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The Edge Grow Review. Prize-winning Dutch Passion Skunk With High THC Levels



Brothers, and Master Growers, Antonio & Ferdinand grow with a focus is to cultivate the best quality plants from the best genetics to produce their own homegrown recreational and medical cannabis.  Ferdinand suffers from chronic intestinal issues and fibromyalgia, meaning that he needs cannabis strong enough to provide relief from the pain and medical issues.  Previously they have made grow reviews of CBD ComPassion and CBD SkunkHazeThe Edge is a special new Skunk, selected by Dutch Passion for the consistently high THC levels, typically 20% + THC.  This grow diary was made indoors under 600W HPS using an entirely organic grow system.  However The Edge can also be grown outdoors in good climates (central/southern European) finishing around mid/late September in the Northern Hemisphere (mid/late March in Southern Hemisphere).  

The Edge recently won 1st Prize in the Cannabis Champions Cup, quite an honour for a newly released variety.  The words and pictures,below, come from Antonio & Ferdinand.
Antonio.  In my opinion, the Edge is one of the strongest plants I’ve grown so far. She really shows some extreme growth in the first middle part of flowering. I had 2 different pheno’s, one pheno stopped growing somewhere close to the end of week 3/beginning week 4 (the more Indica pheno). The other pheno (more Sativa), my favorite one, was a bit slower in the beginning, but when she reached the 3rd week of flowering she started growing vigorously. Even in week 4 she kept on putting a lot of energy in making new shoots, also all of the branches were growing really fast, at least a few cm per day. Furthermore, she produces stunning leaves with narrow blades and a breathtaking dark green color, during growth, without seeing any actual buds, I already knew this was going to be something special!

Antonio.  The buds are just amazing. She is really one of the best strains I’ve grown so far, this is not only shown during the growth phase but even more during bloom. From week 3 until the beginning of week 5, she created more and more internodal distance. Normally I would like to have the internodes a bit closer together so the flowers will swell into each other creating even bigger buds. However, the Edge totally uses up that internodal space, it fills up every part of the stem/branch with big flowers, even connecting them in the end.
Antonio:  Your end result from The Edge will be truly mind-boggling. The buds  have a Sativa appearance (some Foxtailing), only bigger and more compact than most Sativa’s (probably the Indica genes), they are literally covered/soaked in THC surrounded by beautiful bright-orange pistels. The buds have that typical musky, very skunky, shiva smell. It also packs quite a punch, which can result in rolling on the floor laughing your ass off or maybe getting knocked out, especially when you’re  lying on a couch, so I recommend smoking this when sitting up straight. Even the more experienced (all day-every day) smokers will really enjoy smoking this strain as it gives you a strong head-high combined with a nice warm body stone.
The Edge is the fourth strain that we have tested, the previous ones being Ortega Indica, CBD Skunk Haze and CBD Compassion. Each of these have been beneficial in different ways, CBD Skunk Haze was great for use during the day while still being active as it gave you an energetic buzz.  CBD Compassion was more for later in the day as it still enabled you to concentrate mentally, but physically not so much as it had more of a body stone. The Edge, which again is different, after smoking the Edge I wouldn’t recommend to do anything but sit on a couch, kick back and relax. It’s a great strain if you either want to laugh or have a good nights sleep or as in my case both -with the risk that you will fall asleep on the couch. For me two aspects in any strain are important;
it lightens the pain, and
it helps me sleep.
If a strain doesn’t have one of these two then it is of little use to me.  Fibromyalgia and chronic intestinal inflammation make it hard to sleep and ensures that my body is always hurting with different levels of pain. Luckily for me the Edge has both in abundance, it numbed the pain, I had some good laughs and afterwards slept like a baby. The only drawback I can imagine about the Edge is its taste and smell of the second more Indica pheno. In my opinion that one tasted and smelled musky a bit like sweaty feet. On the other hand the more Sativa pheno had a complexly different taste, also a bit musky but with a hint of citrus fruit, which made it way more enjoyable in my opinion. In conclusion I would definitely recommend the Edge as a great strain to smoke in the evening at home on your couch, it will numb your pain, makes your body relax, and will hit you hard and instantly.

Antonio:  I would grow her again. I didn’t really push her with nutrients during growth phase so if I would grow her again one of the things that I will change is that I will use a bit more nutrients from the beginning than I did now. Also I’m really interested in starting a grow combining both HPS  and LED. I think the Edge can be an even bigger yielder when she receives both spectrums coming from those lights. In my eyes, she has enormous potential, she is an easy to grow variety with very big yields and strong quality buds.

