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Chile. Government approves cannabis farm to produce cannabis oil for cancer patients


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Chiles announcement that they will create a legal cannabis farm to produce cannabis oil is is the biggest breakthrough in South America since Uruguay legalized cannabis.  The Chile Government has approved plans for a legal medicinal cannabis farm which will produce cannabis oil for cancer patients and also for medical research purposes.  The decision was confirmed by Claudio Orrego, governor of Metropolitan Santiago.

The formal announcement of Chiles first cannabis farm is a real breakthrough and sign of future policy for South American cannabis laws.  The medical marijuana farm is being sponsored jointly by the Daya Foundation and the Santiago municipality of La Florida to produce cannabis oil, the proposal also receives support from the University of Valparaiso and the Arturo Lopez Perez Foundation, which specializes in oncological treatment.  This is a bold move by the Chile Government who feel that cannabis oil can be of significant help to Chiles cancer patients.  South America is keen to follow the example set by the USA and welcome the benefits of medical cannabis.  





September 12th 2014

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On 13 -09-2014 at 23:33 u Jonny coritani wrote:
That,s great news for the human race

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