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Mexico: New political momentum gathers behind pot legalization


President Enrique Pena Nieta has hinted he might accept a change in the law regarding the way cannabis is regarded in Mexico.  Currently small amounts of pot for personal use is accepted, but political desire for a completely regulated system of supply keeps re-emerging on the political agenda. Other South American nations are also considering their options in light of recent USA legalization in Washington state and Colorado.

Mexico suffers thousands of drug-related gang deaths each year as the country is mired in gang-related violence.  Billions are spent maintaining drug illegality yet with no tangible sign of progress or reward.  Currently the only people benefiting from illegality are the drug barons who are allowed to control the market, slaughter anyone that gets in their way and have tax-free status on all resulting profits.  


Read more:  https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2013/01/05/Mexican-officials-mull-legalizing-pot/UPI-71491357424932/


January 7th 2013

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