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Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry Review By 'Insert'


Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry review

Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry is a popular variety, a combination of sweet fruity flavours together with a long-lasting pleasurable indica body stone that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy for many hours.  No wonder it is a best-seller in the Dutch Passion collection.  This week we follow Dutch Passion grower ‘Insert’ who used a 400W cool tube adjusta-wing HPS light in a DWC (deep water culture)  hydro system to produce a great looking AutoBlueberry which went on to yield 161g of top quality dry bud. 

‘Insert’ used the AN Sensi Grow and Bloom two part feed during the grow.   He also decided to make the most of his 400W HPS light by tying down the AutoBlueberry blooms to a metal grid he made.  This technique is called LST (low stress training), and it allows a flat canopy where all the buds are a roughly equal distance from the light.  Insert explains his technique

AutoBlueberry by Insert

“I used the LST for many reasons, one because I had heard that LST could give bigger yields, it was something different and I wanted to improve my level of experience. I was curious to see if it would work, and it did, and I had two different strains growing at the same time, so I wanted to make sure that I could control the height of the plant, I wanted to get the most out of my HPS. The best part about it was that there was almost no popcorn buds, it was like having a plant with like 30 tops!!”


The sweet fruity aroma of AutoBlueberry has been one of the reasons Dutch Passion have so many repeat-growers.  Here is Inserts opinion “During the growth, the canna smell came on nice and early, but it was very smooth, a real treat. With the AutoBlueberry you learn quickly why the strain is called Blueberry, the smell was amazing, very fruity, and dank! On the cured bud, the Blueberry/fruity smell comes out strongly, I don’t get that strong citrus smell that I had with the Tundra, it is fruit.  I liken it to a fresh baked blueberry muffin sitting next to a steaming cup of coffee, but don’t get me wrong, she still smells like weed!”

dutch passion autoblueberry review

The best part of AutoBlueberry is the great high produced from the cannabis, here is Inserts summary “Smoking the AutoBlueberry is a pleasure. It is a smooth smoke, that in a pipe or pure joint, it is easy going. The buzz comes on slow behind the eyes, and then migrates to head, and within five to ten minutes your whole body is buzzing. It is not the Indica that I feared, not paralysing, just right. I can get up and move around when I want, but if I want to watch a movie, I can be the couch. I have not noticed any paranoia with the AutoBlueberry. “


"I did notice that it leaves me with the slightest feeling of heavyness in the morning after, but again, put your feet on the floor, and you’re good to go. I find myself thinking that I could take another puff or two after about 2-2.5 hrs, but the buzz stays well into 4hrs, especially if you don’t hit the munchies. AutoBlueberry does not pull me to the fridge, but if the food is out, it tastes great, and I eat it with gusto.”

dutch passion autoblueberry review

The main advice that Insert gives to future growers of AutoBlueberry is to be patient with the plant and resist the temptation to over-feed her.  Insert found she grew best with a relatively light feed of ec 1.2.    “If you have your pH and EC meters calibrated, and you have the time to monitor your grow daily she will reward you with loads of top-shelf smoke. I think that growing this strain taught me to not over react at every little spot or change. She had some leaves going yellow and looked like she had some deficiencies, but she went all the way to the end and went HEAVY!

Would I grow it again……??????? Well I still have two seeds….Of course I would grow it again, and hopefully the next time, even better!”

We thank Insert for his Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry grow and smoke report.  The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network.

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

dutch passion autoblueberry review

October 5th 2012
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On 10 -05-2013 at 00:06 u Midowo wrote:
autoblueberry is amazing!

On 17 -09-2013 at 17:59 u Billzer wrote:
I'm new to growing and was wondering if autos are the way to go? I've read a lot of bad reviews on them (lack of yield,lack of potency etc). I will be growing in soil in a grow tent with a 600 light. Any feedback is gratefully accepted. Thanx in advance

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