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Frisian Duck outdoor grow review


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Frisian Duck
has a naturally occurring leaf mutation which gives it a stealthy natural disguise. You could walk straight past this variety and not realise it is cannabis.  The weeks Frisian Duck grow review comes from ‘The Joker’ who is normally an indoor grower. The Joker wanted to grow some cannabis plants on his roof terrace but didn’t want his neighbours to know, so he planted some Frisian Duck seeds in May 2015 and harvested them in October.  



The Frisian Duck leaf has the camouflaged shape of a ducks foot.  Its a natural feature which Dutch Passion have stabilised and combined with prize-winning proven outdoor genetics from our best selling Frisian Dew.  The result is a feminized, tough outdoor cannabis variety which looks unlike anything you have grown outdoors before.  The leaves look more like nettle or mint.  And the smell of Frisian Duck is not as strong as other cannabis varieties, which is another major bonus for urban growers.



frisian duck


Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck can be grown indoors like any other photoperiod cannabis variety, requiring a 12/12 light cycle to start blooming.  But most people grow Frisian Duck outdoors where the natural camouflage means she will not be recognised.  


The Joker planted his Frisian Duck seeds in ‘air pots’ of soil.  Air pots are a new style of plant container with lots of air holes which encourage a healthier oxygenated root mass.  The Joker used an organic soil mix and left the plants outdoors all summer.  The 2015 summer in Northern Europe was one of the wettest in recent memory so conditions were not ideal but Frisian Duck continued growing steadily throughout the summer.  

frisian duck


The weird duck leaf shape was present throughout the grow and The Joker had no concerns that his neighbours would recognise it as cannabis.  The Joker explained how pleased he was with the incognito leaf shape.  “Even my wife didn’t believe it was cannabis and she has seen me growing it for many years indoors.  So I wasn’t worried what the neighbours would think of the rooftop plants. To be honest I have never seen a cannabis variety like it so I also didn’t realise that cannabis could look like this”

Frisian Duck


frisian duck


The Joker explained his experience with Frisian Duck.  “I wouldn’t risk growing traditional cannabis outdoors, but when I heard about Frisian Duck it sounded too good to be true.  Until I saw it with my own eyes I didn’t really believe it.”


The Frisian Duck plants reached around a metre tall and started to form purple buds during August.  The buds started to get fatter in September.  The Joker explained more about the final stages of the grow.  


Frisian Duck


“The buds were a deep purple color, it made the plants look more like ornamental garden plants than cannabis.  Even in bloom the aroma was light, you had to have your nose close to the buds to get the distinctive cannabis smell.  There is no way the neighbours would have any idea what I was growing.  This is the ideal cannabis variety for anyone wanting to grow in their garden, terrace, patio or greenhouse.  Its a strong smoke too, a light aroma but potent effects and ideal for relaxing with.  It gets me very nicely stoned just like any other good variety.  I will be growing this again on my roof terrace, and I will also plant a few seeds in the countryside next year as an experiment to see how they grow”



frisian duck


“The Duck seemed to enjoy it's south facing spot and survived rainy periods very well, without any mold at all. Yield was 240g of dry beautiful dark purple buds which give a nice stone, perfect for long Sunday afternoons, socialising, playing a board game or reading a book.”


The soil was cheap budget potting compost from the local garden centre.  The Joker didn’t bother with expensive specialist nutrients, instead he used low cost general purpose plant food which he also used for his tomatoes and zucchinis.

frisian duck leaves 


 “The only advice I would give to future growers is to consider planting them directly into the ground since an unrestricted root system will allow the plants to reach their 3 metre full size.  On my roof terrace I am restricted to using containers.  If I had a private garden because I would get a few of them planted, I would grow them full size and get a massive harvest.   My plan for the coming summer is to find a safe and sunny place in the countryside and grow some monster plants.  And I will have a few more on the roof as well!”




February 19th 2016
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Recent comments (33)

On 03 -08-2016 at 19:13 u Rich B wrote:
The importance of topping or supercropping outdoor plants is recognized. Is it possible to trim off the conventional appearing leaves late in the life cycle so as to maintain a discrete appearance? Thanks!

On 04 -08-2016 at 09:48 u Eddy wrote:
Rich B. Indeed, if you do get any leaves that look recognisable, just pull them off.

On 05 -08-2016 at 23:17 u Rich B wrote:
Thanks! Appreciate the help; excellent information.

On 11 -09-2016 at 23:19 u Rich B wrote:
Another question: I live in a warmer section of my country. Looking at a hours of daylight chart for my area for next year, the daily hours of daylight will be: 1 March 11:27 hr:min 15 March 11:58 1 April 12:35 15 April 13:05 1 May 13:37 15 May 14:01 1 June 14:22 Question: If planted in early March outdoors, will Frisian Duck, which had been "veg'ed" indoors under 18 to 20 hours of light, go into flower and remain in flower long enough to finish?

