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Barcelona. Crazy LEDs wins Spannabis trophy with SolarSystem LED Grow Lights


'Best Cultivation Product' for Crazy LEDs with the SolarSystem LED grow lights


Barcelona.  Crazy LEDs, sister company of Dutch Passion, won the Spannabis award for ‘Best Growroom Equipment’.  The award was presented for the SolarSystem  range of LED grow lights which are manufactured in the USA by California Lightworks.  Crazy LEDs are the European distributor for California Lightworks.

The SolarSystem LED grow lights impressed the judges with several important features.


•Professional quality construction, USA manufactured, proven over several years for design reliability, performance and spectrum effectiveness.
•Price (less expensive than the other premium quality vendors)
•Proven Light Spectrum for Cannabis, high intensity (5W Osram chips)
•Sealed, waterproof and humidity proof IP65 rated design (many LED grow lights still have the delicate electronics unprotected from atmospheric dust and humidity)
•Daisy chain connect ability for multiple lights. The hand controller was also seen as a real positive.
•Adjustable power and spectrum (red, blue and white LED on separate circuits)
•White light plant inspection mode (this is also seen as essential for US licensed growers too)


Crazy LEDs were very pleased to accept the award despite some very tough competition from several other high quality manufacturers.  Spannabis 2017 was the show where LED grow light technology finally became a mainstream technology.  
March 16th 2017

Recent comments (7)

On 10 -06-2017 at 15:53 u Darren wrote:
I want one of these soo bad..

On 28 -10-2017 at 14:24 u John Wood wrote:
I am wondering where is the source of power for the solar LED lights. I can not see any solar panels. Please the unit comes with a solar panel and battery. Thank you.

On 30 -10-2017 at 10:47 u Eddy wrote:
John Wood, 28th Oct 2017. The LED grow lights simply plug into mains electric supply :-)

On 01 -01-2018 at 17:11 u Spectrum Grow Light wrote:
Your articles are fantastic! I am studying fabric screens for my backyard greenhouse the purpose being to protect my veggie garden during the hot summer months. Apparently I need not be concerned about screening out UV but should focus on maximum PAR light and if possible minimum leaf temperature rise.

On 11 -01-2018 at 21:28 u F.N. wrote:
I would give a Canadian left nut for one of those leds. They are an amazing light.

On 04 -05-2018 at 22:28 u Mikkel Trier wrote:
Why should i choose your lights over Fionia FL300 Grow White? Similar spectrum, even more powerful, 5y warranty, made in Denmark and a lot of documented pro big scale grows to show....These lights seem very expensive, considered the competition?

On 07 -05-2018 at 10:26 u Eddy wrote:
Mikkel Trier, the Fionia lights look great, but they are high-bay fixtures designed to be hung a few metres up in a greenhouse. The Crazy LEDs lights are all designed specifically for growing cannabis and can be used in small grow tents. Whats more, all the Crazy-LED lights have been approved by our team after a full grow cycle test

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