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Dutch Passion CBD Compassion Lime and Auto Duck autoflower seeds grown in greenhouse and polytunnel.


 Lots of outdoor cannabis growers are finding that autoflower seeds deliver great results when grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Depending on the conditions, you need around 90-100 days to grow an autoflowering cannabis variety from seed to harvest in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Indoors, with warmer temperatures and 20 hours of daily light, autoflower seeds take around 75 days to grow. In this weeks grow we see ‘Dr Greenhouse’ get great results from a remarkably frosty CBD Auto Compassion Lime and the incognito Auto Duck variety which has a natural leaf deformity.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse or polytunnel

A large number of cannabis growers produce all their cannabis in greenhouses and polytunnels. It’s an easy way to grow cannabis, its simple and affordable. You don’t need an expensive indoor grow room with lights, tents, extraction fans and carbon filters. And you don't need to worry about electricity and energy bills either, the sun takes care of the lighting. Many outdoor/greenhouse/polytunnel cannabis growers feel that sunlight allows their marijuana to develop superior taste, aroma and potency due to the natural solar light spectrum. 



Benefits of growing cannabis outdoors in greenhouses and polytunnels.

If you have ever been inside a greenhouse on a sunny spring or autumn day you will have felt the extra warmth available inside, away from the wind and weather. This extra warmth and protection from the weather is the main reason why cannabis can grow faster and deliver superior quality when grown with the protection of a greenhouse or polytunnel. The worst of the weather is kept off the plants, this is critical for the early spring and autumn weather which can often be cold, damp and wet. Growing cannabis in a polytunnel or greenhouse allows you to extend the growing season and allows a more tropical climate for your plants than your local conditions would otherwise allow. Growers in extreme climates can grow one, and sometimes two successive autoflower crops using a greenhouse or polytunnel. Use of a simple greenhouse heater can allow your plants to thrive when conditions outside would otherwise kill your plants. For the average urban cannabis grower, a greenhouse or polytunnel allows you to grow bigger plants in less time and it also reduces the risk of losses from mold, pests and predators such as rabbits, deer, slugs and snails.


CBD Auto Compassion Lime grown in a greenhouse

CBD Auto Compassion Lime has a roughly 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. It’s a feminized auto variety which is popular with medical growers looking for a strong body stone and a manageable high. THC and CBD levels tend to be around 10% each, so this is a variety which is less potent than typical THC rich varieties. The presence of CBD makes for a smooth, relaxing and enjoyable high. The psychoactive effects are still present, but are not as powerful as a typical cannabis variety. Interestingly, many recreational cannabis users also like to use CBD rich varieties, especially during the daytime. Even after a smoke/vape of a CBD rich variety you will still be able to function reasonably well. In this weeks grow review, Dr Greenhouse produced a large and frosty CBD Auto Compassion Lime with good yields. It’s an easy and uncomplicated variety to grow with a pleasing lime aroma and flavor. She grows well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse and is a recommended variety especially for medical growers.

Auto Duck. Easy cannabis growing with stealth leaves.

Auto Duck is a THC rich variety with a more powerful high than CBD Auto Compassion Lime. It’s a feminized auto variety with unusual ‘Ducks foot’ genetics which have a stabilised natural leaf deformity. The unusual leaf shape makes Auto Duck difficult/impossible to identify as cannabis until late bloom. Auto Duck is popular with urban cannabis growers looking for a stealthy cannabis variety which hides itself in its natural surroundings. With a light aroma and weird leaves it hides easily behind the tomato plants in the corner of your garden or greenhouse. Auto Duck was created after many years of careful breeding, she is particularly popular with people that are a little bit nervous about growing traditional cannabis and need a cannabis variety that offers natural camouflage. In this weeks grow you can see that Auto Duck grew into medium sized plants with respectably sized blooms.

 If you have a greenhouse or polytunnel, consider some autoflower seeds for next grow season. It’s an easy and uncomplicated way to grow your own cannabis, its also a cheap way to grow cannabis. Your only costs are the seeds, soil and perhaps a little nutrients in bloom. You can buy CBD Auto Compassion Lime seeds online, along with Auto Duck and any of the other Dutch Passion autoflower seeds.

October 6th 2017
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Dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Cannabis seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.