Antonio:  The light used was a 600watt Gavita Enhanced HPS. The plants were grown in 41 Liter Smartpots, containing a mix of Lightmix and Coco-fibre with a 4:1 Ratio. The nutrients used are,  like always, from Bio-Sannie; Mycorrhiza, Perfect start, Buffertablets, Bacto and Yucca along with B.A.C Organic Grow, Bloom and PK Booster. All organic nutrients.  Smartpots are a good investment if you are looking for excellent containers for your ladies. Smartpots really do the trick for me, since I started using them I won’t use anything else anymore and you can keep re-using them. They allow more oxygen to the root system and they create a bigger rootball than when using plastic containers, due to air-pruning, which in the end will help you getting stronger plants and a bigger harvest. Furthermore, if you’re having high temperatures in your grow room or when growing outdoor in warm climates, the Smartpot will ensure cooler temperatures for your rootsystem than with normal plastic containers.

Antonio. I’ve grown 2 plants of the Edge, both slightly different pheno’s if it comes to growing and blooming. Still the end result of the buds was quite similar, although personally I preferred the more Sativa pheno over the other one, for its taste, grow pattern and yield. The wet yield from 2 plants was 1320 gr. Having dried for around 10-14 days, 335 gr. was left, almost 170gr. on average per plant. The biggest yielder, the more Sativa pheno, yielded 213,5 gr of dry material. 2 out of 4 plants was the Edge that round. Had I grown 4 of them it could have resulted in 720 grams, roughly said. It shows that this strain has huge potential, maybe even topping the 1:1 gr/watt ratio by far when using only HPS. You can only wonder what it could reach when combining it with LED or Plasma for example.
I just steadily increased the nutrients through the grow. Usually I start adding small amounts of organic PK Booster somewhere during week 5, starting off with just 0,5ml/1L water. At that point I’m using around 1,5-2ml/1L water of organic Bloom, depending on what the plants can handle. I increase the PK Booster to 1ml/1L water during week 6 and keep the Bloom around 2ml/1L water, normally around week 6-7-8 the plants receive the biggest amount of nutrients to assist them with developing decent sized buds. In week 7 I try to slow down a bit on the normal Bloom and bring it down to 1,5ml/1l water and 1ml/1L water in week 8, the PK keeps increasing with 0,5ml/1L water per week until its maximum of 2ml/1L water is reached, usually in week 8. I normally use this kind of feeding schedule when I’m having a strain that needs to flower for plus minus 9-10weeks. Last 10-14 days are always used to flush the plants and its medium.

Antonio.  The high is very strong, you can definitely call this a heavy-hitter variety. For me it was a good combination of a strong but clear head-high combined with a nice and relax body stone. The more Sativa pheno (Pheno 1 on the pics) was just simply amazing, it was a bit less musky than the more Indica pheno (Pheno 2 on the pics), and I even tasted some citrus hints in this one. The taste and high can maybe be described as a mix of Euforia with some Orange Bud, although I think Euforia still wins if it comes to what strain has the most pungent odor of the two. The Edge has a dominant up-high, which sometimes can feel a bit euphoric or cerebral, but is also able to deliver a strong body stone. Pheno 2 hit me right in the face after smoking it, my eyes almost became red instantly, I lost my European looks and started to look more like Jet Li ☺ The high can also stay for quite a while, especially if you smoke a larger quantity. But don’t overdo it, as you will probably end up sleeping on the couch. A good variety to smoke in the evening or at night with friends and/or family.

Antonio:  The Edge. A well-chosen name for a variety that can hit you like a brick and is able to put you right on the edge. Besides its enjoyable smoke and high, the way it grows and blooms shows that this strain is the product of some cutting-edge pioneers work. Originating from a Skunk selection program this Shiva-Skunk variety seems to have it all; Strong plants that show vigorous growth with large internodal distances that gives you great quality crystalized buds with an truly unique taste and fragrance. It is an easy-to-grow variety that can produce enormous yields. A must-have (must-try) for growers that are looking for a new heavy yielding Skunk variety.

April 10th 2015
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Recent comments (3)

On 31 -10-2016 at 23:49 u Deane wrote:
Wondered if you have any input on growing the edge in rdwc system. Nutrient suggestions?

On 01 -11-2016 at 12:33 u Eddy wrote:
Deane, 31st Oct '16. Skunk varieties are often less fussy feeders than some varieties so you should find it a straightforward variety to grow. Start off with light feeds and build them up as she grows. She is typically prefers nutrients midway between light and medium to begin with. As she reaches heavy bloom her appetite will increase and nutrient concentrations can be pushed up. Good luck

On 17 -11-2016 at 22:24 u Automaster wrote:
can only agree with a spot on write up from antonio..... she is greedy during flower. And comes into her own heavy potential post wk5 flowering. have yet to try the Edge for 1st time as she is at wk8 of flower right now. But am looking forward to the hard head hit from the edge over xmas !!... best to all canna growers, Dp's Automaster

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