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Grow autoflowering cannabis easily. Dutch Passion Auto Duck perfect for easy urban cannabis growing.


With modern, high quality autoflowering cannabis seeds its easy to grow cannabis at home in your garden.  This weeks blog features ‘A1 Sativa’ who grew Dutch Passion Auto Duck hidden among the garden flowers on his northern European patio.  The grow diary is here on the popular and friendly Green Circle growers forum.  Auto Duck is a special stealth cannabis variety with leaves that look different to normal cannabis.  Its also a low-aroma variety so you can safely grow it without your neighbours noticing the smell.  This weeks Auto Duck was grown with other ornamental garden flowers and shrubs, the Auto Duck blends in easily with the other plants.  For anyone that wants to grow a couple of cannabis plants discreetly this weeks blog will provide some great inspiration.


Auto Duck.  High THC and easy to grow

Auto Duck has a stabilised natural leaf deformity. Without the iconic cannabis leaf shape this is a difficult variety to identify as cannabis.  Before the blooms are ripe, you could walk straight past this variety and not realise that it is cannabis.  This makes Auto Duck a popular variety with urban cannabis growers that want to grow a few cannabis plants without anyone realising.  Auto Duck grows indoors or outdoors, and she delivers great results in greenhouses and polytunnels.  Indoors she grows under 20 hours of daily light, but the stealth leaf shape is what makes her the perfect choice for outdoor growing.  

Auto Duck.  Naturally disguised cannabis

Auto Duck tends to produce medium hight cannabis plants.  In optimum outdoor conditions she tends to reach around 1 metre tall, but in smaller containers she can remain around 50cm, making her a perfect variety to hide among the tomato plants or ornamental garden shrubs.  But as this weeks grow shows, even a small Auto Duck will produce fat XL sized cannabis blooms during the last few weeks of growth.  


Auto Duck.  Convenient and easy cannabis seeds for indoor or outdoor cannabis growing

Outdoors, or in greenhouses, Auto Duck tends to take around 90 days from seed to harvest.  Mediterranean growers will be able to get three consecutive crops in a single year from Auto Duck.  But even people growing in cold Scandinavian climates will be able to get at least one outdoor auto  harvest per year, as this blog shows.  The combination of low-aroma and a naturally disguised appearance make Auto Duck an easy variety to hide in the corner of your greenhouse, patio, garden or back yard.  Many outdoor growers plant Auto Duck in unused urban land, along river banks, road sides or the countryside.  Auto Duck needs no maintenance after she has been planted.  Just do your best to protect her from animals with plenty of slug pellets and perhaps a small amount of wire fencing to protect her from rabbits etc.



Auto Duck is a fast and easy cannabis variety for urban growers.  Instead of buying your cannabis, you can grow plenty of your own easily with Auto Duck seeds.  All you need is a quiet and sunny growing location.  Until the last few weeks of growth, Auto Duck remains an anonymous looking plant that no-one will recognise.  Lots of Dutch Passion customers regularly grow a few Auto Ducks at home, it a low cost and easy way to grow your own cannabis.  You can get your feminized Auto Duck seeds here, you will be amazed how easy it is to grow your own cannabis.


August 11th 2017
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Recent comments (7)

On 26 -08-2017 at 13:18 u Krügerrand wrote:
In german too this Auto Looks very good but indoors without a tent but a 400 watt lamp(NDL) in the middle of this lamp and a Hammerschlag Reflektor .I hang it on a rope do you think i can get a harvest? Thank you jupp

On 29 -08-2017 at 09:47 u Eddy wrote:
Krugerrand, 26th Aug 2017. Yes, with a 400W light above any cannabis plant you should get a resectable result. Good luck from our team !

On 05 -06-2018 at 14:12 u Toni wrote:
I got 2 of them in my garden, in south Germany...they started around 15th of May and growing well, i m very pleased...I m hoping for a nice,sunny summer(so far has been excellent).Question -i grow them in pots,shall i leave them in one place or move them so they get as much sunlight as possible (follow the movement of the Sun?)

On 06 -06-2018 at 09:43 u Eddy wrote:
Toni, 5th June 2018. Yes, the buds will swell more if they get more light. So moving the plant containers to allow more sunlight will make it a better crop. Good luck! and remember our photocontest if you get a good looking result!

On 09 -08-2018 at 17:34 u Glenn C wrote:
I’ve got 3 auto duck growing in my back garden in Dublin Ireland. There 80 days now I’m just wondering when I should harvest them as it’s my first grow. I’ve grown them in 10 lr pots and there only 35 centimetres tall but have lovely thick buds so I’m very happy with them. Thanks for any help you can give me and I’ll definitely be buying more seeds from you guys at Dutch passion

On 10 -08-2018 at 09:27 u Eddy wrote:
Glenn C, 9th August 2018. If the buds are still putting out mainly white hairs ('pistils') then you may want to wait another week. But if they are producing orange pistils it could well be time to harvest. Some growers use a magnifying glass to check trichomes, harvesting when the trichomes are just switching from cloudy to amber. Good luck !

On 18 -08-2018 at 00:50 u Smokyhh wrote:
I have 3 Ducks on my Balkon in Germany.. They look nice, no smell.. im at Flower 30-35.. Im looking forward to harvest:)

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