with massive blooms. It’s the kind of harvest many home growers dream of growing. Fat, long blooms crusted with resin and exceptionally heavy bud production. The grow tent was from Mars Hydro, measuring 1.45 x 1.45 x 2.0m. The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network

Easy home grown cannabis with feminized Auto Ultimate marijuana seeds

The Auto Ultimate feminized autoflower seeds were grown under a variety of LED grow lights, including a couple of Holographic Series 1 from Crazy LEDs and some Chinese lights. Auto Ultimate was grown under 24 hour light from seed to harvest. Dutch Passion autoflower seeds are bred to the highest standards and can grow under permanent daylight from seed to harvest, though not all seed banks can say the same. These days most cannabis home growers prefer to grow their autoflower seeds under 20 hours of daily light, and allow the plants a 4 hour period of darkness. 

The Auto Ultimates grew strongly in the initial veg growth phase and stretched into tall plants during early bloom, eventually reaching around 1.25m tall. Corgy decided to allow the Auto Ultimates an extra few weeks to finish, eventually harvesting around 100 days after germination. This extra 3 weeks really allows a heavy yielding ‘super auto’ phenotype to achieve full harvest potential. 

Auto Ultimate. THC rich cannabis and XL home grown harvests.

During bloom the Auto Ultimates increase their nutritional requirements and can feed heavily especially towards the end. Often a well sized Auto Ultimate will drink several litres of feed per day, this is necessary to maintain the large and heavy plant, the bigger the plant, the larger the biomass which must be maintained. On this weeks Auto Ultimates, the blooms reached unusually heavy and large proportions, blooms of this size often need supporting in the grow tent to prevent plant collapse. As the plants got older the fan laves started to yellow as the plant approached harvest, this is often a sign of approaching harvest. 

 Many growers like to operate, if possible, in a low humidity environment near the end of bloom. This is to minimise the chances of bud rot, which is always a potential danger for any home grower with large and dense blooms on their marijuana plants. In this grow Corgy didn't have any bud rot issues despite the size of the blooms.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, the easy way to grow your own cannabis at home.

By the end of bloom the Auto Ultimates had blooms that were both long and heavy, producing an exceptional harvest. Auto Ultimate is a high THC variety with a pleasing, stimulating and feel-good high with anti-anxiety qualities. It’s a variety that is also popular with cannabis concentrate lovers, a good sized Auto Ultimate will produce large amounts of cannabis oil and is also suitable for producing cannabis extracts such as shatter and hash. One other important reason for the popularity of Auto Ultimate is that it’s a very easy cannabis variety to grow, she grows well under a huge range of conditions and still manages to produce yields that are well above average. Auto Ultimate can be confidently recommended to first time cannabis growers no matter which grow method they are using. 


If you are looking to take your home grown harvests to the next level then buy Auto Ultimate autoflower seeds online and see the difference for yourself. It’s a decision that will allow your grow tent to produce better, bigger harvests.


November 17th 2017
Easy Indoor
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