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Dark Delight review by Rubio


dark delight being enjoyed in a spanish setting


Dark Delight is one of Dutch Passion’s most highly rated new varieties to have appeared in recent years.  She has a reputation for being one of the strongest varieties in our collection and we receive numerous reports from growers and our seed re-sellers telling us just how good Dark Delight really is.  Some people say Dark Delight is good enough to challenge White Widow, our other indica-dominant scorcher.  Without doubt Dark Delight is a very strong, potent and top quality traditional variety.  If you haven’t tried her yet then you really should.  This weeks Dark Delight review came from Cannabis Café Spanish grower ‘Rubio_owned’.

 picture of a fat Dark Delight, you can almost smell her

Dark Delight grown by Rubio, many customers say this is Dutch Passion's strongest new variety in recent years


Dark Delight is 75% indica, 25% sativa and was bred to offer the best quality cannabis to the connoisseur grower.  She combines great hashy aroma’s and flavours with very potent buds .  Dark Delight is a variety which produces a lot of leaf growth and so it will require a little extra pruning at harvest - but it is well worth the effort.  Dark Delight is a variety that produces a particularly strong cannabis odour, so you will need a good quality carbon filter especially during the last few weeks of bloom.  But Rubio commented that Dark Delight was unusual with a strong aroma produced during vegative growth as well.  The leaves are all heavy with a frosty resin production and some growers claim that Dark delight is a perfect ‘hash plant’.  She produces good amounts of deeply hash-flavoured weed and also produces plenty of frosty fan-leaves which can be used to produce hash of the highest quality.  If you grow Dark Delight remember not to waste the leaves, you can make ice-hash from them or even create your own hand-hash just from rubbing them.  Rubio proudly includes pictures of the hash he made from Dark Delight leaf material and says it is highly recommended!  The cured buds smell wonderful on this variety, and will remind older smokers of the best smelling hashish from the 1980’s.

hand made hash from Dark Delight

Dark Delight Hash, and buds.  Dark Delight is a very resinous variety, great for hash fans

Rubio grew Dark Delight in coco fibre using 5 litre pots and coco nutrients from HESI and Delta-9.   Throughout the grow Rubio was conscious to use the minimum amount of electricity.  The seeds were started in a small cabinet with 210W of fluorescent lights and were flowered under a 400W HPS for the first four weeks.   Rubio used a mixed spectrum 400W light at the start of flowering which he feels encourages the development of buds on the side branches.  The plants were given over a month in veg and were rotated each day to allow the side blooms the chance to receive maximum light and grow strongly.  Rubio also took cuttings from his Dark Delights to allow him to enjoy growing the best specimens again.  Throughout the vegative growth and early flowering period Rubio’s goal was to get the best plant development possible from his light.  The goal was to allow the Dark Delights to produce the maximum amount of bud.


 artwork showing a smelly Dark Delight

Dark Delight.  She may be a potent variety but watch out, she also has an unusually strong odour and needs a quality carbon filter



Later in flowering Rubio swapped the 400W HPS light for a 600W HPS.  Rubio’s target was to keep the total electricity cost low by using fluorescent and 400W HPS lights at the start of the grow.  But by using the 600W HPS from the 6th week of flowering Rubio was able to get the best yield for the lowest electrical cost. 

The first Dark Delights were ready by the recommended 9th week of flowering.  But Rubio noticed that some Dark Delights looked like they would benefit from another 1-2 weeks of flowering which he was happy to allow since it resulted in extra bud production and a very strong smoke which had an unusual ‘narcotic’ strength level.  Dark Delight is without doubt one of our strongest varieties which allows very good sleep if smoked in the evening and is proving to be a popular choice with medical growers too.

Rubio gives special praise for the sheer potency of Dark Delight and adds that it is one of the best varieties for those that love the rich cannabis scents and aroma’s  "Every time I stick my head in the closet the smell is awesome, good thing the carbon filter can handle the smell .... Dark Delight is one of the varieties that smell best in vegetative / early flowering"

If you are an indica lover, a hash lover or simply a home-grower that loves the best quality cannabis then Dark Delight is a variety which comes with our very highest recommendations, and Rubio’s too.  You can see Rubio’s original diary, in Spanish, here on cannabis café. 

If you haven’t tried Dark Delight yet then wait no longer.  Enjoy one of Dutch Passion’s strongest and best quality new varieties.  We love her and think you will too


Dutch Joe

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February 8th 2013
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On 17 -02-2013 at 00:13 u Lindsay wrote:
when will we see clone seeds ?

On 18 -02-2013 at 09:57 u Eddy | Dutch Passion wrote:
Hi Lindsay, clone seeds will only be possible with a change in the law. Techically they are living plant tissue and therefore illegal in many countries. Maybe clone seeds will come one day, but not just yet

On 05 -03-2013 at 21:48 u yosser hughes wrote:
oooooooh i like the look on her!!!!

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