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Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze Review


cartoon for CBD SkunkHaze


A couple of years ago Dutch Passion started looking more closely at cannabis varieties which produce high levels of CBD.  Our first variety was produced in collaboration with the CBD Crew.  CBD SkunkHaze produces CBD and THC in roughly the same concentrations.

A medical grow cooperative called Medical Nordle Cymru grew some CBD SkunkHaze and extracted the oil from it.  3g of cannabis oil was put into a 30 ml dropper along with 6g of Olive Oil and 6g of Organic coconut oil.   The cannabis oil has been independently measured and confirmed as having the desired 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD which is identical to the Sativex cannabis spray produced, sold and exported by GW Pharmaceuticals with UK Government approval to numerous people in Europe, North America and elsewhere.


One thing Dutch Passion would like to re-emphasize is our desire to see medical cannabis users being open with their Doctors about the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and we know many of them are.  These days Doctors are increasingly aware of the medical benefits of cannabis and in all cases they need to be kept informed, especially regarding any decisions to discontinue prescribed medicines. This anonymous feedback is from five Medical Nordle Cymru members in their own words.  It may be interesting to others wanting to know more about the practical medicinal value of CBD-rich varieties. 

analysis of CBD SkunkHaze oil


Analysis of CBD SkunkHaze oil, above, shows it to be about 40% CBD and 33% THC.  Permission to publish the analysis is courtesy of Jeff Ditchfield and Bud Buddies who will be applying for a UK Government approval/ license for it.




Patient A

Patient A has had neck surgery to remove damaged discs and has spinal problems, Cervical Stenosis, Lumbar Stenosis, degeneration of the spine and a fusion on the neck.

“I was given a cannabis tincture that was called CBD Skunk Haze, a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.  I have been using it a while now but the first few days were the worst as I also decided to give up the officially prescribed  tablets as well.   The pain in my back started decreasing day by day without the need to take tablets.  By day 3 the nerve pain was just on my spine and not down my arms and legs, by day 4 I could tell the difference between the Stenosis pain (burning) and the degeneration pain (aching).  Out of all the medication I have been on this is by far the best.  By day 5 all my pain had gone and I just had a little aching pain.  This strain of cannabis seems too good to be true, this strain should be given to people who suffer nerve pain, if my doctor gave me this instead of tablets I would be a very happy man.

This strain almost makes me totally pain free, I am so happy that I have got to remember not to move so fast as this does still cause me a problem. This strain is very very good for nerve damage and sleeping, I have not taken tablets for a week and this confirms to me I am better off on cannabis than tablets.

PS: For me this is the best medication I have ever tried, I can sleep without pain and walk with minimum pain this is something I haven’t been able to do for 4 years…..Thanksphoto of oil made from CBD SkunkHaze

A jar of oil, above, made from CBD SkunkHaze


Patient B

Patient B is aged 52 and has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), Bi-Polar and bulimia nervosa:

“Medical Nordle Cymru gave me a new cannabis tincture called 1:1 Skunk Haze for me to try out, I don’t usually use tincture’s I usually smoke cannabis so I was very intrigued as to how this cannabis oil would work.

I was told to start off with 3 drops in the morning to begin with until I find my own level needed to control my illness, within 20mins I could feel that the tincture was starting to work, it had a very calming effect on me a more chilled reaction than my normal screaming when I get hyped from Bi-Polar etc.  The tincture was strong, I had no feeling of losing control of my thoughts or mind in fact my mind felt very clear.  There wasn’t the heaviness I usually get from smoking a joint it was strange to feel level headed but also have the high happy feeling you get from cannabis. 

I will usually start one job and before I finish that job I would go on to another job and another and another.  But using this tincture I noticed I was finishing one job before going onto the next task.  For me this was the thing that stuck in my mind more than anything else.  I have also noticed that I do not need to smoke a joint until it is near bed time; I only have one joint a day I used to have at least 5 or 6.  I’m a very happy woman with this tincture, I take my bottle everywhere I go don’t leave home without it, 3 drops morning, 3 drops at 4pm and a joint at bedtime instead of the 6 tablets I was prescribed a day. Why can’t this be legal?”


Patient C  … suffers from epilepsy he usually gets 4 to 5 fits each day

“Medical Nordle Cymru sent me a new cannabis tincture to try they explained that it was very high in CBD saying it should be a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, they told me to try 4 drops at first as I am a medical cannabis user.   Cannabis helps me so much with epilepsy where prescribed tablets just make matters worse.  When I first used the tincture I noticed the pleasant taste that it left in my mouth, then 15 minutes later a fit was about to start but it never developed into one because the tincture had kicked in.  The effects at first made me feel very tired but that did not bother me as I would rather feel tired than have fits, in fact I was very tired all day but come the second day of taking the tincture I was starting to feel a lot better, no tiredness, no cloudiness in my head, everything seemed so clear headed.   

