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Breaking The Taboo: Documentary featuring Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Richard Branson slams the 'War On Drugs'


breaking the taboo, Bill Clinton

USA.  "The war on drugs has been raging for 40 years. Over a trillion dollars has been spent, millions of people imprisoned, and countless thousands killed. The illegal drug market is worth $330-400 billion per year, drugs are cheaper and more prevalent than ever before, and in a growing number of countries drug cartels are the major threat to national security. Yet our governments carry on regardless."  This is the message from a new documentary about the shocking failure of the 'war on drugs' and is backed by a number of public figures.

Breaking the Taboo is a documentary by Sundog Pictures. It features interviews with past US presidents, including Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, who admit they got their drug policies wrong. One day very soon we will get serving politicians, rather than retired ones, to admit that the current approach to cannabis and other drugs does not work, and never has.

The film is narrated by Morgan Freeman, and has appearances from Richard Branson, Kate Winslet and others.

The full story is here https://www.breakingthetaboo.info/

November 27th 2012

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On 04 -12-2012 at 17:33 u Marc Victor wrote:
Eventually, we will all look back on this drug war like we now look back at that other drug war on alcohol called prohibition. When it comes to that other addictive and destructive drug, alcohol, we now realize that the problems caused by making it illegal far outweigh the problems associated solely with its use. Indeed, there are few problems associated with alcohol’s use. It is the misuse of alcohol, or more specifically, the misuse of alcohol coupled with a risk of harm to others, that now stands as the lone major problem with alcohol. Many people peacefully and responsibly use alcohol with no risk of harm to others. There are no alcohol cartels, no violence associated with the manufacture, transportation or sale of alcohol, and nobody goes to prison for its mere possession. Society was much improved when the war on alcohol was ended. The war on drugs will also end. Politicians who show real leadership by supporting its end now will benefit. This is all good. However, until we realize that the best reason to end the drug war is because competent adults are entitled to be in charge of their own bodies and lives, we will never truly achieve a free society.

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