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The Ultimate. Feminized cannabis seeds with XL harvests of THC rich cannabis.


 In this weeks Auto Ultimate grow review ‘BluesBreeder’ grew a heavy yielding home grown cannabis plant. The final yield of 243g came from a single feminized seed of ‘The Ultimate’ which is a feminized photoperiod cannabis seed variety. It was an impressive harvest made under a 600W Vipar Spectra LED grow light in a mix of 70% coco 30% perlite. The grow tent was 80x80x180cm, at harvest the tent was full with multiple long and heavy cannabis blooms. 



The Ultimate cannabis seeds. Quality feminized seeds for easy home grown cannabis.

The Ultimate is famous for producing large harvests under any grow conditions, she is one of Dutch Passion’s heaviest yielding cannabis seed varieties. She grows well in soil, coco or hydroponic systems and will produce XL home grown cannabis harvests easily in SCROG environments. She also clones easily. Most repeat growers choose The Ultimate simply for the extra yields that she provides compared to their usual home grown varieties. It’s also a very strong smoke/vape, with a mixed indica and sativa heritage. The high arrives quickly and lasts a long time, it’s a soothing and uplifting happy high, perfect for unwinding after a tiring day. The high has a smooth anti-anxiety effect with an element of creativity and peacefulness, its a satisfying THC rich smoke and an easy cannabis seed variety for home cultivation. Experienced growers will note the unusual vigor during late bloom as the buds continue to grow and deliver XL harvests which are well above average.

The Ultimate is a medium-hight plant, usually reaching around a metre tall, occasionally taller. She often produces heavy blooms on the side branches as well as a fat central bloom. Usually she requires around 9 full weeks of 12/12 light to reach full harvest weight. The Ultimate often produces lots of white pistils right up until the last week of harvest. She is usually harvested when the trichome resin glands are mostly cloudy.

The Ultimate. Cannabis seeds for heavy harvests of THC rich buds.

Many repeat growers of The Ultimate prefer to grow smaller plant numbers, with the guarantee of harvests which are heavier than usual. It can simplify your grow room to have fewer plants, and some growers prefer that. The Ultimate genetics provide cannabis plants which are easy to grow. The feminized seeds grow well in all grow systems and have the robustness to tolerate mistakes by the grower. She does well with 4-5 weeks of veg growth under 18-24 hours of daily light, and these genetics don’t mind being ‘topped’ (having the growing tip cut off to produce a more bushy final plant).



Medical cannabis applications for The Ultimate cannabis seeds.

The Ultimate is a THC rich variety with low levels of CBD, below 1%. So it doesn’t qualify as a CBD rich variety. But many home cannabis growers find plenty of medical applications for THC rich cannabis varieties such as The Ultimate. It’s an oil-rich variety and popular with fans of cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil, shatter, hash, BHO and other extracts.



The Ultimate. Feminized seeds for demanding home growers.

Initial growth rates of The Ultimate are quite normal, its just the final size of the blooms which differentiate The Ultimate from lesser yielding varieties. The first stage of bloom starts with a period of stretching. During this stage you will notice the plant increasing in vertical hight as well as seeing the side branches increase in length and bloom points. Within a week or two of the stretch phase you will note the early buds starting to develop, even at a young age the immature buds will often sparkle with THC rich resin glands. The aroma changes during bloom, and by the final stages of bloom you may notice a pungent, rich oily aroma with hints of fuel, pine resin and spicy fruit. 



Cannabis seeds which produce multiple long heavy blooms and XL weed harvests.

During the last 4 weeks of bloom The Ultimate really goes into overdrive as the buds swell continuously producing surprisingly long and heavy blooms. One useful tip when growing The Ultimate is to avoid flushing and harvesting too early, this variety will repay the patient grower with extra heavy harvests. The blooms are hard and dense, and this variety loves intense light levels during bloom. Growers that use a SCROG (screen of green) growing system will be able to produce particularly heavy harvests. And growers that use low stress training  (e.g. tying down the branches to allow improved light penetration) will also benefit from heavy harvests because the lower buds reach their optimum potential.

The pictures from this weeks grow of The Ultimate show that 200g+ harvests from relatively small grow tents is easily possible. If you are looking to improve the harvest quantities from your home growing then buy some of The Ultimate cannabis seeds online and see how easy it is to grow yourself an XL harvest.

June 4th 2018
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