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SolarSystem 550 LED grow review. Adjustable power, adjustable spectrum grow light from Crazy LEDs



This weeks grow review features the best performing, best value, and best selling LED grow light that we have seen so far - the SolarSystem 550 which is distributed in Europe by Crazy LEDs, sister company of Dutch Passion.  This video shows the SolarSystem 550 being manufactured in USA and explains the features and technical details.  Even the heat sink is made in the USA, attention to quality control is impressive, this is a professional quality LED grow light.

Two SolarSystem 550 units were used in a 1.5m x 1.5m grow room to grow some Sour Strawberry cannabis plants and produced great looking results, the grow diary is here.  The SolarSystem 550 uses LEDs from Osram who are an LED technology leader and one of the highest quality manufacturers.  The LEDs have a lifetime of 50,000+ hours and lose just 10-20% intensity over that time period.  Each chip has a maximum power of 5W, but the LED’s run below full power to maximise lifetime.  The actual power draw of the SolarSystem 550 on full power is 400W, it replaces a 600W HPS and delivers superior yields whilst using less energy and producing less heat.  LED growers don’t need to worry about regular (and costly) HPS bulb changes.



Heat stress is one of the main disadvantages of growing with HPS.  LED growers find that excessive grow room heat becomes a thing of the past when they upgrade to LED, this allows the cannabis to grow at more comfortable temperatures with less stress and better quality.  HPS growers that routinely struggle with high grow room temperatures in summer see there grow room  transformed by professional quality LED growlights.


With two SolarSystem 550’s in the 1.5m x 1.5m grow tent, the grower was able to get superior light intensity than two x 600W HPS, and only use a total 800W of electricity.   



By using the optional SolarSystem 550 hand controller the power and spectrum can both be adjusted on the SolarSystem 550.  This is very useful for a variety of reasons:


  1. Seedlings.  Younger plants don't need much red spectrum.  Seedlings can be grown under 100% Blue and 100% white light with the light hung around around 30-40cm over the young plants.  Its a great, low energy, way to germinate your seeds and grow the young plants.  In this respect, the SolarSystem 550 replaces both a T5 Fluorescent grow light as well as a metal halide veg lamp.  As the plants get larger, red spectrum can be introduced.
  2. White light plant inspection mode.  Once you have experienced this great feature, you wont want to go back to viewing your plants in yellow HPS, or pink LED light again.  The red and blue LED’s can be switched off by the hand controller.  That leaves just the cool white LED’s which allow you to view your plants under natural sunlight conditions.  It’s a feature which was brought in for the legal US commercial growers, but in our opinion its equally essential for the home growers.
  3. Bloom.  As your plants are switched to bloom you can introduce and gradually increase the red LED light.  You will need full power on all LED (red, white and blue) by week 3 or week 4.  Note that the SolarSystem 550 needs to be 45-50+ cm from the top of the canopy when on full power.  If you bring the SolarSystem 550 too close to the blooms they may get bleached by the intensity of the light, the buds will change from green to white due to excessive light.  This can be an issue if you have a fast growing/stretchy variety that grows vertically quickly during early bloom.  Make sure that the growing tips don't grow too close to the LED.  


Note that the Osram Deep Red LEDs account for well over half of all the LEDs used in the SolarSystem 550, and they are around 50% efficient.  This means that they convert 50% of all electrical energy directly into Deep Red light which is the principal source of energy for cannabis during bloom.  Many lower quality chinese-made LED grow lights will use less expensive Deep-Red LEDs with significantly inferior efficiency.  




Multiple SolarSystem 550’s can be daisy chained together and all controlled from a single hand controller.


You can still use the SolarSystem 550 growlight without the hand controller, but all the LEDs are automatically set to 100% power.



One of the advantages of the California Lightwork products is that they have been selling LED grow lights to the legal US cannabis industry for the last decade.  During this time they have fine tuned and optimised the design reliability, performance and the spectrum output.  The large quantities of grow lights being sold to legal US growers give California Lightworks a scale of manufacturing efficiency that few others can match.  The SolarSystem 550 is easy to program, and switches itself on and off according to the program instructions, so you don't even need a light timer.  


Resin production and bud production on the SolarSystem 550 are as good as any LED growlight we have seen.  If you are looking to upgrade your grow room then consider the SolarSystem 550.  Its a professional quality light with adjustable power and spectrum, its fully programmable and has lower running costs than an HPS (less energy use, no bulb replacements).  But best of all, it grows great quality cannabis.  Get yours here.


December 23rd 2016
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Recent comments (3)

On 21 -01-2017 at 05:37 u Colin Sherwin wrote:
Looks great, what is the cost delivered to Spain

On 23 -01-2017 at 11:06 u Eddy wrote:
Colin, 21st Jan 2017. Cost of the unit is 875 euros. With delivery to Spain, final cost will be about 900Euros

On 05 -03-2017 at 22:38 u CannaDaddy wrote:
i just purchased the SS550 with controller and am looking to sponge up any data I can find. Currently veging Anubis in a 1 Gal.in a reflective tent. 50/50/99 for 2 weeks has produced a very dark green short shrub. Roots just starting poke out the bottom. I am changing spectrum to 30/70/99 to try to stretch a bit, before trans planting OD. After which I will be running an auto Blueberry in the space. Light is 18" above a 7" plant. SS550 users please respond

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