On 12 -09-2016 at 09:26 u Eddy wrote:
Rich B. Regarding your question on 9/11/2016. We think early March will be too early to put Frisian Duck outdoors, with under 12 hours of daily light it is possible she will go into bloom, but not certain. Another possibility is to delay the planting outdoors until April. OR, if the duck has to go outdoors in March then try supplemental lighting (not always possible) to extend the daylight hours.... that may work. Good luck and please let us know how it goes

On 13 -09-2016 at 00:47 u Nick vrakas wrote:
does she needs 12/12 light from seedling?i'd an opinion for the stone effect she offers if possible.....can i treat to her nutrients as usuall i do?medium feeding lets say...THANK YOU VERY MUCH.....opinion will be much apriciated....

On 13 -09-2016 at 11:11 u Eddy wrote:
Nick, 13th Sept 2016. She grows like a normal photoperiod variety, medium strength nutrients. Outdoors she starts to bloom around August in the northern hemisphere (february in southern hemisphere). Indoors she blooms when light is reduced to 12/12. Good high, good yields and a light odour in bloom - good luck !

On 18 -01-2017 at 21:53 u Tarzan wrote:
hi i was just wandering what size air pots did you use i was thinking off having a go in wales uk with bio bizz all mix and 22.5 liters air pots would the plant grow to a decent size. i will be using nutrients but not sure yet thanks alot if you have any info that would help like when to start out doors and finish thanks from Tarzan

On 20 -01-2017 at 00:35 u Tarzan wrote:
i was thinking of going with the 15 liter pots now instead of 22.5 size would you think it would hit over 4ft thanks again from Tarzan starting them off with two 250 w cfl for a month in 1liter air pots then put them outside in the 15l liter air pots about April outdoors what do use think

On 20 -01-2017 at 15:49 u Eddy wrote:
Tarzan. Using smaller containers will help reduce the plant size. You can also try to make a short bushy plant by cutting off the plants growing tip (google "topping"). Another option is to grow the Auto Duck instead, she takes just 85 days from seed to harvest and stays around 1 metre or below

On 21 -01-2017 at 04:06 u Tarzan wrote:
thanks for the feed back i was just wandering if i connected the air dome to the air pot would there be any point if am growing outside i can get to electric also just wandering if any body has tried using a humidity dome when fist putting plants outdoors from inside for the plants to get use to the climate for a couple off weeks THANKS AGAIN FROM TARZAN P.S. Eddy i was thinking of training the plant first then if they are getting to high then top them or should i just top when the 4th or 5th set of leaves come threw thanks again from Tarzan

On 23 -01-2017 at 11:10 u Eddy wrote:
Tarzan, 21st Jan 2017. We don't hear of many people using an air dome outside, it should be OK if the electrical safety can be assured. If the plant gets too tall, top at the 5th node. Try using string to tie down any tall branches using tent pegs. Good luck

On 23 -01-2017 at 18:01 u Tarzan wrote:
thanks for the feed back hopefully all should be good when i start all try n get a picture every 2 weeks or month to let you see how they are getting along thanks again from Tarzan

On 23 -04-2017 at 15:49 u Vonne wrote:
Hallo ik vraag het in het nederlands en hoop dat het vertaalt kan worden smile.. Mijn vraag is of iemand weet hoeveel plusminus thc en cbd er in de plant zit.. Dit kan ik namelijk nergens terug vinden en daar ik van het blad graag olie wil maken zou dat wel heel fijn zijn.om te weten.

On 24 -04-2017 at 08:53 u Eddy wrote:
vonne, 23rd April 2017. THC and CBD content will vary from one grower to the next, but for an outdoor grow you can estimate around 15% THC. CBD levels are usually below 0.5%

On 24 -04-2017 at 10:04 u Vonne wrote:
Goedemorgen Eddy vriendelijk dank nu heb ik een beetje een richtlijn smile. nog 1 vraagje Hoe zijn ongeveer de verhoudingen van sativa en indica. Ben qua olie maken vorig jaar net begonnen en ben mezelf een beetje aan het oriënteren welke bladeren het best helpen om mijn fibromi dragelijk te houden.

On 25 -04-2017 at 11:38 u Eddy wrote:
vonne, 24th April 2017. Frisian Duck has a mix of indica and sativa genetics. You should find her effects are very calming and positive :-)

On 27 -04-2017 at 13:32 u Keith wrote:
I've recently planted two Frisian duck from seed (approx 2weeks ago) and they're looking good so far. The question I have is this: Will the plant be ok grown outside in a coco perlite mix? At the moment they are in 5 litre pots under a 300w CFL. Once they start to establish I'm going to transfer them into a 25 litre pot each. Hopefully they'll be outside soon. I'm going to introduce them slowly to the outdoors once they to their 3rd node and bring them inside when it's night just to be sure the cold do t stun them. With feeding I'm going to leave too the rain and only hand feed in days where it doesn't. I'm also contemplating growing organically. What kind of yield should I expect without using nutrients?

