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Canada. National drugs policy coalition want all drugs decriminalized

Canada:  A National coalition of drug-policy specialists have recommended that Canada moves to decriminalise all drugs,  The idea is to deprive organised crime the tax-free revenues which are gifted to them as a result of the illegality. While countries all around the world are adopting forward-thinking, evidence-based drug policies, Canada is taking a step backwards and strengthening punitive policies that have been proven to fail,” states a summary of the 112-page report from the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.
It's yet more signs of growing international frustration with the current approach to reduce usage via prohibition.  Lets hope to see more forward-thinking especially in the area of cannabis illegality. Studies have shown repeatedly that cannabis is perfectly safe to be used by the overwhelming majority of responsible adults.  And as well as being a safer recreational alternative to alcohol or tobacco, cannabis also has a growing list of medical uses
May 27th 2013

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