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Orange Bud grow/smoke review by Cannabis King


orange bud grow review by cannabis king

Orange Bud® has been one of Dutch Passions top-5 best sellers for many years now.  Some regular customers grow nothing else, it is difficult to beat the much-adored Orange Bud ‘up’ high, the massive yields, the luxury taste, flavours and citrus aromas. 

Since it was introduced this early-1980’s original classic skunk line has proved that sometimes it really is hard to beat the originals.  This week our blog follows a customer grow and smoke review from ‘Cannabis King’ who cropped 250g of dry bud from just two Orange Bud plants.  He gives this strain 10/10 for strength and ease of grow. You can read his original grow diary here on UK420 but you will need to log-in (or register) to see it, but it is worth doing!

‘Cannabis King’ grew Orange Bud in soil with two 400w HPS lights using 11 litre pots alongside some other varieties.  Orange Bud was grown vegetatively for 7 weeks and flowered for 8 weeks.  Here is the story of the grow in Cannabis Kings own words

 orange bud grow review by cannabis king

Orange Bud Scissor Hash, wouldn’t you like some?


Question.  How would you describe the general growth of Orange bud ?

‘Orange Bud is a vigorous grower with strong stems and consistent growth, she is very forgiving and can handle nutrients very well, easy for beginners to grow. Because I grew her in a ScrOG net she got 7 weeks vegetative growth and 8 weeks bloom, in hindsight she needed 9 weeks bloom and she would have been properly done and the famous Orange buds will show on her, she stretched to double the size from the onset of the flowering lighting schedule.’

What are the best features of Orange Bud?

‘My favourite features of growing Orange Bud are the real ease of growing, while I was having little problems here and there with my other strains OB just kept on growing green and lush from start to finish and I just left her to do her thing. Grows itself! Other things are how dense the buds are, high yielding and REALLY easy to trim the buds for drying with a very high calyx to leaf ratio, in mid bloom she smells of Oranges/citrus which turns to a delightful old school skunk smell towards the end.’

orange bud frosty nuggets


This grow highlighted why Orange Bud remains a firm favourite with self-sufficient growers.   She combines all the most important aspects of a successful variety for home-growers.  Yields are very heavy, the weed is strong with a great quality and enjoyable high.  And Orange Bud is an easy variety to grow, one of the varieties we would recommend to a new or inexperienced grower.

orange bud lots of buds

Orange Bud really is one of Dutch Passion’s best overall varieties and that is one of the reasons she has been a best seller for so long.  If you haven’t tried growing Orange Bud yet then don’t leave it too long before you try her.  The final words are from Cannabis King

I really like this strain it is an "all rounder" high yields (I managed 250g from two plants), dense frosty buds with lots of trichomes, easy to grow, tastes great and has an incredible high. It is the jar I go for every time.”

Dutch Joe

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orange bud summary table

November 9th 2012
Easy Indoor
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On 14 -04-2015 at 22:09 u Rickster wrote:
How high do they grow... I got 5ft head height....

On 07 -04-2017 at 23:20 u Joe wrote:
Is she mold resistant?

On 10 -04-2017 at 12:12 u Eddy wrote:
Joe - April 7th. Yes, Orange Bud is a mold resistant variety. Also one of our strongest with the best citrus aroma !

On 06 -06-2018 at 22:28 u Franz wrote:

On 07 -11-2018 at 05:24 u Larry wrote:
Hi why cant you ship to Canada?

On 12 -11-2018 at 09:23 u Eddy wrote:
Larry, 7th Nov 2018. We are seeing if we can ship seeds to Canada. if we can, we will !

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