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Mexico. Smugglers create mobile cannon to shoot pot-parcels over US border


mexican cannon built to shoot pot parcels over border fence

Mexico.  Who said pot smokers lack initiative, drive, creativity and motivation? 

Mexican pot smugglers have found a NEW way to get pot out of the country.  Some enterprising desperado's built a cannon from industrial size pipes and powered it with compressed air.  The cannon is powerful enough to fire 15Kg ganja parcels several hundred metres, far enough to get over the Mexico/USA border fence

This ingenius device is not the first of its kind, several others have been found in recent years.  The tell-tale signs that the ganja-cannons have been operating are the numerous discarded gas canisters that little the border area on the Mexican side of the fence. 

The full story is here https://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/marijuana-cannon-pot-border-mexico-us-141040996.html




March 1st 2013

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