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Freddy's Best Grown by The Kweker


freddys best by the kweker

Freddy’s Best is a top quality sativa multi-cross that has got some great feedback since we introduced it at the start of 2012.  This weeks blog follows a grow by experienced Dutch grower “The Kweker” who has made a detailed series of 12 YouTube Video’s covering every part of his successful grow.

Freddy’s Best was the final variety produced by original Dutch Passion breeder ‘Freddy’, the man behind varieties such as Mazar, Blueberry, Orange Bud, Passion #1, Strawberry Cough and others.  It was designed for the sativa connoisseur and has genetics from our own Dutch Haze together with Chocolope (a hybrid of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze).

The Kweker grows in a hydro system using 18 litre containers and two 400W HPS lamps with a 4-week veg period and 9 weeks flowering period. He grows in ‘Mapito’ a popular blend of rockwool and inert polyurethane flakes. He describes Freddys Best as a good yielder of very strong cannabis.

Here are comments from The Kweker himself:

“Freddy Best grew very fast, maybe because of the hydro system I use.  She coped well when I fed with strong nutrients (high EC), that can be very stressful for some varieties, but Freddy’s Best is a robust one. Some plants do something bad when they get a high EC.  But Freddy’s Best is a very easy plant who can also take high temperatures (32°C+).

freddys best by the kweker

In the beginning they are sweet and easy.  When they get bigger they are like big mamma’s...hehe.... they go for it. The buds are very hard like stones.... you can hit a nail into the wall with the buds.

I grow in a tent with a dimmable 400W HPS with ‘super lumens’ as an option at the end.  I also used a 400 HPS Greenpower lamp that gives 10% more than the other lamp. I have good extraction from my grow tent so the temperature is mostly controlled apart from the weeks with 30°C summer weather - that’s bad for the room.  But at least the plants coped well with the high temperatures...no problems.

Time Lapse Video of Freddy's Best by "The Kweker"

Germination was very fast, just 48 hours with 2x55 watt fluoro lamps.  In total around 4 weeks veg time under 18 hours light/6 hours dark.  Flowering: like Dutch Passion say, takes about 8 weeks.... I gave a full 9 weeks and used B.A.C. nutrients throughout.

The weed itself is very strong.  My friends say that the effect after 7 minutes is hard like a haze. The smell is sweet and soft, the taste is also sweet and DANGEROUS because it’s soft to smoke, so don’t smoke too much.  Like I say, after 7-8 minutes it’s like a BOMB....there is the Dutch Haze mixed in it....hehe.... it has a strong and long lasting HIGH.

For beginner growers it is an excellent plant with a high production of THC in a short time. Grows hard and BIG, plants were all about 130cm and give you big hard buds.  The little buds down under the plants were also completely full with THC trichomes.

Take an extra week longer to flower them if you don’t have super lumens....it will have a good effect on the buds, taste and effect of the green gold.  The plant is a very strong sort and takes a lot of stress, useful especially for beginner growers”


Many thanks to The Kweker for the grow report and the in-depth series of YouTube videos which he made.  Freddy’s Best seems to be popular for different reasons.  Firstly, sativa connoisseurs should have this on their list of varieties to grow, the genetics were carefully selected to give this special result.  Secondly, a lot of regular Dutch Passion customers who have enjoyed other varieties created by Freddy have wanted to see how his last variety compared to his other creations.  And finally, we think this variety will appeal to growers looking for a variety which is an easy and robust strain that delivers really potent pot in generous amounts.  Seeds are available from €30, you won’t be disappointed.


Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion


September 13th 2012
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Recent comments (6)

On 18 -09-2012 at 09:25 u TheKweker wrote:
Just try it... a easy to do plant also for all beginners greets TheKweker

On 25 -09-2012 at 16:28 u MrSparkles wrote:
Ver nice, I cant wait to try it

On 04 -10-2012 at 19:12 u CannabisKing wrote:
Well done TheKweker, excellent grow :) I got 10/10 germination and can't wait to try it. Thanks for the report. CK

On 07 -06-2013 at 13:08 u Max.UK wrote:
It`s amazing tree, i like this!!! On DWC 40 day growth of the seed, its height 1. m 68 cm!!! Ukraine.Kiev

On 10 -01-2014 at 00:29 u Zarathoustra wrote:
First grow! I'm at the end of the first week of flowering with B.A.C nutrients too. Amazing grow! Roots are literally spreading out from trunks at the bottom! A lot of branches and it completely fills my space!

On 12 -11-2016 at 19:30 u Craig wrote:
Just germinating my seeds going to use 200cfl them 600 hps to finish can't wait

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