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AutoXtreme home grow review. Grown in coco fibre with 600W HPS on a light rail





In this weeks customer grow ‘Mborza’ got an 860g (30 ounce) harvest from seven Dutch Passion AutoXtreme plants grown in coco fibre using an autopot system.  The plants were started under a 250w HPS for the first couple of weeks and switched to a 600W HPS for the rest of the grow. This was Mborzas first coco grow, previously he used soil. The original grow diary is here.  



AutoXtreme bud

This was my third grow using Dutch Passion strains and so far AutoXtreme is definitely my favourite strain. Previously I have twice grown Dutch Passion Think Different and was delighted with the results. This time I was looking for a little bit more and AutoXtreme ticked all the boxes as a heavy hitter with big yielding possibilities. I have one tent and I run approx. 3 grows a year so I required something that provides good results with good genetics. This was my first time changing my setups too, I was a soil grower up to this point but decided I wanted more control over the grow too and swapped over to a COCO setup using autopots for feed delivery. I also had the opportunity to install a light rail for the 600W HPS in the tent which I gladly took! I have no desire to move away from auto strains if I can produce such a quality crop each and every time.”



Looking back at the grow now it is clear these AutoXtreme’s love light, they love space and they definitely love their feeds. If I had the choice I would grow in a taller tent for sure - 2 of the AutoXtremes were 2 metres tall and had to be bent over. The second thing I would consider would be pK 13/14 (a bloom booster) as I did not use this during my grow.”

If I could offer a tip to future growers it would be to plan your grow area. AutoXtreme can get very tall and pack on the weight quick, especially in the last few weeks of flowering. Allow space for the plant to grow, allow a decent size light and make no mistake you will be rewarded. Do not under estimate this strain!”



Aroma: During the flowering stages the smell got bigger and stronger. If I was in the vicinity of the grow, the people around me could immediately smell the lady’s from me and my clothes. I found the smell to be quite citrus/fruity. Out of 10 I would rate the smell of this strain at a 9 “


start of the grow

Above & below:  The start and finish of the AutoXtreme home grow

tent at harvest


Taste:  This strain in my opinion tastes very natural and smooth. I dry over 5-10 days in an environment between 15-20 ºC then enter a curing phase for at least 2 weeks. You can rest assured that you can smoke her straight away after drying and she taste’s amazing but if you want it smoother then cure it for a couple of extra days depending on your preferences. Out of 10 I would rate the taste of this strain also at a 9”


Effect: I was lucky with this grow as I planned to harvest each plant a few days apart, instead of harvesting them all at the same time. This allowed me to separate each plants harvest, the last plant I chopped had more amber trichomes then the first. Smoking a joint from each plant is almost like smoking a completely different plant each time but sharing the same taste. The first plant I harvested had an intense high that left me quite stoned for a long time. The last plant I chopped gave me an almost as intense high then crept up on me leaving me very much so locked onto the chair I was sitting in with a heavy appetite. Out of 10 I would rate the effect of this strain a 10”

AutoXtreme buds in harvest week


I loved this grow from start to finish.  I had the excitement of the grow and the excitement of being in control with the COCO setup for the first time too. I have read recently that Dutch Passion have made a hybrid strain called Think Big Auto so hearing developments like this make me look forward to 2016 very much! When you have auto strains being delivered with this consistency its very hard not to stand up and be noticed…. Well done Dutch Passion and well done AutoXtreme”

January 8th 2016
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On 13 -01-2016 at 20:44 u COB wrote:
What nutrients do you use? Nice grow trial and thanks for sharing

On 21 -01-2016 at 22:42 u MBorza wrote:
Hi COB, for this i used. Canna COCO Professional, Canna A+B, Canna Rhizotonic, Canna Cannazym and finally plant magics cal mag.

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