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Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze Review


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Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze is one of the most successful medical varieties ever released by Dutch Passion.  It is an oil-rich variety with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC.  CBD SkunkHaze comes from our partnership with The CBD Crew.  It is proving very popular with medical growers and a surprising number of recreational growers who love the smooth anti-anxiety high which is quite unlike anything else.  After a vape (or smoke) of CBD SkunkHaze you feel happy, stoned, satisfied, medicated and stress free.  Yet you are also able to think and function pretty well, something that would be difficult with a really strong THC-rich traditional variety.  You have to try it yourself to understand exactly why there is such interest in the new CBD varieties. 

The words and photographs in this weeks blog comes from “Fumo de Noche” (“I smoke at night”) who is an Argentinean grower from the Spanish-language Cannabis-Cafe growers forums. 

His original diary is here on cannabis cafe and here on facebook

skunk haze plant, thick bloom and resin heavy

Above and below, Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze.  An established favourite variety with many medical growers.  Note high levels of resin which make this variety great for oil-producers

frosty  buds baby


The main feedback from ‘Fumo de Noche’ is about the great anti-anxiety effects experienced from CBD SkunkHaze.  You really have to try it yourself to understand the blissful sense of peacefulness that comes from a CBD-rich variety.  Not everyone loves the ‘CBD effect’, but we find a lot of customers (recreational and medical) have become real CBD fans in the last year.  


Medical home-growers have told us that cannabis has always helped them, but many also tell us that new strains of CBD-rich cannabis has taken the medical value of cannabis to a whole new level.   We have seen some remarkable medical feedback from growers that have tried CBD-rich cannabis.  For some people, CBD-rich cannabis (i.e. more than 4% CBD) has been life changing.

close up of bud

Above and below, close up bud shots show a forest of trichome resin glands

more close ups


You definitely get a strong feeling of being stoned from CBD SkunkHaze, the strength of the body stone is quite unusual.  And you also get a strong feeling of being well medicated without any nasty feelings of paranoia/panic or being ‘too high’.  It’s simply a great variety, whether you are a medical or recreational grower you should think about growing a CBD-rich variety yourself. 

whole plant

Above and below, CBD SkunkHaze plants grow with a solid main cola of buds.  6 identical cuttings of the 'Tangerine' pheno were grown in 3 litre pots under a 150 HPS lamp in a small closet.  This allows the grower to be self-sufficient in medical CBD SkunkHaze

more plants

the grow room

Here are a few words and pictures from ‘Fumo de Noche’.

“In 2012 Dutch Passion and CBD Crew gave birth to this excellent genetic achieving a perfect combination of CBD and THC , the result is CBD SkunkHaze , ideal for medical users and recreational enjoying a relaxed high "high" combined with a powerful medicinal anxiolytic effect (anti-anxiety).
If I had to rate it CBD Skunk Haze would get the maximum score.  This variety is very easy to grow , ideal for novice growers as for the more experienced.  Its structure is very favourable feature for indoor growers, the plant is a balanced indica/sativa (50/50) which does not need much light to flourish.”

“I selected a mother from 3 plants grown from seed . Throughout these crops I have realised that to achieve a good height and structure it is best to start with the light away from the tips of the plants during the first 15 days.  Flowering takes 9 weeks. CBD Skunk Haze is not a variety that requires much fertilizer.  In a good organic substrate it isn’t necessary to feed her much”


"The result was compact and very aromatic, very resinous and perfect looking buds.
It's difficult to say what's the best thing about CBD Skunk Haze.  She has the perfect blend of aromas and firm dense texture. Crop yield/production is remarkably good. But most of all I love this strain for its intoxicating aroma and sweet tangerine type taste in my selected phenotype.”

frost baby


“The yield is above average, I used two HPS 150w lamps.  For 15 days I only used one horizontally positioned lamp, but after 30 days (of flowering) I made use of both lamps.   The horizontal lamp was on a timer for a 12/12 light system.  The second 150 HPS lamp was positioned with the bulb in the vertical position, this was only lit for 8 hours per day. For the last 15 days I went back to using only one horizontal 150W HPS lamp.
The entire grow used an average of 185w of HPS.
The grow used 6 CBD Skunk Haze plants, all from the same mother, in 3-litre pots with a great production.  The goal was to achieve 1 gram-per-watt, I came close to that with a total of 154 grams of dry buds, averaging 25 grams per plant.
CBD Skunk Haze is one of the best plants I have grown in many years and will continue to grow her for years to come.”


frosty nuggets



The last couple of years have been exciting times as CBD-rich cannabis varieties have started to become available.  If you are a medical grower then you really should consider trying a CBD variety at least once - we see some medical growers have an incredibly high value for them.  But we are also starting to see a lot of recreational growers report that they too love the strong, heavy body-stone and the quite unique blissfully relaxing old-school effect.  CBD-rich varieties may not leave you quite as ‘spaced out’ as THC-rich varieties, yet they are every bit as enjoyable and satisfying.  You owe it to yourself to find out!

jars of bud
May 9th 2014
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