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Netherlands. Rotterdam in favour of pioneering experiments with regulated cannabis production


Mr Abou Taleb

April 20th was a special day for Rotterdam, when Mayor Aboutaleb announced that it was in favour of regulated experiments for the large-scale production of cannabis. 

Dutch Justice Minister Opstelten may well be forced to allow experimental grows to go ahead.  At the moment, the political opinion in The Netherlands is far more progressive than in recent years.  By allowing regulated growing of cannabis, Rotterdam would end the criminal control of this part of the market.  Regulated supply of cannabis into the 'back door' of coffeeshops would be done in a controlled way and crime bosses would be deprived of their future revenues. 

The VOC (Dutch Alliance for the abolition of cannabis prohibition) back the Rotterdam plans and argue that maintaining hard-line anti-cannabis laws will only support the criminals that profit from large scale illegal cannabis farms.  Change is needed and fresh thinking is required, and Rotterdam is leading the way.  Dutch public opinion is also in favour of a more sensible approach than the right-wing rhetoric of recent years - an approach which has been shown to be expensive and ineffective.. 

myranda bruin


A fully regulated production system for cannabis is also supported by Dutch Coffee shop owners who have to deal with a legal front door to the coffee shop but an illegal 'back door' when they have to buy stocks for their coffee shop, as explained by Myranda Bruin.

Dutch Passion fully support the Rotterdam plans for regulated pot production, we wish the VOC and Mayor Aboutaleb the best of luck with their plans .  The full story in Dutch language is here

....and the google translated version is here

We will keep you updated with the progress of the Rotterdam plans.  If they need a seed supplier Dutch Passion are ready and waiting to make our contribution!


April 25th 2013

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