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Dutch Passion announce partnership with Canadian cannabis producer Weed Me.


 Dutch Passion has announced a major partnership with leading Canadian Cannabis producer 'Weed Me'. The agreement allows Weed Me access to Dutch Passion's cannabis strains, it also allows Weed Me to access Dutch Passion’s many decades of expertise in cannabis breeding.The partnership also allows Weed Me the rights to bring to the market Dutch Passion-branded products. This will mean that Dutch Passion branded buds/dry flowers and pre-rolled joints will be available to Canadian consumers. 

Weed Me recently obtained their Canadian cannabis cultivation licence. They are based in Canada’s most populated province of Ontario. As well as selling cannabis to the Canadian public they plan to export their products internationally to meet growing international demand, and are building an extraction lab, and a 1,200-square-foot research/testing lab which is expected to be completed later in 2018. Weed Me have created a high-tech grow facility with state-of-the-art cultivation conditions which are ideally complemented by Dutch Passion’s elite cannabis genetics.

Eric Siereveld, Dutch Passion CEO.

"The level of sophistication, planning and thought that went into building the Weed Me’s grow facility made it one-of-a-kind," said Eric Siereveld, CEO of Dutch Passion. "We are convinced that Weed Me has the best environment to maximize the potential of the genetic products we offer.”


Terry Kulaga, Weed Me CEO

"With access to some of the best innovators in the industry and the backing from one of the most reliable and established cannabis brands in the world, Weed Me has a unique advantage, going forward, in the Canadian market,” said Weed Me CEO Terry Kulaga.

June 21st 2018

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