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Dutch Passion Think Different And AutoXtreme Grow Review Under 24 Hours Of Daily Light


Think Different and AutoXtreme are two of Dutch Passions best selling, and most consistent, autoflowering cannabis seed varieties.  The original grow diary is here and the grower, ‘Fairlynew’, got a huge harvest from his 4 Think Differents and 2 AutoXtreme plants.  The plants were grown under LED in a soil-free mixture of moss/perlite.  The grower used the LED lights on full power for 24 hours each day for the entire grow, from seed to harvest.  Dutch Passion autoflowering seeds are stable enough to handle permanent daylight, and some growers feel that a 24-hour daylight schedule maximises the harvest potential. 


The 24 hour light schedule used for automatics allows them twice the photosynthesis of traditional photoperiod varieties.  This, combined with the genetic advances in autoflowering explains the exceptional yields that are possible from the best modern AutoFem varieties.


The pictures from this special customer grow diary come from Fairlynew, and so do the words (below).

Above.  Think Different, bushy and heavy yielding

Below.  AutoXtreme


Fairlynew compares Think Different and AutoXtreme:

“The Think Different has a very fruity STRONG smell in my opinion. The Think Different is a fun upbeat high at first then becomes quite stoney.  If you smoke a little too much you can say ‘good night’.  I was worried I would only like Think Different for its ability to finish quickly and give me some smoke.  But I am going to keep on growing it as a staple in my grow room. I cannot tell the difference from photo strains to this auto strain Think Different. The Auto Xtreme is one nice smelling strain very pungent a great daytime smoke get stuff done weed. But do not over indulge because like any great strain it will floor you….and you will need a nap”


“The plants grew amazingly. The pictures should speak volumes, I got pounds of great smoke off of six plants, two Auto Xtreme and four Think Different. The only thing I will change is the grow room temperature from 30/31ºC to 28ºC.  The auto extreme does not like the the heat as much as the Think Different but both will thrive at the lower temperature”

Above & Below, fat blooms from Think Different



Above & Below, AutoXtreme 


Fairlynew gives his opinions to anyone considering growing these varieties:

“My advice to future growers: do not play with the plants at all, do not cut the growing top off,  do not LST (low stress training) just let them grow. They are on a tight schedule to get huge, so every day counts. I ran a 24 hour light schedule, they need energy to get HUGE.  In my opinion no rest period is needed but that is my opinion. I used AN ‘pH perfect’ nutrients, I didn’t use a meter to read the EC or pH. I grew in sunshine mix number 4 (soil-free moss/perlite growing medium)”


“I used LED grow lights.  I was running a COB (chip on board) 1200 watt (made in china) grow light, the actual power draw was 660 watts.  I also used three ‘Apollo six’ LED's which used 200 watts each and a 300 watt LED with an actual power draw of 155 watts. Total ~1350W of LED.  I used a bank of eight T5 florescent lights for seedling and vegging for the first two weeks. I used 20 litre airpots and 20 litre smart pots. I weighed the two Auto Xtremes and one Think Different, it came to 24 ounces (680g) dry weight for the three plants. I never weighed the other three plants. I would say at least 18 to 20 ounces (560g) off the other three easy if not more”




Congratulations to Fairlynew.   This grow was a great example of how simple it is to get fast, bumper harvests growing AutoFems under 24 hour light.  LED grow lights continue to increase in popularity, LED is a more efficient alternative to HPS, they cost less to run and produce less heat than HPS.  But more than anything, this grow was a superb example of how a few top-quality AutoFems can deliver XXL harvests in 10-11 weeks.


Above & Below, Think Different


April 3rd 2015
Easy Indoor
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Recent comments (8)

On 03 -04-2015 at 14:58 u Alex wrote:
hi. lovely grow and yield. about a gram pr watt dried?? how much space did those six plants need in the end 2 by 3 meters or less or more? quite huge pots u used .ive discovered that 20 hours lights have worked best on my auto grows and finishes earlier. do you think I ca n grow a sog with 9-16 autofems like blueautomazar or blackberrykush autos in 6l airpots in a 1 x 1 x 2m hight homebox silverline? I guess the indica dominant autos wont get as huge as td and auto euphoria and autoxtreme.. im going for a budmaster god 675 led supplemented with two advanced led xte models. im aiming at A TOTAL WATTDRAW OF ABOUT 800-900W FROM THE WALL FOR A 1 SQUARE METER AREA

On 08 -04-2015 at 20:57 u Fairly new wrote:
It was a 5 foot by five foot tent bro I could have squeazed two more in I measure in imperial not metric sorry

On 06 -07-2015 at 14:21 u BUDMUNCHER wrote:
Can all autofems handle 24hrs of light. I have skunk #1 and sensi skunk,at 50th parallel.

On 06 -07-2015 at 17:43 u Davy wrote:
Hi guys any chance I could steal you knowledge and get some help, I have a 2.4x1.2x2.0 metre tent with 1200 watt hps, planning on doing 6-8 think different plants in 7 gallon pots using biobizz light mix and and biobizz nutrients on a 18/6 light schedule, I don't have any other lights so will be starting them under one 600watt hps with the light far away from the seedlings, can you give me any advice on plant capacity or what you guys think would be a better route to take regarding optimising space etc. Any feedback would be great

On 07 -02-2016 at 03:02 u Irishmikespain wrote:
Hi Thank you for putting alot of urban myths to bed. As a member of autosworldwide on fb we appreciate how easy it is to grow autos and we also provide a panel of experts who provide excellent advice on growing this beautiful plant.

On 11 -01-2018 at 21:40 u F.N. wrote:
I grew these monsters. I have 32 gigs of auto pictures everyone grown under 24/7. The auto night queen and Brooklyn sunrise are amazing plants to grow too. Extremely potent. I will get a blog on here of a grow of those two strains.

On 20 -04-2018 at 02:19 u Very nice but wandering outside what i will accomplish with 3 think different grown in 9 gallon pots inside a 4 foot tall cage big enough fot their height and i can tie branches to the sides top and bottom of the cage so no leaves are touching wrote:
I olive this grow but hope to get replies about mine

On 23 -04-2018 at 08:39 u Eddy wrote:
20th April 2018. 3 outdoor Think Differents in 9 Gallon pots....thats a good set up. Yield will be affected by the amount of sunlight, climate and environmental conditions during the grow. When all goes well you can expect 100g or more in ideal conditions from each plant. Good luck and please remember our photo contest of you get some good plants!

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