On 01 -05-2017 at 10:30 u Eddy wrote:
Growing outdoors in coco/perlite will work so long as the plant gets the necessary nutrients. Its an unusual way to grow, and difficult to predict what you will get. An alternative plan is to eventually transplant into soil, but good luck !

On 08 -07-2017 at 21:13 u TARZAN wrote:
Hi Eddy just wandering what part or week off august would you say the Frisian duck would start going into flower in wales outdoors i was estimating at the start of the second week also should i shock the plant by putting black bin bags over them for 2 days (48h) or just let mother nature do her thing would you say shocking the plant helps set off the hormones off flowering or makes the flowering section faster thanks again also how much would you say it stretches in flower thanks again from Tarzan

On 10 -07-2017 at 09:13 u Eddy wrote:
Tarzan, the exact flowering time will depend on weather conditions at the time, but you will be aiming to harvest around the first week or so in October. Most people would ley them bloom naturally, no bags or shocks. She can reach 2-3 metres tall outdoors in good conditions, and can reach 4 metres in optimum conditions. Good luck and enjoy

On 12 -07-2017 at 00:33 u Tarzan wrote:
sorry i ment to say October i wont put them into shock and will let mother nature do her thing am going to top them at about 1 meter and see what happens i super cropped it at 1 half foot and super cropped the 4 lower set of Branches hopefilly do the next 4 up from that 2moz its growing back healthy from last week

On 12 -07-2017 at 00:37 u Tarzan wrote:
also how do you get masking tape off the plant as when i super cropped had to use that worst thing ever should of used electric tape i think its chocking her its been on there for like a week know

On 26 -08-2017 at 00:07 u Keith wrote:
Hi, just a quick update here: My duck it looking good. She huge, and the coco has worked really well. She's starting to flower and her tiny looking buds are already a deep purple. I just hope she pack a lot of weight. My question however is , what's the THC content on these girls?

On 29 -08-2017 at 09:45 u Eddy wrote:
Keith - 26th Aug 2017. Good to hear the Duck is huge - please send us a picture if you can for our photo contest. THC levels vary from one grower to the next dependent on light, environment, soil quality etc. But in good conditions we hope you can see typical 'outdoor quality' with results in the mid-teens. Enjoy the last few weeks!

On 03 -09-2017 at 10:19 u Ruby Tuesday wrote:
Hi there, I've got three Frisian ducks growing in a tiny (1.5mx 1m x 2m)plastic greenhouse in my back garden. It's quite cramped in there as you can imagine, I've tried to train them as best I can first topping then super cropping at various stages of their development and also tying branches down, in order to attempt to form a even canopy (screen of green style)... I digress... none of the three are showing purple in the budlets as yet ... does this mean I have three green phenotypes or does the purple come out late in the flowering cycle? Cheers

On 04 -09-2017 at 08:45 u Eddy wrote:
Ruby Tuesday. 3rd Sept 2017. Normally we would expect you to get one or two purple phenotypes, so keep looking for the purple heads to develop. And good luck!

On 05 -09-2017 at 19:45 u Ruby Tuesday wrote:
Thanks for the reply, I've started to notice a slight tinge of colour in two of the plants in the last day or so. It's a shame they're the ones on the edge I've pruned back hard to let plant with closer internodal sites dominate the space ....that's looking like a green pheno ..... any major differences between the green and purple phenos.? High, yield, strength and or fragrance?

On 06 -09-2017 at 10:26 u Eddy wrote:
Ruby Tuesday, Sept 2017. If you see dark flecks appearing in the buds then you probably have some purple phone's forming. Many say that the purple Ducks have a better aroma and appearance but its personal choice. The high should be similar from both types :-)

On 07 -09-2017 at 14:07 u Keith wrote:
Hi eddy. How do I submit a photo?

On 12 -09-2017 at 08:53 u Eddy wrote:
Keith, 7th Sept 2017. Its easy to submit a photo to the contest, Go to this link, and follow the instructions on the right hand side of the screen https://www.dutch-passion.com/en/photocontest/

On 19 -10-2017 at 19:39 u Roger wrote:
Confused as how far to manicure due to the dark blue bud's and leaves.Do I trim down to the blue bits or further?.

On 24 -10-2017 at 16:05 u Eddy wrote:
Roger, 19th October. Yes, trim down to the blue buds and let them dry at that point :-)

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