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Canada legalizes cannabis.



The Canadian Parliament has passed a law which legalises the use of cannabis. This means that adult consumers will be able to buy cannabis for either medical or recreational use. The new law was passed by a large majority of the Canadian Senate and controls the regulation of cannabis production, distribution and sales. Although many countries have passed laws permitting the medical use of cannabis only Uruguay, and now Canada, have passed laws completely legalizing cannabis for all purposes.

Medical use of cannabis in Canada has been legal since 2001, the new law which also legalises recreational use of cannabis will come into force around September 2018. The market for cannabis is expected to be huge, in 2015 Canadians spent around $6 Billion Canadian dollars (around €5 Billion) on cannabis, almost as much as they spent on wine. The new laws will allow Canadians to buy cannabis and cannabis oil from licensed retailers. They will also be allowed to buy cannabis online from legal producers as well as growing up to 4 plants at home. Many Canadians are looking forward to being able to grow their preferred cannabis varieties from feminized autoflower seeds or feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds. Adults will be allowed to have up to 30g of cannabis in public. Rules for edible cannabis products will take another year before regulations are ready.


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June 20th 2018

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