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Dutch Passion Ortega Indica medical review


ortega indica medical review

The medical re-discovery of cannabis is going to be one of THE big medical marijuana stories in the coming years and decades.  This weeks blog comes from a medical grow cooperative which grew Dutch Passion Ortega Indica variety in 2012.  Ortega Indica is a variety that we worked on in Switzerland in the 1990’s in a project called "Seedbank International",  a cooperation between Dutch Passion and Ed Rosenthal.

Ortega Indica goes even further back to the seventies/eighties and was developed in this era by the legendary breeder Nevil Shoenmaker.  Seedbank International was happy to have the opportunity to work with this variety.  The Swiss liberal approach towards Cannabis only lasted about two years, this meant that "Seedbank International" couldn't develop or continue. Dutch Passion however thought it wise to work further on this strain.

The cannabis buds, and hash made from Ortega Indica were evaluated by people with spinal problems, bi-polar & bulimia disorder, epilepsy and cancer.  You can read their experiences below, in their own words.

Patient A – Spinal Injuries

Patient A is a medical consumer of cannabis, they have had neck surgery to remove damaged discs, they were prescribed a cocktail of different tablets from the doctor:

“I suffer a lot of pain in my neck and lost a lot of feeling in my left shoulder travelling through the bicep missing out the forearm then into the little finger, wedding finger and forefinger, my left hand will also cramp up into a claw sending cramps up my left arm and down into my left side of my ribs. I can’t get quality grade cannabis from the streets and the cost of the rubbish sold there is criminal, when my care giver started to help me I was very grateful to how kind and generous they were, they wanted me to try a new strain called Ortega.

I tried this strain for a month in bud form having 2.5g per day in a pipe with no added tobacco just good old herb, the first effect I noticed was the relaxing effect it had on me, it made me feel all warm inside, it made all my muscles feel loose and relaxed, my fingers didn’t feel like they were rusty old hinges any more they felt oiled and free, my neck felt a lot looser, I could make a circular motion with my head without having stabbing pains, the effects lasted about 3 hours this was from one small hit of about 0.5 of a gram. The night sleep I had that night after piping 1.5 grams in 0.5 gram hits was incredible, I usually toss and turn all night due to trying to find a comfortable position, but this time I woke up in the same position as I fell asleep, I woke up a little stiff but felt so refreshed, I had just slept for 9 hours, my usual sleep pattern is hour sleep wake up turn over and try and get back off to sleep I will do that all night so no wonder I felt refreshed, I even forgot to take my nightly sleeping tablet that never works but I take it every night without fail.

Over the following week I forgot to take my sleeper every night instead I piped my 1.5grams for bed time and had 2 or 3 hits left for the day time, my care giver suggested I speak to my doctor about reducing my pain medication if I felt I could, so I booked an appointment to see the doc, I am lucky enough to have a doc that believes cannabis can help some people so he agreed I cut down very slowly over a 3 month period…….it took me 3 weeks to stop all tablets, I still have the numb feelings in my left arm and fingers but have not had a cramp, my sleep pattern is at least 8 hours a night, I feel like a different person.”

ortega indica medical review

Ortega Indica.  Very resinous, good yields, a favourite with medical growers


Patient B.

Patient B has Bi-Polar and bulimia nervosa but does not take any form of prescribed medication after it made her mind feel even worse than the actual illness of bi-polar, they have now been self-medicating with cannabis for the last 12 years, they were given Ortega in bud form:

“I usually use a Sativa strain for my bi-polar as I am a carer for a disabled person so I need to be very active and mobile in the day so a nice Indica strain for the evening to relax and chill is a must for me.

2 grams of Ortega a night totally relaxed me, I found it a nice peppery/earthy taste, it also made my mouth water no cotton mouth feeling, it made me feel like sinking into the sofa while the music played on, I have nick named this strain “The Sleeper” need I say anymore lol only joking sorry I’m on “The Sleeper” now……. Anyway for a good night’s sleep with no side effects like prescribed drugs, no heavy headed feeling like you get from sleeping tablets this is the strain I would choose, if you want total relaxation the stops your mind from running all over the place I suggest trying this strain, a big thank you to the grower and Dutch Passion.

Oops nearly forgot, (that’s the bi-polar kicking in now lol) this strain has also helped me with my eating dis-order, my appetite has levelled out without me having the urge to make my-self ill or binge eat.”


