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Holland. Dutch Mayors criticise proposal to classify weed with 15%+ THC as hard drugs



Dutch Government politicians have discussed the possibility of trying to classify cannabis with more than 15% THC as 'hard drugs'.  The idea has been ridiculed as being both unworkable and unnecessary by the coffeeshop owners and cannabis consumers.  And recently the Mayors of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht also added their own opposition to the idea.  The Mayors of these cities are some of the most influential elected officials outside of the government and are known as the G4, let by the Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhaard van der Laan.  The ’15% rule’ would be a huge extra burden to police and judicial system.  And it could be easily overcome simply by adding e.g. extra twigs to the buds.  Van Laan wrote a letter to the Health Secretary explaining that there was no evidence that the ’15% rule’ would improve public health.
Its a refreshing sign of the times that the most senior Dutch mayors are leading the opposition to Government attempts to tighten the laws regulating cannabis.  


March 2nd 2015

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