I felt alive but relaxed at the same time, relaxed as in calm and peaceful with plenty of energy. Medical Nordle Cymru  has since told me to start to eat more sensible and eat things that the body would naturally want e.g. seeds, fruit, veg, fish, chicken and try cut out such things as sugar, coffee etc.  I’m 3 weeks into the healthy eating and 4 weeks into the tincture and I feel amazing, in 4 weeks I have had two fits and stopped bloody loads from happening due to this tincture, I have started to grow my own medication now so will soon be making my own tincture from this strain.”

CBD SkunkHaze in early bloom

CBD SkunkHaze in early bloom 


Patient D

Patient is aged 76 and has had her leg amputated. 

“I was given a bottle of medicine made from cannabis, I am 76 and have had my left leg amputated and part of my right big toe, I went to see my friend *** because I knew he was helping my daughter with cannabis as she was dying from cancer.  After I buried my daughter this is when I called at his house, I was very upset and very depressed.  After speaking to *** in great depth he suggested I slowly wean myself off all the tablets that I was taking and start on this new CBD cannabis tincture. I am now tablet free. I was told to take 2 drops at first to see how it feels and increase or decrease when needed. I used to be a very outgoing type of lady but since having my leg off and losing my daughter I have found that I do not go out anymore and am always depressed.  I do not sleep very well at all, my appetite is terrible. Since I have been using this cannabis tincture my life has improved so much.  I’m eating, I’m sleeping and have started to go out more.  We are fighting to have an artificial leg fitted but my real doctor says ”What’s the point of having a 40,000 pound leg fitted when you’re not going to use it?” I told *** this and he has arranged for us to see someone in the Welsh government to get this sorted.  The way I am now feeling I know I will be able to use an artificial leg, I wish I knew about cannabis tincture years ago.


Patient E

Patient E a 47 year old Army Veteran in a wheelchair due to spinal injuries in the lumbar region and cervical region.  Nerve damage due to discs crushing his sciatic nerves in the lumbar region left him with no feeling in his buttocks, his sexual organs, legs and feet.  He has to use a male self-catheter 3 times a day because his bladder does not empty on its own due to nerve damage.

“I have had two operations on my spine, one to remove discs from my Lumbar region (3 in total) and the rest fused, and 3 discs in my cervical region the rest fused and a Reba cage fitted.  I have no skin sensation from the waist down.  I also have spondylitis in my neck and both feet. I was prescribed 23 different tablets a day from my GP, morphine being one of the strongest I had to take twice daily.  These emergency operations all happened in 2004 and 2006.  Since 2009 I have not taken a single tablet or used my catheters this is all due to me consuming cannabis for medical reasons.

This new high CBD SkunkHaze is a wonderful tincture, I have consumed this strain for 11 weeks without the need to increase my dose.  This excited me because I have a high tolerance level to cannabis and usually after 2 weeks of consuming the same strain I need to change.  I notice with this tincture that the usual ‘high’ or ‘stone’ you get from cannabis is still there.  But instead of a body stone that usually makes you feel like chilling too much, or a high that usually keeps my mind racing and thinking of lots of ideas all the time, this strain chills you out.  But not to the extent that you feel the need to just stay on the sofa.  You can easily carry out your tasks for the day, the high you get from it is very clear, no fuzziness at all.  Your mind doesn’t race but you still have amazing thoughts and ideas.  I also get a good feeling of euphoria from this strain, which is good for someone who is never out of pain, having a smile on your face when you are in pain is a good thing not a bad one.

Now for the real benefits from this strain, 6 drops of oil first thing in the morning stops all spasms and cramps, the nerve pain is still there but it’s not so bad that it’s not on your mind all the time.  It feels like your mind stops thinking about the pain, 6 drops keeps me going until 4pm where I have another 6 drops that keeps me going until morning, this tincture gives me energy and keeps my mind free to think of other things instead of pain, This strain will always be in my garden and my medical cabinet, God Bless the people who came up with this strain”cannabutter made from CBD SkunkHaze

Canna-butter made from CBD SkunkHaze. 



It was a longer blog than usual this week, but we hope it brings some hope and good news to medical cannabis users that have been waiting for some feedback on CBD-enriched cannabis.  Dutch Passion continues to work on CBD-rich varieties and will have more news on our next CBD variety soon. 


Our CBD SkunkHaze seeds were previously only available from us via our website.  We are now producing these in higher numbers and they will soon be available from our resellers as well as our webshop.


Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

February 14th 2013
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Recent comments (11)

On 16 -02-2013 at 10:30 u Eleven wrote:
im on my second crop of skunk haze. i make cannapills with coconut oil. these help my diabetes, sleep problems and anxiety no end. i know its anecdotal but can assure anyone, it works! from speeding up my metabolism helping me to lose weight and calming my anxiety without the uncomfortable high that other strains cause. thanx!

On 17 -02-2013 at 18:39 u Randy wrote:
If only i could get some oil. I live in East Central Illinois so no go here. I live with Aids, Hep c, Vascular disease, knees are shot and one ankle was shattered. Pain? You bet. Morning sickness worse than any pregnancy and the street crap here is just that, crap. This new oil sounds like it would do me right from a-z. I will be so glad when Illinois goes medicaly legal. I am truely happy for these folks who are getting the medicine that really works.

On 21 -02-2013 at 16:07 u Joern Carsten Nilsson wrote:
Hello Joe ! I schould be very glad if you could tell us how to make this tincture of the CBD Skunk H. Or perhaps an advice to where we can get a reciep for that. Friendly J. C. Nilsson

On 06 -03-2013 at 20:08 u Tracy Ingham wrote:
I broke my neck & back and have had problems with all prescribed medication. Morphine made me depressed & caused breathing problems when asleep. Nabilone made me feel hungover. Other meds gave me dry mouth etc, etc. The only relief I get is from cannibas. My neurosurgeon, G.P & Consultant at the pain clinic are all aware that I use it & express their support, albeit, discreetly!! Sativex is no longer prescribed. When I enquired as to why, I was simply told to contact my M.P!!!!!! Sadly, in order to get any pain control I have to act like a criminal. It is so frustrating, I cannot describe how exasperated I feel that in order to get some relief from my horrible symptons, I have to act outside the law and mix with some very dodgy people in order to secure it. This is not an acceptable situation. Before my accident I was a mental health social worker, so I am aware of the negative effects some people encounter using cannabis. I am also acutely aware of the benefits that it gives,!!!! I have now decided to attempt to grow my own. Although, not being, 'green fingered', I don't know how successful it will be. I refuse to continue paying extortionate sums of money, to unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of me & change the price on a whim! I don't use it to get off my face. I NEED it to make my symptoms more bearable!!! Medical Cannabis is a necessity for hundreds of thousands of people. The above is very interesting and I shall research it further. Many Thanks for your openness.

On 26 -03-2013 at 17:21 u Louis wrote:
How are these drops taken? Orally? Sublingually? Dissolved in a bit of milk? in pills? How is the extraction made? Butane? Thank you

On 20 -05-2013 at 21:00 u James wrote:
I am touched by the stories I have read here today and will certainly be committing a lot of time to this strain.

On 26 -07-2014 at 17:57 u Mibemave wrote:
no soy fumador ,tengo plantadas ahora tres de ellas y de las pequeñas podas que les hago me suelo hacer una infusión con leche y la verdad es que tiene un efecto bastante relajante , no quiero pensar lo que será cuando las haga con los cogollos.

On 04 -09-2014 at 17:16 u Dan Ferro wrote:
Please explain how the Medical Nordle Cymru tincture was made. Was the cannabis reduced to an oil like that of Rick Simpson oil, or was it an alcohol based tincture that you added the olive & coconut oils to? I have CBD's Medi Haze cannabis and wish to make the oil like you are using. Thank you!!

On 28 -05-2015 at 05:39 u Nova jordan wrote:
Hi I am ANGELA NOVOA REYES i has been suffering from thyroid cancer which was confirmed to be stage four, the doctor told me there was little i could do since i wasn’t responding to treatment but my brother in law came to my rescue by ordering this hemp oil from Dr ricky which he said has been helping some patient fight against cancer of various types so we decided to give it a chance, so far i am improving perfectly very well and presently i can walk around the house all by myself. I felt its necessary i let others who are suffering from this acute disease that once you have a good Cannibas oil it can really give one a sound second chance of living. if you happen to be in need of this Cannibas oil you can contact the foundation who supplied me Cannibas oil email:rickysimpsonmedicalcannibasoil@gmail.com OFFICE ADDRESS: 32 Watson Road, alaska, West Midlands 5SA B7, United states of america, postal Code 560010.

On 29 -03-2017 at 11:03 u David wrote:
It would be ideal if you clarify how the Medical Noodle Cymru tincture was made. Was the cannabis decreased to an oil like that of Rick Simpson oil?

On 11 -04-2017 at 01:57 u Sean condon wrote:
Need some advice in terms of would be any help for my mothers arthritis ,she's 82 and in chronic pain in right hand if any advice would be very thankful as don't know much about it

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