Patient C – undergoing chemotherapy.

Patient C is a young man who has gone through the mill and back, he is 20 years old and has been in full time employment since he left school; he recently discovered he had benign tumours in his brain behind the top of his nose that has caused a lot of pressure to his eyes causing blurred vision and severe headaches and pain, he was operated on last year to remove the tumours and again this year but they keep coming back, at the moment he is undergoing radiation treatment to see if they can shrink the remaining tumours.

“At the moment I am undergoing 28 sessions of radiation treatment, I feel sick all the time, I don’t feel like talking, I feel weak, tired and ache all over, my mood swings are all over the place, my appetite has gone, my care giver gave me some ice-hash made from the strain Ortega, the main effect I feel when I vaporize it is a warm happy glowing feeling that goes right through my body from my feet to my head my airways feel clear and clean the nausea feelings vanish all together, my aches and pains seem to sooth away to nothing, it gave me the munchies and made me laugh, it gave me happy thoughts, my care giver has given me some Ortega seeds so I can now grow my own and I am pleased to say they are doing very nice, my thanks go out to Dutch Passion.”

ortega indica medical review

 Close-up photo of Ortega Indica trichomes

Patient D.

Patient D suffers from epilepsy he usually gets 4 to 5 fits per day and takes a cocktail of prescribed drugs that make him feel terrible, he tested Ortega ice hash and Ortega in bud form:

“Monday morning and already had a fit, Ortega ice hash arrived at 10am.   7 grams of the nicest looking hash I have seen in a very long time, time to hit the bong, I rationed myself to a 1 gram per day, I usually have 4 or 5 fits per day some days I have more, it’s now Friday and I am still waiting to have a fit, I have been helping my wife to do things around the house, I’ve been sleeping like a baby and feel like a new man. Friday night a fit woke me up, my wife grabbed my bong that was filled ready for such an occasion she held it in place and sparked the lighter I managed to take a hit and fell asleep, when I woke the following morning my wife asked me if I remembered having a fit in the middle of the night, for the life of me I still can’t remember having one, the second week I had some Ortega green (buds) although the green was also very good for my epilepsy it was not as good as the hash, I found the hash to be a cleaner taste and stronger than the green.”



It’s interesting to see how many people get genuine medical benefits from cannabis for a range of issues.  This week there was a press release from GW Pharmaceuticals (the producers of the legal Sativex cannabis extract) about their research into cannabidivarin (CBDV).  CDBV is one of the lesser known cannabinoid chemicals present in cannabis plants, but GW Pharmaceuticals are finding highly promising results with CBDV as a treatment for epilepsy.  It’s an interesting reminder that scientific research is consistent with the findings of medical marijuana users themselves.  It’s also upsetting that medical research of cannabinoid medicine is years behind where it should be.  All because of the ridiculous prohibition of cannabis.  Thank goodness things are changing.


Dutch Joe

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September 21st 2012
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On 21 -09-2012 at 15:38 u Sean wrote:
The reason cannabis is illegal is that drink and big pharmaceutical companies (GW) don't want to lose money due to the medical and relaxing qualities cannabis offers, whereas their own products have very harmful side effects (beating and murdering people(drink) and some legal medical products(GW satavix) want to make a lot of money at the medical users expense). The medical cannabis that has been licensed in the UK is 100% cannabis, so why is this company allowed to sell pure cannabis while ordinary users are arrested and jailed, while rich powerful people like David Cameron(UK prime minister) was allowed to take cocaine and cannabis with no police arrest or jail time. Portugal has shown that the only proper way to reduce the number of people taking drugs is decriminalisation. Government’s argument about strong cannabis has a very big flaw in that there is hundreds of can-nabis strains with THC levels similar to the 70's and 80’s strains that they say are harmful and you will be arrested and jailed if you use these strains that Bush, Obama and Cameron and the Irish president used. And these people could actually have smoked natural Afghanistan strains with THC 22% that have been around for tens of thousands or even millions of years. In 1971 president Nixon rejected the Pennsylvania governor Shafer report (that he commissioned)that recommended decriminalization and instead said drugs lead to people being homosexual, Jewish and a communist. Nixon was not a liberal and politicians are still allowed to tell similar scare mongering lies. Unfortunately it appears that politicians with power and other prohibitionist imbeciles want to incarcerate happy innocent nice people that use cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

On 16 -09-2017 at 23:37 u J molihan wrote:

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