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Mexico. Politicians submit bill to legalise production, sale and use of pot.


Reuters news agency reports that Mexican politicians are beginning to react to the recent cannabis legalisation in the USA.  Mexican politicians are already debating whether the new USA approach to cannabis will mean a radical shift in Mexican policy. 

Mexico, along with Guatemala and Colombia have been two of the more obedient observers of USA prohibitionist rules.  But  this obedience is starting to look strained.  Political observers in South America say it is pointless continuing to fight the ‘war on drugs’ south of the US border if the Americans themselves are legalising  pot north of the border.

This is a debate that will become a major political issue in the coming months. 




November 16th 2012

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On 16 -11-2012 at 14:46 u Sean wrote:
Uruguay has previously stated that that it was going to legalise cannabis and it is now acting on this and early next year it should have full legalisation where you either grow your own or buy it from a state licensed outlet. With the US(the global enforcer of prohibition) now in the process of legalisation where some states have legalised and other states considering this and other countries either pushing for decriminalisation or legalisation, could this end this idiotic war on drugs where prohibitionists who are people enforcing their views on everyone else in a dictator style of rule to do what they say. The US states legalisation could be a turning point hopefully. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/11/14/us-uruguay-marijuana-idUKBRE8AD1Q520121114

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