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Dutch Passion Jorge's Diamonds Wins 1st Prize At High Life Cannabis Cup 2013


the high life cannabis cup

Dutch Passion received First Prize with their Jorge's Diamonds variety in the 'Bio' category (organically grown) at the recent High Life Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.  The voting was based simply on the potency of the bud and the quality of the 'high' produced from each of the competing varieties.

Jorge's Diamonds is a variety which Dutch Passion developed in collaboration with cannabis guru Jorge Cervantes and is a variety noted for exceptional levels of trichome production.  This produces a uniquely frosty resin-crusted bud which sparkles thanks to the silvery trichome coverage. The heavy resin production on this variety also makes for particularly narcotic strength levels which have made this variety a Dutch Passion best seller. 

Second prize went to 'Serious 6' from Serious Seeds, and 3rd prize went to OG Kush from the Bluebird Coffee Shop.  Congratulations to all of them!

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June 20th 2013


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On 20 -06-2013 at 11:16 u The ThrillChill wrote:
Hey Glückwunsch und macht weiter so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 18 -08-2013 at 23:01 u Highdegger wrote:
Congratulations. Growing this strain indoor right now :)

On 18 -01-2015 at 19:40 u Boy wonder wrote:
Always been a fan of Dutch passion since i first seen the 2003 catalogue from my first grow shop dp true masters at work Frisian Duck love it

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