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Monster 271g Think Different Grow by Organic Jim!


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Dutch Passion Think Different is a strain with a reputation for surprising the grower.  The first public grow of it by Seymour Buds was an epic grow, a massive plant, with a YouTube video and grow diary which received over 150,000 views within weeks of the grow finishing.

Organic Jim's Think Different 1

Organic Jim from the ‘UK420’ growers forum planted some Dutch Passion AutoFem’s in early 2012.  He produced a Think Different which yielded a terrific 271g grown in a 6.5 litre pot of coco fibre.  This was a quite special Think Different, she seemed like she didn’t want to stop producing buds.  The average Think Different is harvested 10-11 weeks after germinating the seed, but Organic Jims plant went over 13 weeks before she was harvested.  Longer flowering AutoFems such as this do occasionally occur and should be kept under the normal auto light regime (20 hours lights on, 4 hours off).  These so called ‘super-auto’ plants will often yield extremely highly.  For some growers it is an inconvenience that they require and extra two or three weeks.  For other growers it is a chance to get a seriously good harvest towards their annual medical/recreational marijuana stash.

Organic Jim's Think Different 2

This week we have a few more photo’s than usual to show you the potential of this best selling AutoFem.  Organic Jim grew his special Think Different under a 400W HPS lamp with a parabolic reflector.  These are often a little more expensive than the standard reflectors, but parabolic reflector fans will tell you they are the best.  They give a good even cover of intense light and remain reasonably cool.  The first few weeks were done under metal halide, and weeks 4 onwards were done under a 400W HPS.  During the same grow diary Organic Jim also grew two Dutch Passion Taiga plants which yielded 134grams of good quality dry bud between them.

Organic Jim's Think Different 3

Jim’s grow was done in coco and once again it shows why coco fibre is such a popular choice amongst the home growing community.  Coco can deliver really healthy and fast-growing marijuana plants.  For many growers coco seems a simple way to grow. The coco allows great root aeration and it is almost impossible to over water. Plants can be top fed or they can soak nutrients through the base of the container (‘bottom feeding’).

Organic Jim's Think Different 4

 Coco is versatile and used by beginners and experienced growers alike.  For many coco fibre growers, coco is felt to be easier than other hydro methods such as DWC (deep water culture) or NFT(nutrient film technique).  Many growers feel coco gives faster growth than soil and therefore heavier yields.  Many growers like to ‘top feed’ using purpose designed nutrients from companies like Canna and Hesi.  Often a single nutrient solution can be used from seed to harvest.

Organic Jim's Think Different 4

Here at Dutch Passion we have had great feedback about Think Different from the start and it is always satisfying to see AutoFem varieties do so well. Just a couple of years ago some growers were unconvinced whether AutoFems would really be able to offer comparable yields to traditional varieties.  Now we are seeing AutoFem’s deliver some stunning yields.  As well as giving great results for experienced growers like Organic Jim we have see lots of new growers choose Think Different for their first ever grow and deliver good results.

Organic Jim's Think Different 5

 It has taken many years of work to get these new generation AutoFems deliver the results that they do, AutoFem fans will tell you that the marijuana produced is just as good as that from quality traditional varieties.  If you haven’t tried growing AutoFems yet the time may have come to give them a try AutoFem converts will tell you that they didn’t realise they had got so good.  Congratulations to Organic Jim on one of the best Think Differents we have EVER seen !

Organic Jim's Think Different 7

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August 3rd 2012
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Recent comments (8)

On 09 -08-2012 at 00:57 u Raven wrote:
Amazing pics, amazing grow

On 09 -08-2012 at 11:26 u Richard Taylor wrote:
Another out of this world TD grow, congratulations OJ! Surely its time for DP to replace that L for yield to XXL .

On 29 -08-2012 at 21:27 u Organic Jim wrote:
Thanks for the great write up Joe. It is cured to a very sativa spiced taste with a dreamy "up" high, very functional for work in the cafe, very sociable and chatty high. Thanks Dutch Passion!

On 01 -09-2012 at 12:41 u Dutch Joe wrote:
hi Jim! Good to hear that you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. This remains one of THE epic autogrows so congratulations from the entire Dutch Passion team. We think people will be talking about your Think Different for a few years to come!

On 03 -12-2012 at 17:29 u Bonesy5 wrote:
Just fabulous Worth giving a try.Anewby from the frozen Atlantic Coast Of Canada.

On 10 -01-2013 at 19:11 u UTNNTMhhEtt wrote:
Tip top stuff. I'll expcet more now.

On 10 -01-2013 at 19:11 u NTEEVFBzwWv wrote:
This is both street smart and itnlliegent.

On 14 -05-2017 at 22:22 u Simon W wrote:
The First Auto I ever grew. I went 105 days before the tricombs looked right. It was one of the biggest I have grown and I had buds just like that all though I smoked it before weighing it. Great Strain. Takes time but puts on weight compared to most autos.

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